February 9, 2017 – Irish Pub Food

Today we were up early and our driver was waiting for us when we got down stairs.  What a charming young fellow.  Hard life driving a cab although the airport pick ups and deliveries are at least prepaid and scheduled.  We talked about schools, and day care, and all the kinds of issues they are having due to the economy.  Nice drive so early so not a lot of traffic.

Our flight to Brussels went just fine.  Got to see the snowy Alps again otherwise the sky was cloudy.  As we waited in Athens for the flight we met a young woman traveling  by herself who comes from the Berkshires.  She has been traveling for five months and is due to return home in March.  Obviously seeing a great deal and learning a lot. I think we should do that too.

Anyway, we arrived at not the big airport in Brussels but at the smaller one 30 miles out of the city.  Adventure, right?  Took the shuttle bus into the main train station and figured out how to get the train to Gent so away we were.  Brussels is obviously a very industrial city and big.  Kind of made me glad we had decided to move on directly to Gent.

Had coffee at the Starbucks at the Gent station and then started our walk to the apartment we have rented.  We are three blocks from the main old square with all the cathedrals, the canal, great looking shops and restaurants.   The apartment is on the second floor and the stairs are narrow and windy.  Could not carry my own bag up them. Thank goodness for healthy strong men.

It is a lovely roomy apartment. Fully equipped kitchen,  a powder room and a huge shower  with double sinks in this huge bathroom.  No toilet in that one.  Kind of weird but beautiful.  TV we cannot figure out yet how to work.  Also a washing machine so we can clean the clothing before moving on.

Went out for a walk. It is so pretty here.  Took some pictures in the fading light. Will up load a couple for you to see.

Also, don’t yell at me but I was a bad, bad girl.  I decided I am so tired of trying to figure out what to eat we went into the Irish place and I had fish and chips.  Yes, glutenish fish and chips.  Hard to care when one is hungry.  Also had a very nice salad with it.  Took a picture… too much food for me but what I ate was good. The restaurant the Celtic Towers was fun and our waitress was Russian, living in Gent, and loving it.


So, we are settling in and will take more pictures tomorrow.


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