September 8, 2016 – Thoughts on Diversity – 1

September 8, 2016 – Random Thoughts
I have been reading the book “Letters from Burma” by Aung San Suu Kyi and when I read this paragraph it hit me that it would be good to quote it here.

Page 61:

“Unity in diversity has to be the principle of those who genuinely wish to build our country into a strong nation that allows a variety of races, languages, beliefs and cultures to flourish in peaceful and happy co-existence. Only a government that tolerates opinions and attitudes different from its own will be able to create an environment where peoples of diverse traditions and aspirations can breathe freely in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and trust.”

In thinking about the last year in the United States this quote says much to me about my country. Minority friends of mine and from books I have read have told me that although many barriers no longer exist in our country that prejudice lives on here. Now with the invention of body cams that law enforcement can wear on their uniforms we find out that some, hopefully a few, police officers have assassinated young black unarmed men. There is a fear in these officers of “those” people. I worry all the time about my young Black friends who have to live in a world where we do not still accept them as equal to the Caucasians. Jobs, education, housing, pay for those young people all are harder than they are for my children and relatives. And if they are stopped by law enforcement a wrong word could put them in jail or cause their death.

What can we do to change that? It starts inside all of us. If everyone in this country really practiced their faith then there would be so much less prejudice, they would reach out to other races and include them in their activities and build friendships and joint communities. Someone a few years ago told me about their “integrated” community. They told me proudly about the folks who lived on their street who were from India and China. When I asked if there were any Black families what they basically said to me was that “those” folks could not afford to live in their neighborhood. Denying the existence of a middle class Black community.

It does not help to have a candidate for President of the US who feels Hispanic judges are not to be trusted, and who promotes the idea that all immigrants are dangerous people. He goes around stirring up people with fear of “those” people. Taking their jobs, raping their women etc. is not true for one thing and only hits at peoples basic fears and builds a country of disunity.

One time I visited Atlanta, well twice actually, the first time I was 18 years old. My college friend invited me to her home over Easter break. I saw the separate water fountains and bathrooms and communities and was shocked. And my friend who was Catholic told me her family had had a cross burned in their front yard because of being Catholic. The next time I visited was in about 2004 and there was a thriving Black community of all classes. It was a great city. I am sure the division is still there, I don’t know what their issues are with law enforcement, or housing or education but at least there was a strong presence of the Black community.

I don’t know how to change people’s fears or their anger I can only look at myself and my own behavior. I think we all need to sit back and think about what we are doing to encourage the negativity. Do I listen and converse with those who do not agree with me? Do I think, “nut job” or do I think “this person truly believes and I need to understand this before I can change their mind.” Or maybe they will convince me to change my mind. That is my commitment for the rest of this election time. But if someone could convince the candidate to stop making up data and facts I would surly appreciate it. That would help me to curb my nasty comments.

Never said it would be easy!!!!!!!

For those of you who have been reading Charles Diary you know that as Catholics they were a minority in a very Orange rural community. But they were able to overcome that prejudiced for the greater part of their friends. Charles father worked hard to build trusting relationships with his neighbors and from comments made when he died it is obvious he did change the hearts of many of those who initially did not trust him because of his religion.

September 1916

September 1 – I worked around the place forenoon and went out to the crossing with Lottie Lappan. There was a heavy rain storms this eve.
Sept 2 – Leo Palmer came back from Delta last night. We had a caller or two callers last night. M Welch and Brennan from Gananoque looking for the road to Athens.
Sept 3 – Emily and I went to Lansdowne to Mass. Came home from the Church ate our dinner at Ellens no one around today.
Sept 4 – I went to look for the cattle worked around the place rest of the day.
Sept 5 – School started at noon today with a Mr Scanlen as teacher. He came here this morning to board. He is to pay us $3.50 per week.
Sept 6 – I went to Gananoque with R Singleton’s got there at one oclock and started for home at 5:30 got home before dark. Madeline came home with us. I settled up with Ellson Tye balance on the reaper. We got word today that Rod O’Connor had been killed at the front on Aug the 12th. We all feel very bad over the news. (his brother Mike’s son)
Sept 7 – At home all day nothing doing I fixed the pump. Thought of starting on the trip over to Canton but did not get off.
Sept 8 – At home all day. Did not do much. Thought to going to Canton but give it up for another week anyway.
Sept 9 – Worked around the place forenoon and went to Lyndhurst afternoon. The teacher went with me. He went on to Westport. I got some things paid for all I got.
Sept 10 – At home all day. Went across the creek to look for cattle. Miss Senecal came here this eve is going to stay for a while.
Sept 11 – Joe Bevins and I went salmon fishing today was gone all day got 3 and lost as many as we got. The teacher got back this eve.
Sept 12 – Worked around the place all day went over to see the colts and cattle.
Sept 13 – I was around home until noon and J Bevins and I went to Jones Falls got home at 8 oclock.
Sept 14 – The threshers here this forenoon. I went to Lyndhurst Madeline and Miss Senecal went with me. WE had duck for dinner.
Sept 15 – At home all day. Madeline and Reta S went to Seeleys Bay with Bryans to a dance.
Sept 16 – I got word last night that one of the colts was sick. I hunted for it all day but could not find it. H Marshal was here to rent the place.
Sept 17 – went to look for the colt and found it dead was very sorry as she was a fine colt. At home the rest of the day. J Bevins called for a short time.
Sept 18 – C Weeks and I went to Lyndhurst got the milk check cashed. $76.15. I met MacLaren? At Lyndhurst and went over the voters list with him. I took the teacher to Sand Bay.
Sept 19 – I got Daisy shod all around at B Williams last night. C weeks went to Lyndhurst and get 2 ½ thousand shingles for me. I was at home all day. The teacher got back from Kingston this eve. There was no school today.
Sept 20 – I worked around the place forenoon and went to Delta Fair afternoon. Got home before dark. There was a very large crowd there. C Weeks shingled.
Sept 21 – I helped C Weeks to shingle all day. We finished one side of the kitchen.
Sept 22 – At home all day I went back to see the colts and young cattle.
Sept 23 – At home all day did not do much today. The teacher went to Seeleys Bay. J Bevins here this eve.
Sept 24 – At home all day. H Marchal was here today. We looked for Fergus all the afternoon but he did not show up. The teacher came back this eve. J Bevens was here all the evening.
Sept 25 – C weeks helped me put in straw from 9 oclock until 3 we got it all in. R Burtch put in a pump for me on Saturday.
Sept 26 – I went to Rockport with Loretta Senecal was gone all day I went to see Kate Williams had a good visit with E Senecal.
Sept 27 – I went to Lyndhurst got some things paid for all I got C Weeks worked at the barn for a little while he got one bushel of oats.
Sept 28 – I was at home all day worked around the place and looked for Fergus out but he did not come.
Sept 29 – Did not do much today wet part of the day. There was a dance tonight at Seeley’s Bay. But no one went from here on account of the rain.
Sept 30 – There was school today I worked around the place.


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