October 1, 2016 – Politics and Hockey

October 1, 2016 – Trump vs Clinton and Union Woman’s Hockey

I have been thinking about this election. It really hit me that I am not seeing signs or bumper stickers anywhere that I go. Driving home from DC I started watching for them but I saw not one during the 300 plus mile drive. In the last two elections they were everywhere.

What is so different? People don’t like either candidate enough to want to admit it. I was open to either candidate until Trump opened his mouth. I was totally turned off by him. The thing I struggle with is the people who hear all he has to say and still support him.

I have great fear for my grandchildren if this man is elected. He will favor big business and wants to reduce or eliminate rules that protect our water from chemical companies and other manufacturers. My friends have just gone through a terrible time in Hoosick Falls NY with contaminated water. Don’t the people think about this when they support this man. He has no respect for women. And I am sure he won’t protect or care about day care, or family leave or anything else. He changes his statements depending on who he is talking to.

I find the stress of worrying about this election very uncomfortable. In the beginning I thought it would not matter who was elected but I see now that it would really damage us to have Trump in the Office of the President of the United States. He really seems to have no idea how government works except how it works when he wants something. He is a man who just says what he thinks people want to hear and so much of it is hateful I cannot believe people fall for it.

The folks who are struggling when he tells them he will make their lives better. What planet are they living on? What he suggests won’t do anything for them. He is out to benefit himself and big business owners like himself. Even some very successful men are speaking out against him. Bill Gates, why aren’t you the one running for President. I might vote for someone like him but Trump, no way.

I am not going into this a lot because I don’t want to think about it. Hockey season has started which is much more interesting to me at this moment.

#Union Woman’s Hockey Team is almost all new this year. The team last year was struggling terribly and eventually the coach was let go or she quit rather than being fired, whichever. Many of the girls were planning to leave and had committed to other colleges. We lost one of the best goalies in the country but have three new ones – two Canadians and one from Indiana. We saw two games against Connecticut this weekend. They lost but they looked good. They are young – 11 are Frosh. Turns out one of the new goalies comes from the town where one of my very distant relatives live and they know the family. Very neat. Then the other Canadian goalie comes from Grand Pre, NS where most of my Canadian Acadian ancestors lived when they settled there in the 1600’s. And another one of the players who is very good comes from Amherst NY where I lived the first 9 years of my life. I like that.

Today if they had scored in the second period I was going to get the job of flashing the lights in the arena during the cheering…… the wounded third goalie was tracking the way the goalie stops the pucks and when someone scores on our team she gets to push the button that gets the lights blinking. She asked me if I would push the button to make the lights flash while she was watching our goalie at the other end during the second period. Well, there was no score while she was at the other side of the rink so I never got to make the light flash…. Maybe Tuesday night… fingers crossed.


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