November 17, 2016 –

Okay getting back on track. Will start this and finish it later.

Slow starting this morning. Did have an interesting discussion with hubby this morning about the Trump situation with Chris Christie. My thoughts about this after hearing about Jared Kushner’s father going to prison and being prosecuted by Christie is that the entire situation was a total set up on Christie. Do you think Ted Cruz is being set up as well and Nikki Haley? Neither of them supported him and yet he invited them in to chat… Watch and see.

Adventure for today. Aside for attending my class with my buddy on living with chronic illness which was fun being out with her my adventure was probably attending the Social Justice meeting. It was great fun seeing old friends again after missing the last meeting. We worked on planning our Fair Trade Market for December. I have some assignments to take care of.

I had suggested that at the end of the meeting we process the election aftermath and how we are all feeling. Was totally surprised with the Trump supporters in our group. They were people I don’t know so have no way to understand where they are coming from. Other than saying that he is pro-life I don’t have a clue what he, Trump, really believes. I was just surprised when I heard people of like mind saying they voted for Trump and believe he is going to make life better for us. The discussion was good and people talked about the folks they know from diverse backgrounds who are afraid. Gays, minorities, women, etc. It was good and I am looking for opportunities to be involved in good things to improve my mood and reduce my anxiety.

Planning for Thanksgiving and am going to make myself a gluten free apple pie and the cranberry sauce. Not a bad job…

So, am trying to get my mind wrapped around writing again. Need to get a copy of John Lewis’ graphic novel about his experience as a civil rights leader. All three books

Now it is time for us to read some of Charles O’Connor’s diaries. These were people who lived with acceptance of their differences and in peace and unity. It comforts me to know that my ancestors were good, loyal, honest people. They give me faith.

February 1917

Feb 1 – Marshall drew a load of wood for CW and a load for himself.
Feb 2 – Marshall drew a load of hay for CW. Mosey Kavanaugh and L Botsford came out to play for a dance at Ellisville. Madeline came home.
Feb 3 – spent the forenoon with Mosey. They started for home at one oclock cold day snowing some.
Feb 4 – Marshall and I went to Lansdowne to Mass. The roads was very bad some bad snow drifts. I signed $15.00 to help pay balance on church debt.
Feb 5 – I spent the day around the house J Bevins here most of the day and eve. Marshall went over to O Halls for one of the pigs. Another fire starts at D McConnalls.
Feb 6 – Marshall went to the woods to cut wood forenoon. And he and I went for dry wood afternoon and got a load.
Feb 7 – Fine morning. Marshall went to the woods to cut wood. C McDonald and Vera came here was here most of the day. Ellen went home with them.
Feb 8 – Stormey day Marshall and I cut and put in the school woodshed a cord of dry wood. We got a letter from Fergus today saying that our house in Gananoque had been badly damaged by a fire yesterday.
Feb 9 – Marshall and I put in the dry wood for the school Stormy most of the day. Roads drifted full.
Feb 10 – cold morning. Marshall went over to E Halls got little pig forenoon and he and I went to Lyndhurst afternoon. We got pay for the School house wood $14.70. The roads was very bad.
Feb 11 – this is the coldest morning yet 28’ below zero. Not much drive on the roads although it’s a very fine day. Alex Argue called here for a few minutes.
Feb 12 – Coldest morning 32” below zero every thing snapping. I got ready for Gananoque and got started afternoon spent the night with Fergus. Was very cold on the road.
Feb 13 – Fergus and I looked over the burnt house and took some measurements so I could get out timber to rebuild it. We are to get $360.00 insurance on it. The roads was full coming home.
Feb 14 – I did not do anything forenoon. We started to cut logs afternoon. Marshall took a load to Lyndhurst. I took Madeline up to Websters. She is going to stay to a dance in the Hall.
Feb 15 – Marshall and I cut logs and drew them out to the road Clifford Weeks helped us we got out 4 long pieces 24 feet and some other lengths. The McMullen girls came this afternoon.
Feb 16 – I am very lame this morning got my leg hurt yesterday Marshall went to the woods and got a load of logs he made two trips to Lyndhurst today. The girls did not start for home until afternoon. Mrs Wight was here all night. Marshall brought home 440 feet of lumber. We got word that Mr R Stern? was dead.
Feb 17 – I was able to go to the woods and cut a load of logs. Marshall went to Lyndhurst and got some lumber 177 feet. Warm afternoon rained some this eve.
Feb 18 – Cold this morning freezing hard but the day is fine at home all day no one around.
Feb 19 – we cut logs and Marshall made two trips to Lyndhurst today. Got a load of lumber.
Feb 20 – Marshall went to Gananoque with a load of lumber. He got home at 7 oclock. He brought the check from insurance co for us for the damages on the house by fire. The amt of the check was $363.00.
Feb 21 – Marshall and I cut logs and he went to Lyndhurst. There was a young O’Driscoll here for dinner he wanted to buy a colt.
Feb 22 – Marshall drew in a stack of hay. C Weeks helped him.
Feb 23 – Mike Slack and Joe Bevins spent the eve here. G Larose call in for a game of checkers. Marshall and I got out a load of logs and I went with him to Lyndhurst. Mike Slack came here afternoon. Very stormy we did not go to the woods.
Feb 24 – Mike Slack here yet I went to the woods with Marshall. We cut stove wood forenoon and got out a long stick for joist? And went to Lyndhurst. Did not get home until dark. G Wight and wife spent the eve her also Jim Burns.
Feb 25 – Very cold morning. 12 below zero. Fine day at home all day.
Feb 26 – Stormey most of the day. We did not do anything only the chores.
Feb 27 – we went to Lyndhurst and got in logs got a load home with us then took a load to the lake and went back to Lyndhurst for another load.
Feb 28 – Marshall went to Gananoque with a big load of long lumber. He got home before dark. I sent check $363.00 in with him and Fergus put it in the bank.


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