Feb 6, 2017 – Birthdays, Awesomness, and Socialiability

Yes, today was full of all three.   Denis started the day with a run which he really enjoyed because of the views from where he went, up , up and up.  Great views of the Acropolis.

Then we decided to have breakfast here at the Hotel.  I tried to stick to gluten free with little success.  But the cute thing that happened was at the table next to us was a mom, dad and a four year old.  As we were sitting down I noticed there was a birthday cake and assumed it was for the little guy.  Nope it was momma’s birthday.  After we had all finished eating we were invited to have a piece of birthday cake.  The couple was from Berlin. He is German and she, Russian.  Lovely couple.  Just a get away weekend for her birthday.  Made for a very nice meal.

After freshening up we headed out to take the Hop on Hop off bus tour.  It was very good as well.  Saw how near we were to some things that were on our to do list and got a good feel for the places we want to return to tomorrow.   Got off and walked up and got our tickets for the Acropolis and started the climb.  We took our time but my lungs were great and not a wheeze to be heard.  Thank you Dr Rios-Rivera at CCP for the meds so I could successfully do that this week.

The archeological work being done is like one huge gigsaw puzzle.  Some of the decorated stone is hard to imagine it being carved and hauled up those cliffs, or anywhere for that matter.  We thought the same at Newgrange in Ireland but this was so massive in comparison. Wonder how many slaves died building those temples?

The view from the top was spectacular.  Why have we never traveled here before?  The people are so friendly and nice and food is good so why not?.  Better late than never

Had a coffee before we climbed and one after…  Then back to the hotel for a hour to rest up a little bit.  Denis wanted to go over to the 1896 Olympic Stadium and we got there just before it closed and were the second to last to leave.  Again, who figured out how to build that?.  And the royal box for the kings to watch from etc. I got some guys to let me take their picture standing on the winners stand.  The track is very modern and people were filming themselves running there.  Great with the Acropolis up on the hill above off in the distance.

Dining out is interesting.  Granted we are on a tourist street so they all want our business.  If you take their card and present it later you might get a glass of wine or a dessert.   We had spoke to Georgios several times yesterday and today and to the owner of the restaurant we were going to eat at this evening.   The fellow next to them was not happy with us. Don’t want to tell him we heard not nice things about the other owner… tons of gossip on the street.

So there we were where we had decided to eat.  The owner sat with us and talked about the various dishes.   But first he wanted us to have some Tasziki and pita bread.  It was to die for.  Guess I have to learn some new cooking treats.   I had the souvelaki – chicken with Greek salad and lemon potatoes and more pita.  Fabulous! My tummy was happy.  Denis had the mousaka and enjoyed it as well and shared my salad and the     Pita.   After coffee and tea we were stuffed and a complimentary dessert showed up. Lemony tasting cake with honey?  Then were were double stuffed.  They allowed me to take pictures of them under the sign for the restaurant then some hugs and off we were.

Have caught up with facebook. This morning was all super bowl and tonight it is back to politics.  What happened to flowers, recipes, cats and dogs?.  actually I know but it is just strange that such a crisis would make one see the total benefits of social media. Am quite excited about the Day Without Women which is being planned.  If successful it could make quite a statement worldwide.  CEO’s, baristas, teachers, students, on and on…

Tomorrow is another big day. Suppose to be stormy so will walk across to the museum and spend a lot of the day there.   If it turns out to be nice then we might see if we can catch the changing of the guards at the Parliment.

Will add a couple of today’s pictures.. too many really but it was fabulous.


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