November 30, 2016 -Fun times and Great Adventures

What a fabulous weekend! Thanksgiving with our daughter, her partner and his family. It was a wonderful day and the conversation was good and I learned something new which always excites me. When I worked I always liked to tell myself that the day was not complete if I had not learned something new.

Then it was off to a weekend with the Grandkids. Nothing better than their grand welcomes. As we drove up they were on the balcony waving to us and so excited. It was a great visit and we got to see my brother and his daughter and her family. They are such a nice family. They are training a service dog for a veteran. Maggie the puppy is so cute and well behaved for four months. We met them at the Baltimore County Train Museum so the little kids could talk to Santa which they both decided not to do. But I think they liked being there and then going out to eat with their cousins.

Hubby and I went to two museums in DC – Art and Native American History. They were great. The art was fabulous and they have such a great collection of artists I like. They only have one Magritte but it was great seeing that one. The Native American was lovely but depressing. We watched a movie about how the Americans annexed Hawaii. I did not even know the history and was shocked by what I learned. Rich, white men deciding they deserved other people’s land and resources. It was so sad and depressing. They went not even part of us at that point. After watching the shorter films on how white men moved the native first nations population off their lands which I did know this new knowledge just made me sad. What have we learned after all these years. We attack nations when we want their oil. Or other resources.

Had a great little early birthday for the younger grandkid. She was really happy when she found out we gave her a stuffed baby calf. She has been asking for a live one but hopefully this one will fill the need. She helped pick out a birthday cake with grandpa and grandma and seemed happy with that as well. So all in all a very nice weekend.

Today we had a visit from one of our AFS exchange students, Cordella. We had a very nice lunch and got all caught up. She had come over for her 10th year class reunion. Turns out there were three girls who hung out back then who came from France, New Zealand and Germany which was very nice. Nice to see our former students doing so well. Fun time.

Charles O’Connor’s Diary 1917

June 1917

June 1 –I heard a very distinct rumble of an earth quake yesterday morning. It lasted about five minutes. Marshall went fishing I planted potatoes most of the day went to Lyndhurst this eve. Madeline went with me.
June 2 – Marshall went to Gananoque. I worked at the garden and planting this is a warm day. Mrs. John Plunket died last night. Marshall got me a packet of G but need …..
June 3 – At home forenoon then I went to Mrs Plunket’s funeral was one of the Pall bearers. Got home at six oclock. This was a cold windy day.
June 4 – We finished up planting potatoes I put in the sugar beets and a few turnips fine day.
June 5 – worked around the place went back to see the colts and cattle. We bred Fergus’ old mare this evening. Went to Lyndhurst took butter to G Charlestons 23 lbs.
June 6 – I drew out some manure and planted some things in the garden.
June 7 – I went to Lyndhurst and got the little mare shod at Loves. There was a big thunder storm this afternoon. Marshall went to Lyndhurst got a roll of wire at Jacksons. We went fishing this eve.
June 8 – this is a damp morning rained some all the forenoon. There was a thunder storm this eve.
June 9 – I cut wood until 10 oclock then R Burtch came along and I went to Gananoque with him in the car. Got home at 8 oclock this eve.
June 10 – wet all day no one in only Marshall.
June 11 – I worked around the place all day the ground is very wet after the big rain.
June 12 – Worked around the place all day fine day.
June 13 – Emily and I went to Delta we had dinner and tea at Floods. I got the clock fixed and left three watches at the shop to get fixed. This was a very hot day.
June 14 – Marshall worked on the road I worked around the place. He had a crown from Charleston this eve and night. Miss Troy, Kavanaghs, Slacks, Singletons, Webster’s, Heffernan’s, Lenna, Elmer?
June 15 – I worked around the place forenoon and Emily and I went to Lyndhurst afternoon.
June 16 – Marshall went to Gananoque today with a load of lumber I worked around the home.
June 17 – John McDonald and Rob Watson here all day. Annie was here this afternoon. Mrs John Dillon not expected to live.
June 18 – Mrs Dillon died last night. I worked at the fences forenoon and hoed some afternoon. Riley’s colt had his leg cut in the pasture and we went back to the pasture this eve to tend to it. Marshall on the road working.
June 19 – Madeline and I went to Mrs Dillon’s funeral. I was one of the Pall Bearers. this is a hot day. Marshall on the road ½ day I drove his horse to the funeral.
June 20 – I worked around the place all day. Cut wood.
June 21 – R Burtch took Emily and I to Gananoque. I got home at 3 oclock Maurice O’Connor came home with me. Emily stayed in town. Madeline has gone to Charleston with Bryans to dance at Websters. Maurice and I are alone for the night.
June 22 – Marshall went with a load of cheese forenoon. We went back and doctored Riley’s colt this afternoon. I hoed turnips and Sugar beets part of the day.
June 23 – I worked around the place most of the day went to Lyndhurst this eve. Marshall worked on the road all day.
June 24 – Marshall and I went to Lansdowne to Mass. We got home at 1:30. A Slack and Yates call on their way home from Lansdowne. P Flood and his mother called this eve. We are lonesome for Emily and miss her very much. Maurice is having a good time all to himself.
June 25 – I hoed most of the day. Fergus came out with his mother and spent a few hours here. Frank and three of the children was with him. Eileen stayed here with Maurice the rest of them started for home at 4 oclock.
June 26 – Hoed potatoes and turnips most of the day. Had the blues most of the day. Fine day. (madeline’s note – Fergus talking of going to Halifax to military station Dr Gardiner had contacted him re this.)
June 27 – I hoed forenoon and went to Delta and got a bag of sugar from E Ralph.
June 28 – I finished hoeing the potatoes this first time. We went fishing this eve. Marshall went with me.
June 29 – Wet morning rained hard all the forenoon, fine afternoon. Joe Lappen came here this eve and paid his note $56.30. Madeline went out to Charleston with Bryans to a party at Tom Heffernan’s.
June 30 – worked around the place forenoon and up to Grippen Lake am to a school picnic then went to Lyndhurst got home in time to milk. Madeline and the two kids went with me.


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