November 20, 2016 – Happy moments and sad ones too

November 20, 2016

Sorry about yesterday. I was transcribing Charles Diary from 1918 and then was rereading my Aunt Pat’s letters. They got me all excited again. It was nice out but after getting groceries I was swept up into the work above.

Started the day today on a good note. I was doing the Coffee for after Mass and D and I went and got it set up and all was well. At some point during the Mass Jon Lemelin came along and gave me a big hug as did his wife. Not because of the coffee but because on line I had congratulated him on supporting a woman in California who had been discriminated against and when she asked him what he was wearing a pin for he explained and then spent some time chatting with her and encouraging her. It gave me chills and was so pleased to know him. The hugs were great.

Then once home my friend Jeanne dropped something off for me and it was great to have a chat with her and we planned for an outing this week. We always have fun together even with our opposite views on politics etc. She is such an amazing woman and I am glad we are friends.

Additionally hubby told me the birthday present for the younger granddaughter will be delivered tomorrow. What you ask? A calf…. Yes a calf. This kid had us stop driving down a country road to let us know she thought we should go and ask the farmer if we could have one of the calves for her pet. She still wants one so I thought a Melissa and Doug calf might assuage her for a while. Maybe she will accept that but then again she might reject is since it won’t be real. I am excited to see what it is like. At least 3 feet tall so that should be fun.

After reading Pats letters again I am convinced what I am going to do is edit them, reread the originals and see if I can figure out the words that I could not read the first time. Add the letters she wrote to my mom and any other letters associated with that time in World History and see if a publisher would want to publish the letters. I have pictures and have researched a lot of the people mentioned in the letters. Some of the young doctors went on to do fabulous research and inventing new medical procedures etc. Others stayed in the military and became way up there contributors to world peace. I think people would see another side of WWII and how the troops and the hospital workers coped with being in a war.

Been listening to election stuff. The conflict of interest business is very interesting. The only way for Trump to do away with it would be to sell all his properties. I just cannot see what happening. But when world leaders are saying they will stay at his hotel since he is president, that is not good because it is a conflict of interest. Even if he is not pressuring them to stay there. Just being there presents a conflict. That is a problem for him. Wonder how that will all work out. First time problems when you are not a politician not use to these kinds of things.

The other thing is the people he has surrounded himself with. Bannon is the biggest problem I see at this point. His being there having anything to do with Donald Trump is divisive. And as long as he is there people will not grow to trust Trump even if he is proposing some good things. Bad enough that Donald Trump has the same personality traits that the boss at my ultimate job from hell had. The narcissism, the chauvinistic behavior, his if it doesn’t hurt me then I don’t care attitude and his nastiness towards others. These are not the traits that I value in anyway. So if he would at least surround himself with people that the population would trust it might help. So far, I just find it scarier by the day. And oh yes, this I just love. He invites in for chats those who opposed him during the elections. Not just the candidates but elected officials who refused to support him. I am betting that all these people in one way or the other will be publicly humiliated before this is done because he holds grudges and gets back. Well to him I say, pay back is a bitch and you better watch out since there are whole populations out here expecting you to do wonderful things and if you cannot produce believe me they know how to pay you back.

Anyway, Let’s add some of Charles Diary and see how things were once April came in 1917.
April 1917 Charles O’Connor’s Diary
April 1 – Sunday – Fergus and the four kids came here before noon. This is a fine day but the roads are bad. Fergus started for home at 5 o’Clock. The children are going to stay.
April 2 – We worked in the bush boiled down what sap we had. There was some rain today.
April 3 – We finished boiling what sap we had and gathered what was in the bush. J Bevins here this eve.
April 4 – Some frost last night a good run of sap today. I got some fish.
April 5 – We worked in the bush most of the day. We syruped down and gathered all there was in the bush.
April 6 – There is lots of snow this morning. Rained and snowed all night warm this morning. The snow is very soft. Will Larose had a bee putting up a stable. Marshall boiled sap most of the day.
April 7 – We boiled sap all day. Syruped during this eve. Marshall sent a calf to the crossing got $6.00.
April 8 – Easter Sunday – At home all day J Bevins call this eve. The children had a big day.
April 9 – We gathered sap and worked in the bush. Went down to Burches and got 2 fish.
April 10 – fixed fences and worked around the place. Wilfred Yates called here this morning. Gathered some sap was down to Bevins this evening.
April 11 – Worked around the place most of the day. Cold day sap ran some today. We gathered some. J Bevins got a Ford Car today.
April 12 – Sap ran all night and we had to gather again this morning. Cold day.
April 13 – Friday – In the bush again all day. So stir? We gathered some. Cold and blustery.
April 14 – boiled down what sap we had forenoon and gathered what was in the bush cold blustery day quite a bit of snow.
April 15 – Fergus came out for the children. He is thinking of going to Quebec. He started for home at 5 o’Clock. The house seems very lonesome without the children.
April 16 – Marshall went to W Bryans and got a half ton of hay forenoon and to Lansdowne afternoon. I worked around the place went up to Joe Singletons for his spring Waggon this eve.
April 17 – We went to Gananoque. I stayed there all night. Marshall came home and bought a jersey cow.
April 18 – I was in town forenoon and started for home at noon got home at 4 oclock saw M Slack on my way home.
April 19 – I went to the sugar bush and gathered the buckets and got them home fixed some fence. Marshall helped D McConell.
April 20 – Wet morning did not do much today. Marshall went looking for hay got a stack from Jim Townsend and drew a load.
April 21 – Was around home all day went to Lyndhurst this eve Marshall and G Wight went with me got somethings. Paid for all I got.
April 22 – At home all day. There was some rain today no one around today.
April 23 – Madeline and I went up to Donnelley’s got here at six oclock. The little jersey heffer had two calfs today.
April 24 – I get ready for Gananoque. Ellen went with me.
April 25 – Mike Slack and I started to fix up the stable. We got two staff finished and some done at another.
April 26 – M Slack and I worked at the stable all day. Then went to the show. Wet afternoon.
April 27 – I worked around the stable and started for home at ten oclock got home at noon. I gave the job of fixing the house to Hill for $165.00. But think of changing the plan. We sent a pone? to Fergus re the change.
April 28 – There was two calfs came yesterday and one this morning. We put two heffers over in the pasture and the two colts. We fixed fences the rest of the day.
April 29 – Madeline and I went to Lansdowne to mass this is a fine day but looks like rain this afternoon. Tom Slack and P Flood came here this eve and spent the eve here.
April 30 – Cold day Mrs Weeks here most of the day. Marshall and I went over and looked over the pasture. Mr McClean came to Marshalls.


One thought on “November 20, 2016 – Happy moments and sad ones too”

  1. I so enjoy your blog, Margie. Yes, yes, yes see an editor about a book. There is also a place in the Ottawa archives for journals like the O’Connor diaries. They’re such a fascinating and important look into our past.
    As for Donald Trump, I wonder if he can be impeached before he’s inaugurated? LOL. I mean, everything he does is unprecedented, so why not? I thought the cold open for SNL last night was the best one to date, almost.
    Keep up the good stuff!


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