November 16, 2016 – A Rainy Day – Says it all.

Yes it is me, finally set up a spot for writing for myself and here I am. Looking out the window at gray sky and rain. Leaves piled in large mounds up and down the street waiting for the leaf vacuum to show up. Not a very happy kind of a day. If I were good I would bake something to get a good warm smell in the air. Might just do that.

I suspect that my solar collectors are not making much power today unlike the past few days when they were cranking out about 17 KW of power each day. Enough for our use and putting some into the grid. I love this and am thinking by the summer of 2018 we will have solar on our roof in Canada come hell or high water. We need to be good citizens of the world and this is one way we can do it.

Hubby and I have been going off to hockey games of late down at Union College. Now they won’t be playing for a while because of exams. So we will have to find other ways to entertain ourselves. Such as going to see the Capital Steps on Friday night.

Today I have been focused on the terrible situation here in the States with this election. I am willing to give Trump a chance but come on now really? Making a racist his chief advisor? That is not helping here Donald. I mean come on now – the farthest right person you could find??? So let’s watch and see how this shakes out. Need to heal the divide not make it greater. This is not helping my terrible anxiety.

Speaking of which – at the doctors last week my glucose was a bit up there – 100 and he recommend I go on a ketogenic diet. I ordered the book he recommended and have been reading it. Cannot do it. I can reduce carbs and increase fats but not extremely like the second half of the book recommends. I went through her food recommendations and I am way too fussy for most of the things she recommends eating. I would rather die than eat them. So I am eating carbs again today to see if I will feel better. I have been off balance the last two days and am wondering if my nutritional balance is way off. Skipped going to Yoga today because of how I felt.

A week ago I was in Salt Lake City for a week doing Genealogy. It was great. Biggest find was my gr gr grandfather and grandmothers wedding record at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Kingston Ontario. That ends the discussion about when they married or where. Someone else might have found it earlier but I had no idea. I also discovered that on my Dad’s side my cousin,Bruce Laughland, who was a barrister in London once prosecuted Keith Richards in a drug possession case. Copied some articles about that case for sure. Was happy about that find as well. I also discovered that sitting for hours and hours with the computer or the film machines almost drives me crazy. Was grateful for the folks I met out there and shared some meals with.

I am going to have to search and figure out where I left off with Charles Diary and also going to start spending some time transcribing more because I am almost to the end of what I have finished. I know I have said that over and over again but I really have to do it. As well as take my Astrologers recommendation to get Pat’s letters over and done with. Lots of editing to do there.

Okay, For two days I have tried to put Charles Diary on here and I cannot get my pointer to work to cut and paste it so will just have to wait until I figure out how to fix it. Sorry.


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