November 18, 2016 – Wishes and Dreams

No big adventure so far today. Had plans to do something but blew them off. It is a lovely sunny day out and I hung out laundry, that is it. Finished a novel which was quite good that my cousin Maureen gave me to read this summer. I finally got to it and liked it. Written by a Canadian living in Europe I believe. Spies, death, Vatican intrigue, love etc. All worked out as a good read.

Last night at our Social Justice Ministry Meeting someone mentioned a web site where you could put your thoughts on what you want from the new administration. So I went and found it with the help of a friend and put down some of what I would like to see happen to make America Greater than it is today. I am wondering if they will even read the comments – we shall see. None of what I want am I seeing so far. But I think I will add my thoughts every couple of days. I was nice and polite and just spoke from my heart. Not going to attack them since then you can be sure they won’t read what I say. If you want to add your two cents worth the site is The button on the right is the one asking for your input.

Santa also was offered another job today. Will see if they are willing to pay what he will ask them for. That means our weekends will be busy with that and other fun things like Fair Trade Market, Grandkids, etc.

I think this evening will turn into an adventure. The Capital Steps are at the Egg and we are going. Cannot imagine how this will be funny but will give it a shot. They have been hilarious in the past but after this election eh? Will be nice to be out and I am sure there will be some fun moments in the show. I think they were hoping for another outcome to make this the fun we wanted.

Arm is sore from my flu shot but glad I finally got it. Am thinking about buying myself a blood pressure cuff to see if my pressure is down. Would be nice to think that it was. Been drinking de-stress tea today and not doing much of anything. In fact going to lay down and rest next. The blood pressure issue might be what is making me feel so yucky every day. That and my out of control thyroid gland, and who knows what else. I am not happy with my present state.

Charles diary should be more fun today. March in Canada always a fun time, snow, sleet, rain, winds, all totally unpredictable. So let’s see what is happening.

As I read this months diary (March 1917) and he talks about boiling the maple syrup my mouth was watering thinking of the day I spent with cousin Mike and for the first time tasted the boiling sap. It was like manna from heaven. Great memory.

Charles O’Connors Diary, Long Point Farm, Long Point Ontario

March 1- we cut a load of logs forenoon and Marshall went to Lyndhurst with them. Brought home a … Joe Bevins spent the eve here.
March 2 – Marshall went to Gananoque with another load of lumber I worked around the place all day.
March 3 – Very fine day. C Weeks moved away yesterday. Worked around the place forenoon and went got a load of logs home. Marshall went to Lyndhurst to A Argues afternoon to look at cows.
March 4 – Cold morning. Marshall and I went to Mass got home early no one around today.
March 5 – stormy day nothing doing. There was about ten inches snow fell.
March 6 – Marshall went for a load of hay. J Bevins went with him. Tom Slack came here this eve is going to stay all night.
March 7 – I went to Gananoque. J Bevins went with me. Spent most of the day there got home at nine oclock. Ellen came home today.
March 8 – We did not do much forenoon. Marshall got up a little wood for himself. We went to Lyndhurst afternoon and got in some logs got home the lumber.
March 9 – Marshall not feeling well we went to A Argues after dinner and got two cows gave check for $130.00 for them. We brought the cows home with us. Went to the milk meeting this eve Wight is to get $1.56 for making.
March 10 – Marshall went to town with a load of lumber. I went to Lyndhurst got some things paid for all I got. Cut wood the rest of the day.
March 11 – Stormy day. No one on the road only the McCreadyits????. At home all day.
March 12 – I went to H Bevins for an axe handle cut wood in the yard rest of the day. Marshall not well today we went to help Jim Burns but did not stay long. J Bevins spent the eve here.
March 13- Marshall and I cut some wood for Ellen forenoon. Got out an elm log afternoon and he took it to Lyndhurst.
March 14 – Marshall and I went to the woods cut six logs and he took them to the mill forenoon. Then was a bad storm snowed and blowed then turned to rain. Marshall killed a veal afternoon and took part of it to Lyndhurst. I got a quarter of it 20 lbs at 13 cents per lb.
March 15 – We did not do much today. Marshall went to the woods and got a big load of wood for himself. He cleaned up some wheat forenoon. Wet part of the day.
March 16 – Marshall and I cut a load of logs and he took them to Lyndhurst and got a load of lumber. We went to Sweets Corners to J Moorheads sale am.
March 17 – Stormey morning nothing doing at home all day very lonesome. I cut some wood. This has been a changeable day rained and then snow then turned cold and windy.
March 18 – Very cold and windy. We did not got to mass. Wallace Conerty, Clara Hefferan and two boys come here at noon. Ellen also was here for dinner and tea they all left for home about dark.
March 19 – Marshall went to Gananoque for C weeks I done the chores. I was up to Will Laroses got my jack knife the Claud had swiped. G Sterry came here this eve.
March 20 – Marshall and I went back to the woods and cut a load of logs he took them to Lyndhurst afternoon and brought back a load of lumber.
March 21 – I worked around the place most of the day. Marshall went to Lansdowne for some of his things. He got home at noon and drew hay afternoon.
March 22 – We cut two logs this morning did nothing rest of the day Marshall is letting his horses rest.
March 23 – Marshall went for hay to J Lappans. C Weeks went with him. P Flood and his mother came here forenoon. Wet afternoon. Percy and mother started for home at 5 oclock.
March 24 – Marshall took two pine logs to Lyndhurst the sleighing is about all gone this morning. He worked around the place rest of the day. Emily has been sick the last two days. I worked around the place. Ellen was here for tea very warm day lots of slush.
March 25 – At home most of the day went down to J Bevens afternoon. Joe came out with me. Snow about all gone. Word came that George Chapmans wife was dead at Seeleys Bay.
March 26 – We went to the bush and tapped 140 trees the sap ran good most of the day. Emily has been sick all day we had the Dr. call this eve. Dr was down to see Mrs John Moorhead. I got a letter from P Kelley.
March 27 – Marshall and I went to the Sugar Bush and gathered some sap. Started to boil. Wet most of the day. Emily no better. I got PO order from Grey for $65.00.
March 28 – Some colder. Snow on the ground. Marshall went to the bush I cut wood in the yard.
March 29 – The Cheese Factory opened up today. There was only about 1000 lbs of milk taken in. I worked in the bush.
March 30 – We worked in the bush we brought home 5 gallons.
March 31 – I went to Lyndhurst forenoon. I put $50.00 in the bank. and worked in the bush afternoon. Brought home 4 gallons syrup. There was a thunder storm last night.


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