September 6, 2016 – Time to Start Talking

September 6, 2016 Time to Start Talking

I was driving home on Sunday and on the TED Radio Hour I heard a great discussion and parts of a TED Talk. It has stayed with me since then. Actually several shows I listened to one the way home stayed with me but this one I need to share.

They talked about listening to people. And taking the time to ask the questions you want to know now and not to wait until someone is gone and we have regrets that we did not find out things.

I never had a real conversation with my dad. I know nothing about what it was like moving around all the time and having a Dad who was like Don Quixote chasing windmills all the time. I am not sure Grandfather ever had time for his sons. And I would love to have asked him about his grandparents in Nova Scotia and did he ever meet them? His Grandfather there lived until the 1940’s. I wonder if Dad knew that. His mother left home in her teens and never returned.

And my mom, I would love to have talked with her about when she and my Dad got married. How did she deal with the Bishop trying to stop the wedding? How did she help Dad with all this going on? How was she able to stay a Catholic after the churches efforts to stop the wedding? How did she feel when I got sick when I was around 2 years old? Why would she have rather had four more sons that another me? Guess I was not easy but I don’t take responsibility for that. I never had consequences for anything I did. Seems like they were scared of saying no to me.

There is a program called Story Corps where you can down load an app and then record conversations with a loved one or friend. They give you suggestions of good questions to ask if you don’t have ones already on your mind. Might want to check it out. You can listen to various stories or down load the app etc. The TED Radio Hour site is:
Just think about the people you love and are there things you never say to each other. Might be a time to act before time gets away from you. Even talking about your own wishes for when you die.. do your family know what you would like to be done? If not talk to them about it. It might start some really interesting conversations.

August 1916

August 1 – I helped Criss forenoon. Fergus came out at noon with the family. They were all here for tea also Joe Bevins was here. There was the unlucky number 13 had tea together. We will not effect.
August 2 – Frank and I went to Lyndhurst. I worked at the turnips rest of the day. Richard and Joe Singleton here this eve.
August 3 – I worked at the turnips. Frank and Roly packed up and started for Walkers after tea.
August 4 – I worked at the turnips forenoon and took Madeline, Margaret and the ponys to meet Fergus.
August 5 – Worked around the place all day. C Weeks finished up the haying only some picks around the fences.
August 6 – Emily and I went to Lansdowne to Mass. Then went up to John McDonalds and stayed until after tea. Very smokey.
August 7 – I went over to the pasture to look about the colts and young cattle.
August 8 – worked around the place most of the day. Cut some of the weeds in the lower field.
August 9 – Did not do much today. There was quite a shower went around us some thunder but no rain.
August 10 – around home all day. M Slack and J Bevins was here this eve.
August 11 – I raked up the stuff I cut and cocked it up. Larose cut the oat for Criss. There was quite a good shower of rain this eve.
August 12 – Worked around the place forenoon hilled up some potatoes up at Ellen’s. Went to Lyndhurst afternoon. Let Wight have $10.00
August 13 – I went to Gananoque for Madeline. Went to Kingston with Fergus and Family. We had lunch at Jim Keating’s. Got back to Gananoque in time to start for home at six oclock. Mike Slack was here all night last night.
August 14 – I cultivated turnips and hoed at them. No storm today, C Weeks drawing in barley.
August 15 – We got our milk checks. Paid $24.99 per ton. Our check was $71.20. I gave C Weeks $15.00 on his share of the check.
August 16 – I did not do much today. We all went up to Donnelly’s yesterday was gone all day. Sandy McDonald’s wife and Anny Lynch here for dinner.
August 17 – I worked around the place helped the boys to gather up rakings they finished the hay and oats. Hot day.
August 18 – Joe Weeks helped me forenoon to put up a little stack and I cut weeds afternoon.
Aug 19 – Saturday – I raked up some hay and C Weeks helped me to top off the stack. Very hot. Bridget and Edgar Venny here today.
Aug 20 – At home all day. Fergus and family came out. Leo Palmer came with them.
August 21 – Emily and I went to Lyndhurst got check cashed. I put $50.00 in bank. Got some things paid for all I got.
August 22 – We all went back to the lake forenoon got home at one o’clock. There was a big storm this afternoon. Very heavy wind.
August 23 – I hoed turnips most of the day. Nothing doing today. Leo here most of the day.
August 24 – Leo here last night. He and Madeline went to Lyndhurst this afternoon,
August 25 – I finished hoeing turnips today. Leo and Madeline went up to R Singletons and spent the eve there.
August 26 – I was at home until eve. Leo and I went to Lyndhurst this eve. Singletons and R Webster spent the eve here. Left for home at 12 oclock.
August 27 – At home all day. No one around. Leo here part of the day. WE all went up to Ellen’s for tea.
August 28 – We called Fergus up this morning and he is to meet us on the road to take Madeline home with him. Leo and I took her to the Dump Bridge. We got home at one oclock. P Flood came after Leo they started for Delta at 4 oclock
Aug 29 – J McDonald, Annie, Bob and Cathleen McNamee came here this forenoon and A Slack and Charlotte Lappan came afternoon. They all had dinner here.
Aug 30 – I worked around the place all day fixed fences around the corn. J McDonald brought Lottie and Ellen out. Lottie here all night.
August 31 – I did not do anything only visit with Lottie.


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