August 30, 2016 – Peace and Quiet

August 30, 2016 – Peace and Quiet

First full day with nothing on the calendar, no little kids waking us up at 6:30 am and no place to really go to. As a result I slept in until after 9 am and loved it. Got up feeling refreshed finally. Read articles and checked facebook and twitter and eventually ate breakfast decided what I would do today. One quick trip to the grocery, pharmacy and liquor store. Then some cleaning up. Nothing major but things that needed to be done.

Have to say it was a nice quite day. Loved having the kids here but it was a few wild weeks of travel and family. Was going to take the hubby out for a birthday lunch to the Opinicon Lodge but then found out lo and behold they are closed for renovations. So instead we will go to someplace else new to both of us. Should be a fun time and good company.

Tomorrow night I am going to a village meeting to see if I can drum up more places around here to participate in the Doors Open event in the spring. Will get to meet more of the folks in the little village up the road. Happy to be doing that.

Whenever someone dies hubby and I start talking about planning for our eventual demise. Do we want a funeral, cremation, burial, or what? What would we like said about us in an obituary? Do you do that? At our age one has to think about these things you know!

I have already sent in the paperwork to have my body donated to the Albany Medical School. Of course, if I died during a holiday or something special like that they could not take me. So, I still have to have alternate plans. Makes it all so much more work. What music would I like played at my funeral? Actually one song I have always said I want played is “Whereever You Go” by the Monks at the Weston Priory. I love that song. And I want them all to know I am not really going to leave them. I will be around to remind them of things just like when I was alive. HA!

But what else? How does one decide between cremation and burial? Being a person who likes to hang out in cemeteries reading old headstones I would like a headstone. Don’t care if the body is there or not. I love what we put on my parents plaque – both their names and dates, parents names, and all the kids names and number of grandkids – a genealogists dream documentation. Glad I had no one to fight over what was put on it. That was a battle I would have fought to the end.

Life goes by so slowly at times and yet here I am again thinking about death. Who will go first? Will we go together? What would I do if I got cancer? Treat it or let it go? So much to mull over and ruminate about. I am really good at ruminating.

Anyway, think I found a cousin on ancestry tonight. Her name came up on one line but not a blood line – she had a gr aunt who married a gr uncle of mine. But then I looked at the other names on her tree and hit the jackpot. Waiting to hear back from her but I think we are real blood cousins. Hope she lives around here.

So that brings me back to Charles Diary so let’s see what else was happening in 1915. And what visits from various family members they had during my mothers birthday month and when she received her first communion.

June 1915

June 1 – Very hot
June 2 – Fergus here. And I go home with him. I am full of pain. Visited Mike (brother) and back to Fergus’.
June 3 – I got up early Mass. Saw Margaret and Norah make First Communion. This was Ascension Day. Called at John’s and Mrs LaQue’s and home. They and Fergus persuade Emily to stay.
June 4 – Madeline and I go to Lyndhurst in eve.
June 5 – Quiet.
June 6 Sunday – quiet. Madeline and I read all day.
June 7 – Tim got fence rods and we put them in.
June 8 – Fence work
June 9 – 10 – I miss Emily.
June 11 – First good rain this spring.
June 12 – looked up all the colts and they are fine.
June 13 – John and Annie McDonald, Joe and Sue Kenny and children here for tea. Madeline busy.
June 14 – We are glad to see Emily home. Fergus brings her. Milk check $60.00 Excellent.
June 15 – Got the blues today. Don’t do anything but mope.
June 16 – went to see Ben Dillon who is very sick. Old age.
June 17 – 18 Picked strawberries. Tim Bevins doing road work.
June 19 – Joe Bevins and I go to Lyndhurst. Rainy.
June 20 – Madeline and I go to Lansdown to Mass. Fergus and family met us at church. Margaret was bound to come with us and she did. Arthur and Annie Slack here.
June 21 – Emily, Madeline and Margaret spend day at Singletons.
June 22 – Went to Gan with Wight, after he finishes work. Home at midnight.
June 23 – Suffel and I make our annual trip to Gan for Fair prizes.
June 24 – stayed all night. Got good prizes.
June 25 – Darley came and will stay over. Mrs George Lee comes from Herkimer and will stay for a week.
June 26 – Sick today.
June 27 – Frank McNamee here. Madeline and Mrs Lee spend day at Orville Halls.
June 28 – Madeline takes Darley Flood home.
June 29 – Norah’s Birthday Day. Take Margaret to meet Fergus and Margaret goes. Palmers arrive home. Madeline too ‘
June 30 Lena and Darley here Wight and I go fishing.


2 thoughts on “August 30, 2016 – Peace and Quiet”

  1. Always love reading your blog. I too, have started thinking about things like that. Cremation for sure, scattered here and there. I think I would like part of me trickled along the road to our homestead property, and another in the cemetery where my mother’s family resides.
    More importantly, I have started feeling the pressure of more formally documenting my ancestry archives so it will be easier for whoever takes the torch to carry on.
    I love that you are so consciously living in your ancestors’ midst, too. On one of my trips to Kingston I will definitely stay at the cabins on Isaac’s property now owned by Art Shaw’s brother. I think I can feel all the Plunketts calling me. 🙂
    So go ahead and make your plans, Margie – just don’t plan on executing them any time soon. We still have yet to meet again 🙂


    1. Thanks Louise, we will meet again and I would love to walk the various properties with you. Life is strange how it wanders up and down hills and brings us to various ends. Thanks for reading


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