Feb 3 – The First Day

img_4862Got up at 6 am really I did. Full of energy and get up and go. Finished packing and ate breakfast etc. Our dear neighbor picked us up at 8:30 and there was little traffic so we arrived at the bus station about 9ish.

The bus ride to Boston and I can see doing that if I wanted to go over there for a day or two of sight seeing. I slept a bit, ate a snack and Denis read a book.

Once there we found our way to the Silver LIne bus that took us right to the terminal. At this point we have looked in shops, had lunch and walked some more. Guess I will get my 5000 steps in today. I think for the rest of the trip I think it will finally be much higher.

Plane leaves around 6 something and then we get to Dublin at 5:30 am. We need to purchase a phone when we get there with a European SIM card. Then I can let others who want to know how to reach us do so. Will also get more euros to get us started.

So yes, there is excitement in the air. I feel like a little kid. In the past I would have been a total wreck but I think getting older I figure each day is a gift and today this is my gift. I also have been working on this for months and to see it finally happen is such a success. This trip is wonderful but being done on the cheap in many ways thanks to the wonderful web sites that allow you to compare and contrast prices, locations etc. And if you book enough you get even lower rates.

Have a great day everyone. I am just so happy!!!!!! And for you resisters keep up the good work. Will be following your activities. After reading what has been posted today I see we are at all risk for the banks pulling the same shit that got us into the big recession. All those stranded overseas green card holders please go to Canada if you can. We no longer have a president we have a dictator and no longer the leader of the free world. Sad, so sad.. if you don’t like by politics then just don’t bother reading it. Worried for various family members, how they have been treated since the election process began and about some jobs of family members and especially at least one family who will be losing their insurance. Just sad…


3 thoughts on “Feb 3 – The First Day”

    1. Do keep up the fight. I am going to dc to participate when we get back and I am sighing petitions and called about Steve Bannon before I left. So tired right now… old and need sleep.


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