September 15, 2016 – Thoughts on a crisp fall day

September 15, 2016 – Thoughts on a cool crispy fall day

I have not felt like sitting down and writing for a while. Just in some kind of a funk.

Got a message recently on Facebook from someone I messaged back in 2012 about a possible family connection. In the mean time I made that connection but there was no interest on the person’s side of things. So I told this person last week who was all excited about a possible connection to check it out with their elders. Have not heard back so figure it did not go well. Have learned over time you cannot force things on people but just have to wait for them to want to figure out the connections.

Then I felt very torn about being at home and wishing I were up here. Do I really want to get all involved at home again or not? I am getting use to being alone most of the time and maybe that is good or maybe not so good. If I could feel motivated to do the projects I want to do it would be better than frittering away each day. Cleaning is not that time consuming or laundry and yet I don’t get to the things I have said I would or that I want to do.

Coming back and forth might just be giving me the excuse not to accomplish anything. Only have four days so why dig holes and plant the perennials I bought in the spring. Or finish sorting the bins and take things to the Archives. Or finish painting the doors I started in July. Or cleaning out on top of the rock.

I did stop at the archives today and wish I had not had groceries that needed to go into the freezer because they have a lot I would like to look at. The box about the school house is growing and I have not been there in several years so it is all new for me. Did not even take it down and look at it. I would love to go through Lorna Warren’s boxes to see what they found of interest on her family after she died. And I heard there is a picture of my Grandfather in high school in one of the files. It is an interesting place to visit.

When I got back I unpacked groceries and then read for a bit while I ate lunch. Decided to go through some items and get them ready to show my niece and her family when they come to visit tomorrow and Saturday. I know her dad has copies of some things but then there are these items she might like to see.

I am going to meet them in Gan and show them the Town Hall and the picture of the little kid’s gr gr grandfather when he was the Mayor. And then the house their gr grandmother few up in until she was nine. And the Church she went to and if it is there the school building where she went to school starting at age 4. My grandmother was in a hurry to get them into school so she taught them to read very early and to write. She taught my mom to write right handed as she knew being a lefty would cause her problems in school. We will have an early dinner there and then come out here.

Saturday will be Turkey Fair Day which will be fun plus walking around the various places here at the Point where there are family items, Saddle Rock, the Barn, the Farm and a trip down to the water to meet Mike and Cheryl. If we are up to it we will go to Mass at St. Patricks so they can see the Stations dedicated to their gr gr gr gr grandparents. I am sure at their young ages the kids won’t grasp that but still nice for them to see a small country church. Going to take a picture of Daniel at Daniel O’Connor’s grave site. I have one of my Dan there as well. Named after a very fine man, both of them. Might also take them to the Delta Mill which is a working mill. That would be a great educational piece.

I have decided that when I don’t write my mood gets pretty darn black… Not sure why but when I write it is almost better than a good therapist. Just getting things out on paper gives me some clarity. I keep so much to myself and have my entire life that it is like an overflowing trunk. Stuff is spilling out all over where before the top was pretty well shut tight. Time to think has opened the lid and I have this desire to reach out and put an end to some of my weirdest memories or old friendships that have disappeared over the years. I am going to have to think more about this isolation and the effect it has on me. Or I am going to have to get busy and put the lid back on for a while so I can figure out somethings.

There is also politics. I wish like everything that this election would be over and done with. If the crazy guy wins I will turn to prayer to try and save my grandchildren and children. I figure with the things in his agenda we are going to sink big time. Big business will get their way, environment will go to hell and we will all bake to death in the next few years. The man cares about no one but himself and his money. Oh and his rich friends. But you and I down at the bottom of the ladder are disposable. The whole thing has contributed so much to the way I feel.

Anyway, let move on to more fun things like Charles Diary.

October 1916

Oct 1 – Madeline, the teacher and I went to Lansdowne to Mass. Tom Slack and Leo Palmer came home with us and spent the rest of the day here.
October 2 – Emily and I went to Gananoque there all night. We called on John McArdle.
Oct 3 – We spent the forenoon around town and started for home at 2 oclock got home before 5. Jim Burns gave us a pair of ducks.
Oct 4 – At home all day. Levi Williams brought out Fergus’ mare and colt was here for dinner.
Oct 5 – I drew up some stove wood forenoon. J McDonald and R Watson out to Ellens. And here most of the afternoon. Annie came
Oct 6 – I went fishing this morning got three pike. This is a fine day but looks like rain.
Oct 7 – At home all day worked up at the barn. I look the teacher part way to Seeley’s Bay. C Weeks and I divided the grain.
Oct 8 – At home all day no one here today. Very hot day. Jim Bevins called this eve.
Oct 9 – Worked around the place went back to the pasture. Rained most of the day. We had a good thanksgiving dinner. Ellen here for dinner.
Oct 10 – Did not do much today. C Weeks dug some potatoes.
Oct 11 – Madeline and I went to Lansdowne to Mass got home at noon. Then I went to Lansdowne village to the races with A Argue. Kelly here this eve.
Oct 12 – At home all day. I visited with Kelley most of the day.
Oct 13 – Wet morning and most of the day. I took Kelly to Lyndhurst on his way to Waddington. There was a big rain this afternoon.
Oct 14 – Madeline, Ellen and the teacher went to Lansdowne. Mrs Flood came here on her way to Lansdowne. ( note from Madeline – “so often he wrote Mrs Flood instead of Bridget his sister”)
Oct 15 – The teacher and I went to Lansdowne to Mass. Got home before one oclock. Miss O’Driscoll and Mr Foley was here when I got home. Scanlin went to Seeley’s Bay. J Kenney called this afternoon.
Oct 16 – I went back to see the cattle forenoon and drew up wood afternoon. Got up some for C Weeks. F McNamee and Mrs Flood called on their way to Delta. Madeline worked at the milk books.
Oct 17 – We got our milk check. I gave C Weeks his check $23.75.
Oct 18 – I ploughed forenoon. C McDonald come here for dinner and P Flood was here for tea.
Oct 19 – Ellen went home with Percy last night. I ploughed most of the day.
Oct 20 – Wet most of the day nothing doing.
Oct 21 – I ploughed most of the day. The teachers and G Wight went to the Bay last night and was out in the big storm. The teacher is sick today.
Oct 22 – At home all day no storm. No one around. Scanlen in bed most of the day.
Oct 23 – Clifford ploughed forenoon and most of the am I worked at the fences until 3 oclock and then took Scanlen out to Elgin to see the Doctor. He did not come back with me.
Oct 24 – I worked around the place forenoon and went to Lyndhurst afternoon. Emily and Madeline went with me. I got check cashed. J Burns spent the eve here. We got word that George Townsend was dead in Syracuse.
Oct 25 – I ploughed forenoon and went looking for a little bull that got out of the pasture. Big rain this eve.
Oct 26 – Ploughed most of the day and worked around the place rest of the day.
Oct 27 – I ploughed the most of the day. There was small rain I went out the crossing to meet Eulalia Wiltsy. We got home about dusk. Her and Madeline went to Seeleys Bay to a dance with Scanlan.
Oct 28 – I ploughed most of the day no stir. P Flood was here for dinner J Bevens spent the eve here. I drew a load of sand afternoon.
Oct 29 – The two girls and I went to Lansdowne to Mass. I gave $15.00 to the church debt we got home at 1:30 oclock at home the rest of the day.
Oct 30 – I ploughed forenoon and worked at the Cellar wall. J Bevins came here at noon and worked at the wall the rest of the day.
Oct 31 – We worked at the cellar until 3 oclock. J Bevens helped me. C Weeks drew a load of sand and one of stone. He had the team to go to Lyndhurst afternoon. Wight had the team to plough his garden yesterday.


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