October 21, 2016 – The Rose and The Thorn

October 21, 2016

This week I finally hit the wall. I am so fed up with the election stuff I did everything to avoid it. I had the radio on but most of the time I was cleaning or working and really was not listening. I keep thinking things cannot get worse but they continue to do so. Listening to Trump supporters saying that the election is rigged = would they still think that is he was elected?? He might be planning to have the Russians play with the computers in some states. I don’t believe any of it. I think that it would be hard to commit fraud in voting. Just don’t see it happening. But what if he doesn’t win and his followers turn violent? What if he continues his hateful behavior? What will we do? Those thoughts had me obsessing and losing sleep.

Been a strange week or so. After thanksgiving in Canada that was just wonderful I came home to meetings, and other planning for the Drug Take Back Day and for a presentation on the 24th of our youth survey results. So being busy I have not been getting great sleep. I find myself ruminating about everything under the sun that makes me very unhappy.

But then today came. I have been thinking about my husband. You know there are statements about the rose and its thorn. At some point in our relationship we decided that he is the rose and I am the thorn. He even made me a thorn pin one year. And we decided to name the addition to the school house ThornHill. He is a very gentle person for the most part. He does dislike other drivers who he deems to be stupid drivers but I hear lots of husbands have that same issue. For the most part he is a committed, dedicated husband and father and teacher. And of course he is a wonderful Grandfather to our two little girls.

We all come into relationships with baggage but he is incredible in being able to put those behind him. He might get angry but shortly thereafter the anger is gone. He is always thoughtful about special days and when he knows I am not okay. He made it clear early in our relationship that his family would come first and that meant myself and our children. He has never failed to put us first above all outside influences. I never ever have thought that I was not loved by him. I hope he knows that I feel the same way. I am more hot headed at times but it does not change my love.

So, just sitting here appreciating the gift I have been given. I am one darn lucky girl for sure. Most of my friends are married to their first serious loves and are happy as well. It helps to have friends who value the long term relationships. The for Better or Worse statement in those vows are darn important. There are lows that are at times so low but then there are the highs that are treasures. One cannot know what goes on once a couple goes into their homes and close the doors. But I know I am fortunate to know what I am facing every day. Support, warmth, commitment, and undying love.

I think Charles O’Connor knew how lucky he was as well. So let’s get into 1917 with him.

January 1917

Jan 1- Monday At home all day spent the rest of the day in the house as it’s quite stormey until eve. Marshall and I went to Lyndhurst this eve. Madeline went with Wight to a dance in the hall at Lyndhurst.
Jan 2 – Worked around the place got up two loads of wood. Wight had a bee getting up wood
Jan 3 – At home all day quite blustery with some snow. Chopped wood in the yard school started today. The teacher is a Miss Haley. She only taught this forenoon.
Jan 4 – At home all day put up a stove in the parlor. F McNamee and Mr Blau here for dinner. Leadbeters young folks spent the eve here also Wights and Elmer Bryan.
Jan 5 – Wet day all day Rained hard. Marshall went for a load of hay. Wight and wife went to Athens.
Jan 6 – Emily, Madeline and I went to Donnellys. I attended the annual telephone meeting at the Bay. I paid my assessment and telephone bill at central office $10.00…… and $2.15 for ….. Madeline stayed at Donnelleys Emily and I got home about 9 o’Clock.
Jan 7 – Marshall and I went to Lansdown to Mass. Very blustery day. I gave $2.00 for Christmas donation.
Jan 8 – Marshall went for hay and let Criss Williams have the load. I done the chores. J Bevins here for eve and supper.
Jan 9 – wet most of the day. Marshall went for a load of hay and let G Wight have half of the load.
Jan 10 – Marshall and I cut wood in the woods forenoon. Very stormey afternoon. There was a lot went to Lyndhurst in the storm to see Helen Singleton married. The wedding took place at 5:30 oclock. The teacher Miss Haley is sick this week.
Jan 11 – This is a very cold morning. 20 below zero. I did not go to the woods too cold for me. I cut wood in the dooryard. Leonard McConnell here for dinner.
Jan 12 – Cold again this morning. We drew up wood most of the day. L McDonnell here he is teaching.
Jan 13 – We drew up all the wood we had cut. And I went to meet Madeline. EJ Donnelly came with her as far as J Plunketts. Stormed most of the day. Good work that. M Hallis? was dead.
Jan 14 – There was a big snow storm last night. There is about ten inches of snow extra this morning and still snowing and blowing. Only two riggs on the road today.
Jan 15 – L McConnell is going to teach this week for Miss Haley. He came this morning and is going to stop here. No mail today. Wight spent the eve here.
Jan 16 – We did not go to the woods today. I cut wood in the dooryard and worked around the place. P Flood called on his way home. We got word this eve that Mrs Pat Murphy at Delta was dead. Marshall drew out manure yesterday and today.
Jan 17 – This is another blustery day snowing and blowing. The roads are filling up again. Marchall is helping Jim Burns to saw.
Jan 18 – Marshall helped J Burns to finish sawing. Stormy most of the day. Marshall went to Lyndhurst..
Jan 19 – Worked around the place all day. Nothing doing on the roads. They shoveled out the roads today.
Jan 20 – Cold morning. Madeline and I went to Lyndhurst this afternoon. The roads was very bad.
Jan 21 – At home all day no one around very cold day stormed some.
Jan 22 – L McDonnell came back to teach this is another cold morning. 20 below zero. Marshall went to the woods to cut school wood. I worked around the house.
Jan 23 – Marshall went to the woods again today. He drew up a load of school wood. I split and piled it in the woodshed.
Jan 24 – stormy morning stormed most of the day. Marshall went to the woods afternoon. Wight helped him. I split and piled what was drew up.
Jan 25 – Marshall finished getting the 5 cords of hard wood I helped him most of the day. Joe B and Jim Burns spent the eve here.
Jan 26 – Marshall and I went to the woods and cut stove wood for ourselves got up 2 cords.
Jan 27 – I took Madeline to Lyndhurst she was going out to Charleston to stay a few days. Marshall went over to his Fathers this eve.
Jan 28 – Emily and I spent the day alone. I done the chores. Snowed last night and most of the forenoon.
Jan 29 – Worked around the place we went back to the woods and got a load of wood. P Flood brought Ellen home today.
Jan 30 – Stormy day did not do much today the roads was bad. We all went to D McConnells last night to the fire his barn and cow stables was all burned to the ground. He lost a lot of hay and grain. Loss about $3000.00
Jan 31 – Cold day nothing doing. Marshall drew a load of hay for C weeks to Lyndhurst


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