Feb 8,2017 -“Life is too short not to be Greek”


I told the fellows from Gods Restaurant that I would post their pictures on my blog tonight so here you go.  From our arrival here on Sunday until this afternoon we had daily chats with them.  All in hoping we would have an additional meal but also lots of fun talking with them.  We did have a good meal there and enjoyed Athens hugely… the shorter fellow told me the quote above so I decided to use it for the title tonight.

Today I was sore and tired but we kept going anyway.  Our last day in Greece.  So much more to see so we will have to return.  I highly recommend this for a vacation.

Started with breakfast here at the Hera Hotel which we have had every day.  Relaxing time to plan our day.  Then headed out to find the Ancient Agora.   We took some wrong turns in our interesting walk and ended up at one of the entrances to the Acropolis.  So carried on and finally arrived. First we went to the Roman Agora which to me was, like everything else here, an archeologists dreamland.  How they keep finding all these antiquities and are able to idenitify then and figure out how to restore them amazes me.   We walked through the Roman Agora and then headed off to find the Ancient Agora.  There was also Hedrian’s Library which was huge.  The work it just have taken to build all this and the number of lives lost.  No matter, totally impressed.


dsc00188We walked down through some shops and were drawn in by two Kenya con guys.  No other way to say it.  They started with loving Denis’ hair. Then where were we from, then how wonderful we were and put bracelets on our wrists, on and on and then wanted two euro for each bracelet.   We gave them what change we had but not 4 euro’s worth.

This picture is of us during our detour going too far up the Acropolis to get to the Ancient Agora.  Nice Italian girl took it for us.  It was not a smooth path and I was worried about slipping.  Never been very sure footed.

Down the street across from the entrance to the Ancient Agora we stopped and had coffee and French fries. Yes, I know, REALLY, coffee and French fries?  I asked for some cream for my coffee and got a dish of whipped cream which I felt obliged to eat all of.  Put some into the coffee with the milk and ate the rest.   Waste not want not!

After that lovely treat we bought tickets and headed into the Ancient Agora.  The building was fabulous and the art work lovely.  We went through the museum and then walked around the area looking at the various digs and restoration work.  Just lovely.


Then it was time to figure out how to return to the hotel.  We figured out on the map our path and walked through the flea market area,  some high end shops, went into the Greek Orthodox Cathedral.  It was filled with beauty.  Very peaceful, dark and people were very playful.    Then we wandered some side streets until we were back by the Acropolis Museum.  It was time for more food so we stopped.  Denis had Black Forrest Gelato and I had Greek Yogurt with honey and walnuts.. Soooooo good.

At the Hotel we rested up and about 6:30 went up to the Peacock Restaurant to have dinner looking up at the Acropolis.  The dinner was very good and the view lovely and a great way to end our visit to Athens.   In the very early morning we will be off to Brussels and on to Ghent.  A new adventure awaits us.



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