The 2017 Adventure Begins

Last summer hubby and I were looking around for things to do when we was not going to teach this term and up popped a great deal on air fares to Ireland.  What better place to be any time of the year!  So we got round trip tickets for a few weeks in Ireland. 

From there we started to list other places we would like to visit.  As a result we are on our way tomorrow to Ireland,  Greece, Belgium, France, England and back to Ireland.  Should be quite a fun time. 

As of today I am planning to blog as my diary of our trip.  If you follow it I hope you enjoy.  I will try to put up some pictures although that has been difficult in the past. Maybe it will be better with the app. 

Will write maybe from Bostons Logan Airport.  Have never taken a US bus trip before so this will be a true start to our adventure.  

You can start visualizing a couple of 70 somethings walking around the Acropolis.. Trying to figure out an iphone or whatever kind you rent in europe. 

Later, and hopefully daily.



6 thoughts on “The 2017 Adventure Begins”

    1. Thanks, Will try. The folks who read the irish one seemed to like it especially once I learned to come up with catchy titles like The Mayor and the Galway Hooker.. that one got lots of reads.. I will be following what you all are doing as well.


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