December 14, 2016 -Ah December

This has been a good month. I am getting the house ready for the holidays and a visit from my darling grandchildren. Also my baby boy is coming home. Lots of good things have happened so far.

For example today I had lunch with my old boss. She was a very special lady and I really enjoyed working for her. She was kind, tough when I needed it and gave me the space to do my thing in prevention. It was one of the luckiest things that could have happened to me. I loved that job except for the political stuff that went on with others in the office.

Monday I went to a community meeting about opiate addiction which should have been a very serious evening but I was so happy to see my old coworkers after five years. It was a real treat for me. They were wonderful and I got great hugs. Hugs are so important. What do they say? You need 10 hugs a day for emotional stability. I am not sure I get that many but I got a bunch on Monday. And the presentation was great. I learned a lot.

I am making plans for our big trip and having fun finding hotels and train tickets etc. I think during that time I will return to my Irish blog and write every day about our adventures. Not taking a computer but will have the ipad so I can write and take care of business.

Was thinking today how this month and the next three months will be a trial retirement kind of event. First time we will have to live in the house 24/7 and see how it is. So far so good the first two weeks. We just do our own thing. Went tonight to look for lighting fixture for the dining room. The start of some renewal in that room now that the front hall is up to date. I love to see the bright new color and pictures on the walls.

For the last few weeks I have been trying to find reasons to be appreciative of the good things in my life. I have great fear about what is coming at us after January 20th and this new president takes over. His cabinet is scary, he is a total nut job and I worry about my grand kids and kids, and extended family. So I am working hard to find the positives in my life to help reduce the stress and depression.

So think good thoughts every day and be kind to others and keep the faith.


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