February 12, 2017 – 23,000 steps– really?

This morning I woke up to find out how far I walked yesterday, thousands of steps.. no wonder I could hardly see straight last night.  Still only slept about 6.5 hours too.  Figure between walking to the two train stations and into the City Centers that took a lot and then museums, walking around here and there it all added up to about 10 miles.  Pretty good for 72 years, if I do say so myself…

We had promised ourselves to take it easy this morning so we did.  The landlord had to come and get the visitor tax from us for our stay and he had forgotten and not gotten here when he was going to so that gave us even more time.   He tried to show us how to work the washing machine but it is obviously not a usual thing for him.  But we got a load of wash done and hung and hopefully it will be dry in the morning enough to pack.

Had breakfast here again which was nice and peaceful.  Watched SNL skits which were hilarious.   Eventually we headed out with the plan to see two things.  First was to take the boat tour on the canal.  We hit that just right and got the 2 pm boat.  That was short and sweet and got to see things from the water which was nice.  Then I was starving again and we found a great place for a treat.  It was a little coffee/dessert place –  I had Creme Brûlée Pie and Denis had the Carrott Cake along with some coffee to wake me up. I could not stop yawning I was so tired.   I was in heaven eating that pie.  Ginger cookie crust was delish  and the crime brulee just so yummy.  Should have taken a picture but I ate it too fast.

Then we headed for the castle of the Counts.  It was a very good thing to do it turned out.  They have a very nice museum there with the history of what the castle was used for over the years and a torture museum… Yes they tell you in graphic detail how they tortured people who were taken prisoner there as well as chopping off their heads etc. The inhumanity of it was shocking to me.  They had a collar with sharp spikes in it they put on peoples necks and then sat them in the Center of the room.  Most people could last 3-4 hours before they ended up moving which it the spikes hit the right part of your neck probably killed them pretty fast.  YUCK!!!!!  And other kinds of torture. They even had straight jackets back then for the mentally ill which were also torture implements.

As we got to the top of the castle the sun came out so the pictures from there are much better.  I put a set on Facebook since tonight it is getting late and this iPad takes for ever to upload pictures for wordpress.  Will try but it too late will skip it.

After the castle we wandered back to the apartment and rested until 6:30 and then headed back to the Italian Restaurant we ate at the other evening.  We both had pasta and it was very good.  As usual I did not eat a lot of it but what I did was very good.

Upon getting back here we got set up on Skype and had a visit with the granddaughters.  They were fun and happy so that was good.  Had been to their first surprise party for the little ones best friend Zelda..

Tomorrow we are moving to a hotel.. and will investigate the museums down by the train station.


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