September 19, 2016 – Update

Been away and am really tired after the drive home today. Had a great weekend up at the school house with my niece and her family. The kids wanted to learn about their heritage on my mom’s side of the family. So, we visited the Town Hall in Gananoque where they could see the picture of their gr gr grandfather who was one of the first mayors of the town. Then I showed the the house their gr grandmother grew up in until she was nine. We walked around, had a snack, checked out the river and had dinner and then to the school house. The kids really were awed I think by it.

The next day we went to visit the grave of the kids gr gr gr gr grandparents – Daniel and Bridget O’Connor. They had never been to a cemetery before so we walked around and found other relatives. We decided not to stop at the Turkey Fair instead we went to the lake and visited with Cheryl and toured the other cottages. They are thinking of a vacation at Primus. I think they would enjoy it.

After that we toured the buildings at the Point and the kids got up on Saddle Rock. We were going to church at 5 but turns out the 5 pm service does not start for two more weeks so I showed them the graves of their gr gr gr aunts who are buried there.

Sunday they were up at the crack of dawn and packed and out the driveway by 8 am and back in VA by 5. Really enjoyed having them and hope they will come again.

Then today I drove home after finishing cleaning up. Next week we get our solar installed after our little girls birthday. Life is never dull it is.

In addition we had a conversation about the election and I learned so much about the right wing christian movement. How they manipulate people using hand picked scripture. They told me a lot that I had never thought about. It was very helpful. They are great thoughtful people and very kind and compassionate. My brother and his wife did a great job raising their daughter and she married a wonderful man. They are doing very well raising their children as well.

November 1916

November 1 – Wet morning this is a Holy day and we are trying to keep it so Eulalia here yet. Madeline is not singing and playing the piano.
November 2 – Madeline and Eulalia Wiltsie went up to Donnelleys. I drew some sand and stone. The girls got home about dusk.
November 3 – J Bevens started for Lee Valley on a hunting trip. I worked around the place ploughed some.
November 4 – I ploughed forenoon and went to Lyndhurst afternoon. Madeline and Eulalia went with me.
November 5 – At home all day. Fergus and Margaret and Maurice came out this forenoon and spent the day with us. This is a cold windy day.
November 6 – I looked for cattle most of the day worked a little while at the cellar wall. Clifford Weeks ploughed most of the day for me. Wight and wife spent the eve here. We quit the factory today.
November 7 – I went to look for the cattle and got them all together. G Leadbeater came for them at noon.. He settled up for his and J Dillon’s. He gave me $30.00 $25.00 for cattle and $5.00 for horse. I worked at the wall afternoon. Clifford ploughed part of the forenoon.
November 8 – I ploughed forenoon and went to Lyndhurst. Afternoon took Eulalia out to the crossing. Emily went to Lyndhurst with me.
Nov 9 – I ploughed forenoon. Wet afternoon. Did not do anything.
Nov 10 – I ploughed most of the day. We spent the eve at Wights. Madeline worked at the factory books and got the checks ready for patrons. The price per ton for milk was $42.58.
Nov 11 – I worked around the place forenoon and ploughed afternoon. I got parcel from Eatons went to Lyndhurst this eve.
Nov 12 – We did not go to Church today. Madeline is sick this eve was at home all day.
Nov 13 – Madeline not very well but up around. quite a lot of snow and snowing some all day. I went to look for colts but did not get them home.
Nov 14 – Cold morning. I helped to paper forenoon and Ray Larose helped me to draw in some hay out of stack. I also got up a load of wood. Lucy Bevens was married to E Griffen today. H Marshall was here.
Nov 15 – I helped to paper part of the Mrs Tim Bevins house. Called G Leadbeter got him colt and P Kelsey got his heffer out of the pasture.
Nov 16 – I worked around the place most of the day. Tom Slack came here this eve.
Nov 17 – I got ready to butcher, Jim Burns and G Larose helped me. Tom Slack here.
Nov 18 – I cut up the hog today it weighted 300 lbs. Tom went to the dance last night and started for home this afternoon. I went to Lyndhurst to meet Scanlon on his way back. I paid G Charleton $25.00 for dishes. I got some things at Webster’s paid for all I got. I also got a shovel from A Love paid $100.00 for it.
Nov 19 – Sunday – At home all day this is a very gloomy dark day. I have been at home all day. J Bevens spent the eve here.
Nov 20 – I went to Lyndhurst this morning and got a set of dishes from G Charleton. I had paid for them. Went I got home Fergus and all the family was here. N Webster brought them out in his car. This is the 40th anniversary of our marriage. We have been married forty years today. There has been a good many changes since that.
Nov 21 – I worked around the place all day fine day drew up some wood
Nov 22 – I drew some wood and worked the place all day. Leland Larose got shot in the arm.
Nov 23 – Joe Bevens came up this forenoon and fixed the cellar door. We got work this am that they had to take Leland Larose’s arm off. Wet this afternoon. Jim Burns and J Bevens spent the eve here.
Nov 24 – I went down and drew a load of wood for J Bevens forenoon and went to Lyndhurst afternoon. I paid the taxes $21.64. got some things at Websters paid for all I got.
Nov 25 – The teacher went to Seeley’s Bay last night. This is a very cold blustery day there was a big wind yesterday and last night.
Nov 26 – Cold morning. 2’ below zero. We did not go to church. We all went up to Ellen’s for dinner. H Marchal call here this am.
Nov 27 – Worked around the house all day put on all the storm doors.
Nov 28 – I worked around the place. I banked the house and fixed around the cellar door.
Nov 29 – Wet most of the day. I cut up sausage meat. Clifford ploughed ½ day. We made sausage.
Nov 30 – C Weeks ploughed port of the day. They had the team to get a load of wood. Kelly arrives.


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