September 1, 2016

This post was suppose to be put up last night but I could not get connected to the server so the date is changed.

August 31, 2016 –To Breathe or Not to Breathe

I have had asthma since I was an adult. Not as a child but with each baby I had it came and got worse. I use to joke that I was allergic to pregnancy. For years now it has been under control and I have not had a bad attack until last night.

All of a sudden last night I realized that I could not get my breath. No details but I was exercising. Being out in the country makes it a little bit scarier although any time I had bad attacks they were frightening. I knew I had to get to my inhaler which I rarely if ever use. I found my purse and got it out and went into the bathroom and took two puffs. Then I sat on the toilet seat wishing it would all stop. My head hurt and my chest was sore and eventually the breathing came back to normal. The last step was to take a puff of the steroid inhaler as a back up to calm things down.

It took quite a while for my heart to beat a normal rhythm but eventually it did and I was able to go to sleep. But it got me to thinking. Asthma attacks can cause heart attacks and strokes and neither of those things happened. Guess that part of me is as healthy as they tell me they are. But what would I do if I were here by myself and all did not go well. Guess someone would eventually find me. And of course what would I care at that point.

Since I had been writing about death it seems strange to have that happen last night. Is there a message in there for me or what? I was pretty washed out when I got up this morning but we went out to lunch at Old Fort Henry and had a good time. Then this evening I went to a meeting in the village of Lyndhurst. A couple of us are trying to get more places to participate in Doors Open Ontario in the spring next year. There are not enough places locally to get a lot of traffic coming through. And what I really enjoyed was meeting some new folks from around here. Some of them did not even know the school house is here. I suspect most of them are new to the village. So I invited them to stop by for a tour. Always up for company.

Rained quite a bit today so maybe the ground is finally going to soften up a bit. The grass is turning green again which is a happy thing. It was so sad looking when it was all dead and dried up.

So on to Charles Diary
July 1915

July 1 – Dominion Day – Pete Nolan milk inspector comes in night. Fines Tom B.
July 2 – 3 – Big rain
July 4 – Big drive today Camp meeting at Singleton Lake.
July 5 – Helped Wight in factory as he is sick.
July 6 – went huckleberrying on Blue Mountain.
July 7 – 9 Madeline got ride home with Alex Argue and Dr. Ellis. I met her at Argues.
July 10 – Took Madeline berry picking.
July 11 – Emily and I go to Mass and to Sand Bay for dinner. Philip and Bridget Yates here for tea and eve.
July 12 – Whole neighborhood go to Gan to celebrate. Very hot and thunder storms as usual on 12th.
July 13 – Fergus, Frank and children here. Kate Bass comes with them and stays here.
July 14 – I go with Emily to Charlestons for new suit. Percy here for tea.
July 15 – Go to Gan with Zrba Jackson. Bob Tate to meet Hardy.
July 16 – – 18 – Emily and I to Mass. Geo Wight goes to Gan and we send to Fergus pail of berries.
July 19 – Madeline does milk cheques. Ours $70.00. She likes doing this work besides the pay.
July 20 – Picking raspberries. Kate visits her neighbors and back here for nights. Wight leaves to get married tomorrow.
July 21 – George Wight and Ethel married today. Mr. Livingstone makes cheese for him and has dinner here. Nice chap.
July 22 – Thursday – Take Madeline and Kate to Lees where Mr. Kavanaugh meets them with boat for Moses and Bertha’s. Mr. Livingston here all night.
July 23 – After noon Fergus, Margaret and Maurice here.
July 24 – Picked berries
July 25 – Went to Lees to meet girls.
July 26 – Daisy shod today.
July 27 – 28 – Emily and I go to Delta. Rainy eve.
July 29 – went fishing this evening. Madeline and I.
July 30 –Picked berries Frank, Lena and George Stevens arrive. Kate Bass here too. Leo goes to Gan.
July 31 – Spent day with Frank. Go to Ellisville. He likes to call on his old pupils there.


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