Feb 5, 2017 – the little con man

What a long day!  Got up at 5 am to catch the 5:40 shuttle bus to the airport.  Got checked in ate some breakfast and the plane left on time at 7:40.  Great ride to Athens.   Remember all you travelers = Ryan Air is the way to go.. $36 each Dublin to Athens.

Saw the Alps on the way and the Islands as we approached Athens.  A driver met us at the airport and brought us to the hotel.  He was very nice and because it was sunday there was little delay in getting here.

Checked into the Hotel Hera and it is everything Dr and Mrs Phillips told us it would be.  We are a short walk to the Acropolis Museum and the Acropolis itself.  After settling in the room we went for a walk.  Had a great time talking to all the various restaurant people trying to convince us to eat at their place.  We told them we had just arrived etc. and would be back to check them out later.

The Acropolis is amazing. Could not believe it.  The walk up will be interesting. I don’t think I could do it in summer heat but 60′ is doable I think.  We looked around some of the shop areas but the truth is we were both tired.  We did stop and purchase two, one for each of us, baklava in a tube stuffed with ice cream and frozen.  God were they good.

Rested a bit and then decided to find a place to eat early.  The Garden Restaurant on the roof of the hotel had a private party going on so we headed to the street.   Went to Gods Restaurant – no not that God but the Gods of Greek. History.  Had some fun conversations with the folks there. Denis tried some souvlaki and really liked it.I will have it tomorrow.

Then we met the con man. I got hugs, told how beautiful I was, and how I deserved a flower. It was hilarious from this little guy of about 9 or 10 years of age.  I know, it was all just a con but too funny.  He came over and stroked my cheeks.  If I see him tomorrow I am going to pay him a euro to let me take his picture.  What a ham! I ended up with two flowers because he did not have exact change.  And he gave me a bargain, 2.5 instead of 3 euros.

Tomorrow is the hop on hop off bus tour so we can see everything of importance to see.  If it rains tuesday we will go the museum. If it is nice we will climb and climb.  There are cars everywhere and lots of people.   I just need to find a drug store to buy some ibuprophan for my sore hips and a hair brush since I forgot mine. After all I have three of them at home sitting on the dresser.

Got a few pictures today. Flying over the Alps, the islands on approach to Greece, Dinner  happiness, and the Acropolis at night.

Tomorrow who knows what adventure awaits us.



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