February 13, 2017 – Moving Day

dsc00469Woke up to a beautiful day in Gent.  The sun was shining and all was right in our world.  Took our time as usual getting going. Today was moving day from the apartment in the old city to a hotel near to the train station.  So we started packing and cleaning up so we could get going.

We decided to walk over by the canal and walk that way to the hotel. It was lovely walking along the water but I had too many clothes on for the level of exertion.  It took us a little longer than walking with out those big suitcases but I am grateful for the person who figured out putting wheels on suitcases made life easier.

The NH Hotel chain is very nice it would seem.  The fellow who greeted us and checked us in told us where to purchase the best Belgian Chocolates and to purchase an interesting bottle of beer in Bruges tomorrow.  Happy for that info.

After settling in we decided to have lunch and take a walk thought the Citadel Park.  Lunch was in a cafe/bar but what was neat about it was when they brought the coffee in addition to a cookie or a piece of candy, they gave us a drink called Advokaat which is like egg nog, along with a little cup of whipped crime.  Goodness gracious it was so good.  Could not believe it.  The coffee became an after thought.  And the sandwich just something to eat.  I asked for the name and the maker because I have to find some  to send home or buy when I get home.  I can just picture having that after Christmas Eve dinner…

The walk was lovely though the park.  Everything of interest is closed on Mondays in Gent. Museums and many restaurants.  Guess it is family day or something.  But with the lovely weather the walk was delightful.  It is a pretty park with lots of different paths and statuary and gardens.  Must be lovely in the spring when the flowers are in bloom.  Bulbs were starting to come up in the wooded area.

After our long walk it was back to the hotel a different route just to see what there was to seeing in housing in that southern area of the city.  I was tired and there was a message that Denis had left some clothing in a drawer at the apartment so I went to sleep and he went and rescued his belongings.  It was great to sleep for an hour or so.

We had to return to the train station area to eat dinner since everything else was closed.  Had a simple meal, soup for me and omelette for his self.  Then we shared an apple tart.   Was nice.

Just watched Justin Trudeau do a great job at the press conference where our president embarrassed himself again by not answering the questions asked or blathering on about how great he thinks he is.   Justin got in some jabs that the old guy totally missed.  Love you Justin.


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