Feb 4, 2017 – Some good things about short legs.

Yes it is true that for the most part short people get the short end of the stick but not when you fly.  YOu know those seats that you tall people hate because it is so hard for your long legs to fit into them. Well, this short person had plenty of room on our Aer Lingus flight.  I think my biggest problem was being excited and not able to sleep.

Oh and my sweetie asked me if I told you about my apple sauce…. they tossed it at the check point. Too many ounces of apple sauce in one of those little cups.  I really wanted them but then the kid behind me from the New Hampshire Prep school who was on her way to tennis camp in Florida had put all her shampoos = big bottles – in her carry on and they made her toss them all.  She was not happy. I was just wishing I had my apples to eat but she was going to have to spend money on replacements. OPS???

Otherwise all went well in my eyes.  Listened to classical music, read a bit, played Suduko and just rested with my eyes shut.  Every time I felt my teeth coming together I said “N” and counted to 60 as instructed. More times than you can imagine.

We arrived at 5 am.  On the way over I could see Nova Scotia lights, The belt of Orion looking like it was just off to my left, and the shores of Ireland.  It was great.  Airports are interesting that early in the AM.  Everyone in a hurry to get out but we were looking for a place to purchase a cell phone with a European SIM card.  Not one there sad to say.  So after walking around there we tried to find the shuttle bus to the Holiday Inn Express.  Not to be found but we had a nice walk around the darn airport parking areas.  Turns out if we had known that the Crown Plaza was on the shuttle we might have found it.   So back we went and finally took a cab.

The folks at the hotel have been great.  They got us right into a room so we could crash and because we leave very early again tomorrow they gave us the free breakfast today and also offered a take away breakfast for tomorrow.  We got some rest, had that breakfast, and walked down and got the bus into Dublin.  It was a bustle of people down there. So many students from all over the world.  We found the Meteor store and the person who waited on us “Chelsea” was from California. Her mom is Irish so she came  here to live since she has been priced out of San Francisco.  She was great to work with and got us a phone nice and cheap with unlimited access for 50 dollars for the time we wil be here.

Then we walked around and got a hot chocolate and a coffee and Denis had this fabulous looking muffin.  Truth is I just wanted to use the facilities so the hot chocolate was worth it. Loved the extra sauce and whipped crime.

Walked along the Liffey and just enjoyed the wonderful day.  Found the bus stop to come back and Denis went for a run and I crashed again.  We leave on a plane for Athens at 7:40 so have to be out of here on that shuttle by 5:40 so am going to bed very soon. Hopefully will get 8 hours of sleep and feel like a human being again in the morning.  Am very excited to see Athens.  Never thought I would be but that is a story for another day.

Definitely treasure each day because it might be your last is what I have learned in the last year.

Have some pictures so lets see if they let me add them.


2 thoughts on “Feb 4, 2017 – Some good things about short legs.”

  1. Loved Dublin and walking along the “sniffy Liffey”. Was surprised to find a Tim Horton’s in our walks. Did you find the statue of Agnes Brown from Mrs. Brown’s Boys in your travels?


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