October 8, 2016 – Baseball, Dads, Sons and more

It is a gloomy, dark, rainy day. 7 A.M. felt like 4 A.M. It was so dark so I made the unilateral decision to just hunker down and sleep in. I did not really sleep but listened to a really touching story on a sports show on NPR. It was about a young boy who had died. The boy and his Dad had always gone to opening day and then lots of ball games in Miami. After his son died Dad made a decision to take his other son and go to opening day at all of the Major League parks and put some of his son’s ashes in each park.

His younger son initially was not into the baseball or the idea of the trips but the first year they went to Miami and they let them put ashes – just a tiny bit at third base. I think the other teams heard about it so when they arrived at other stadiums they were allowed to do it during the 7th inning stretch. The younger son is now into the trips they take together. They figure it will take them a few more years to get to all the parks but it is a wonderful time for them and they enjoy the games together and the time they spend away from home.

Now they are planning how they will continue to take these kinds of trips together after they cover all the parks. Somehow as I was laying there listening I thought about the movie ‘Field of Dreams”. It was all so touching about father son relationships. I remembered how Tim and Denis used to go to opening day together every year to see the Yankees. It was their special time together. I don’t remember when it started but it went on for a very long time.

It was so much better than thinking about politics and the latest nasty business about Donald Trumps life. But that helped me also think about my sons and the women they love. I believe that they love their wives so much and that they respect them. They would have learned that from their Dad. He is such a wonderful man and after all the reading I have done in the last 24 hours about slimy men I appreciate even more how loved I am. My hubby is the last man on earth I could imagine cheating. Even in the hard times his focus is always on family and my welfare. He is not perfect just so he does not get a swollen head… I could make a list of the things he does that drive me crazy just like he could do about me. BUT, the bottom line is that we have been through thick and thin and always come out stronger on the other side and together.

There are lots of good men out there and I believe the current president is a good man, husband and father. George Bush, both of them, are good men. When Bill Clinton’s behaviors came out he lost his status in my eyes. I just don’t like the idea of men or women cheating on their spouses. If you are not happy go to therapy and figure out how to fix the relationship or get out. But don’t degrade yourself or your spouse by cheating. It hurts your children and all those who love you. I know I am talking to the wind here since cheating happens all the time. But at least try to be above it.

Rudy saying we all cheat just is not true. Men in power tend to cheat. Power corrupts. But come on now. All men cheat? Rudy, at least clarify that statement – All men like me cheat.. that seems to be more accurate.

I don’t want to write about politics any more. I just want the election to be over. I cannot promise with all that will go on these next few weeks, wikileaks trying to take down Clinton, more sexual abuse claims about Trump etc will continue to pour out but I just want to hide away and just go and vote. My question to all of you is how does an internet addicted individual do that?????

I could write about hockey since it has started but will wait until tomorrow.

Charles O’Connor’s Diary –

December 1916

Dec 1 – Cold blustery day. Cleared up afternoon. The teacher started for the Bay on his way to Jones Fall to a dance.
Dec 2 – H Marshall came here to rent the place and we made a bargain as follows. He is to pay $300.00 rent and taxes if they do not go over $40.00 and anything over that I am to pay. I am to let him have the six cows and three heffers now on the place and one or two pigs and all the implements now on the place. He is to leave as many pigs on the place at the end of the year and do as much ploughing as is now done.
Dec 3 – Emily is quite sick today we are at home all day doing nothing. The teacher came back this eve. I went to Lyndhurst last eve.
Dec 4 – I drew up wood most of the day fine day. P Kelley came here on Thursday and went back this morning.
Dec 5 – I worked around the place wet most of the day. Very blustery day. J Burns here this eve.
Dec 6 – We killed turkeys and I fixed the stable floor. some colder. Snowed all the afternoon. J Bevens had the team to draw wood.
Dec 7 – Some colder this morning. I worked around the place forenoon and went to Lyndhurst afternoon to the turkey fair. I took ten turkeys up and got 30 cents per lb for them. The prices was as follows. Turkeys 28-31, chickens 18-22, Geese 16-18 ducks 18-20 and fowl 15. Leora (Leena) McNamee spent the afternoon here. Charles McDonald and Vera was here for tea. John Mc and J Bevens came in and spent the eve here. O Hall baby died this eve at 20 to ten.
Dec 8 – This is my 69th birthday and a Holyday. I spent the day around the house with Eulalia and Madeline. got a letter from Fergus and children.
Dec 9 – Worked around the place all day and went to Lyndhurst this eve. Wet day rained very hard all the forenoon and then turned to snow. I went over to O Halls at noon to the funeral. G Wight went with me. WE went to Kelseys corner with the funeral and then went to Lyndhurst. I got some things and paid for all I got. Got a pair of rubbers at Bersees(?).
Dec 10 – Wilfred Yates came here last night. WE went to Lansdowne to Mass. Scanlon went with me. Vera McDonald came back with Wilfred.
Dec 11 – I worked around all day H Marshal came out with a load of things. Madeline is working at the milk sheets.
Dec 12 – Stormy day all day did not do anything but the chores.
Dec 13 – J McDonald came out for two calves that I sold him to Slack and P flood also was here for dinner. Vera McD went home with Jack Marshall came out with his wife and family.
Dec 14 – Scanlon and I went to Lyndhurst. Marshall and I got up wood most of the day quite stormy. Miss Fry and C Ralph. P Flood and Elmer and Lena Bryan spent the eve here.
Dec 15 – I worked around the place most of the day. Marshall went to Lansdowne for something’s.
Dec 16 – Worked around the place all day nothing doing. This is a fine day. There was school today.
Dec 17 – At home all day. The Matthews boys came out for the mare they are going to work her this winter.
Dec 18 – we drew out manure all day only I went to Lyndhurst afternoon fine day. Marshall sent bill to flat rock.
Dec 19 – I helped to get out Manure forenoon and killed some chickens afternoon. I went to Lyndhurst this eve with Marshall. Madeline and the teacher spent the eve at Jacob? Bryans.
Dec 20 – I went to Gananoque took the foul in got $1.50 per pare for them I got home at six oclock. I went with the buggey.
Dec 21 – Marshall and I worked at the cow stall most of the day. Jersey cow went missing?
Dec 22 – This is a very stormey day. The teacher and Madeline went to Lyndhurst last eve. Marshall went over to his fathers today. Stayed all day. Fergus was elected mayor.
Dec 23 – Roads very bad this morning. We went to Lyndhurst drove Walter up with one of Marshall’s horses. The teacher drove Daisy there was a big crowd up there one could hardly get in one of the stores. I got 50 lbs of flour$2.45 and one bag of bran $1.60. Scanlon went home today.
Dec 24 – At home until afternoon then we started for Gananoque got there before dark and went to Midnight mass and then went to bed.
Dec 25 – We got up quite early there was a good lot of presents divided up amongst the crowd. Everyone got something. We spent the most of the day at Fergus’ but made a few calls one at Mikes and J McArdles and Tom O’Connor’s.
Dec 26 – Cold morning We started for home at 10:30 got home at 2:30 the roads was good. I got the mare shod before I started for home paid $1.40 for the work. Marshall took the pigs up to the barn.
Dec 27 – soft snow and rain this morning school meeting today there was a rough time there. All hands blamed the trustees for dis… the teacher. I got the job of getting 6 cords of wood at $2.45 per cord. P Kelsey was put in trustee.
Dec 28 – At home all day Lena McNamee called on her way
Dec 29 – Marshall went for a load of hay to Lansdowne. I worked around the place and done the chores.
Dec 30 – I cut wood Marshall helped me for an hour. J McDonald came out for Ellen and also P Flood came for her. She went home with Percy. They were both here most of the afternoon. I went to Lyndhurst this eve. G Wight went with Marshall. Me very cold 10’ below zero. I got 111/2 lbs meat from Marshall.
Dec 31 – This is the last day of 1916. Another …….. and very little change since last year. We have had a very happy year as far as our family is concerned no misfortunes or troubles worth remembering and have been blessed in many way thank god. And hope the coming year will be as happy a one as the last. This has been a very quiet day not much drive on the road. Marshall, J Beven and G Wight all called for a few minutes. We are all at home all day Ellen is in Delta. Madeline is at home side of the table and Emily on the other both reading and I am put down … from notes. It is a quarter to nine oclock. Where will us three be next year. God knows. Good by old 1916.


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