February 7, 2017 -Greek Food 1 – Stomach 0

Last night was a very long night.  I had such a good dinner, totally off my regular diet and as I wrote yesterday I so enjoyed it but a price was paid for it.  Terrible nights sleep and upset stomach.  Also, in the middle of the night there was a huge thunder and lightning storm.  Had to close the window over which was tough since the room was too warm.

After a slow start to the day we headed out to the Acropolis Museum.  Wow, what a place!  My favorite part was where they have replicated the frieze from the Parthenon all the way around.  I look a few pictures of it.


We spent about three hours at the museum and then went and had a bite to eat and went over to the Parliment building to watch the changing of the guard.  It was different and interesting.  I am posting that video on facebook as I believe it will upload easier.   But here are a couple of other still pictures.  Found the costumes and the way they were able to stand so still and straight difficult to imagine doing.


Did you know there is  an office of the Empire State College of the state of New York here in Athens?  Yup and some extensions of a few other Colleges and Universities as well.  All in one  building. Was tempted to go in and see how many students they have.     Must be enough to justify an office.

Walking back towards the hotel the Botanical Gardens are next to the Parliment Building so we strolled through there down to a big old mansion built in the 1800’s which is now used as a conference center kind of place.  As we walked there were all kinds of interesting trees and scrubs with labels but as they say “it was all Greek to me” Try as I may just cannot read it.  Need my arborist with me to tell me what I was looking at..  The Zappio when we went into the building has a lovely ceiling all painted but then the surprise was that the center is a beautiful open air court yard with a covered walkway all around.  It was awesome!

By then I needed to rest so we went back for a while and rested and then out to dinner.  Tonight was the Arcadia’s turn.  We are on a first name basis with almost all the guys who stand out front recruiting patrons.  Nick guilted me into this one.  Denis had a spaghetti dish with a Greek sauce and cheeses.  He liked it a lot. Because of my unhappy stomach I had a very good meal of Greek yogurt, fruit and honey.  Denis got the free dessert and because I would not eat it I got a rose liquor. It smelled like roses and tasted like roses.  Not sure if I would want it again but it was “interesting”.  This eating as been quite the adventure for us.  Denis has been quite good trying new things.  I am trying to but then they give you these really great tasting extras that are killing my stomach so today I tried to be better.

Today we met some interesting people.  First on the elevator going down we met Scott and Ting. They both teach English as a second language at a University in Korea.  We chatted away with them. Both so nice.   He worked in advertising and midlife or before quit and went to Korea to teach.  She grew up in China, the daughter of two professors – one of English – and has advanced degrees but loves teaching English at the University.  We parted but then turns out we were all going to the Museum. After lunch we chatted again and found them to be really very interesting folks.

Then this evening a couple we had seen in the museum sat next to us and again we all got talking. They were from Michigan but living in Germany for two years.  It was an interesting conversation.  They come from a city where the economy is very good, lots of jobs etc.  It appeared they did not like the last president or the current one but are hoping the current one can make some positive changes.  I wish them luck.  We kept it light I hope although I find it hard not to get hard edged over this political mess we are in.  But then again I am very tired tonight so not a good time for discussions with positions to be taken.

Tomorrow is our last full day in Athens so have it all planned out.  Lots to see and do yet on our list.  So time for sleep.


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