August 25, 2016 – more adventures re: elections

August 25, 2016 – Canadian Trump Fan

On Tuesday we drove up to Westport to do some shopping. The kids had money they wanted to spend and I wanted to purchase a little gift. We wandered from store to store so the kids would know what their choices were.

Finally we went into one store and the woman behind the desk talked to the kids etc and when she figured out we were from the US she said to us “You are voting for Trump?” We said no we were not” and she was shocked acting. “You have to vote for him, it is Gods will!” And then she went on about how wonderful he was and how he was going to save the people. I told her that we were all doing just fine and did not need any help of the kind Donald Trump offers. I told her some of the information I had about him and she said that was just lies from Clinton. I told her “No, I heard this from Republicans and people who had worked with Trump in the past.” She brushed me off saying they are all just lies. I was so surprised.

She was obviously upset with us for our opinions. She was really aggressive and as a result we left as soon as we could and were firmly decided that if the kids wanted something from that store they would be sorely disappointed since we were not buying. Even in the states I have not met Trump supporters who were that aggressive. I am still kind of in a state of wonder over that experience. All other Canadians I have met all seem to agree that we are in a conundrum down in the States because there are hard choices. And the most interesting point was she was an immigrant to Canada.

Some of my friends have decided to support the Libertarians, but after reading their policy statements I cannot go there. The Green Party Candidate came across not well when I heard her interviewed. I did not like her. So, I am left with Clinton and Trump as choices or no vote at all which is not a choice for me.

Since last fall I have read about Trump and the more I read the more convinced I am that no way could I vote for him. When he said he plans to put his children in his cabinet? When he said build a wall? When he says repeatedly that he can fix everything? He seems not to understand that he has to be able to work with the congress. If he looks at what has happened to the current president when the congress is hostile towards you he might be approaching people differently. His dictatorial talk is really scary. And the people he is surrounding himself with are another group of scary people. So no way will I vote for him. There were others on the Republican side I might have considered but there were too many and with their split votes they eliminated themselves. Too bad.

Since I started voting I cannot remember anything like this and I hope it stops soon although I don’t think it will. The country is so split and if Trump loses (hopefully) there are going to be a lot of folks who are very unhappy about it. I doubt if they will get behind making the country better. The stress will continue on our way of life. It seems to have started to get really bad in the 90’s and gets worse every election cycle.

On a side note: why did the company that makes Epi-Pens raise the price the way they did? Their Board of Directors want more profits, the President of the company could make more than her 100 million plus salary if they did? A medication that saves lives every year. Someone needs to compete with them and make a much cheaper product with a price more in line with their prior price and put them out of business. What happened with the FDA that they approved this? Or are not stepping in to stop it? As many of you know my dad worked for a pharmaceutical company and back then they were called “Ethical” Pharmacutical Companies. They did not advertise to the general public but spent time with Doctors explaining their medications to them. No lunch, no trips to tropical islands etc. Things have changed but not for the better. Maybe it is time to go back to blocking them from advertising on TV and in magazines etc. Let our doctors tell us what medications are good for us. Although with the internet I suppose that would be impossible. But the truth is if we had to research medications ourselves and then go to the Doc and ask them about the various ones maybe we would be a more informed population. Not from a 15 second spot on TV either.

It took me a very long time and seeing another doctor to get myself some Armour Thyroid. Not sure if it is better but at least I finally got to try it.

Charles O’Connor Diary 1915
Need some help/// was there a Tim Bevins Jr or is it Jim as I have been correcting myself to. I might have just made a typo when I transcribed.

April 1915

April 1 – Fergus birthday. Phone him.
April 2- Good Friday. Fergus brings Norah, Margaret and Maurice out and leaves them.
April 3 – Have great time with kids. Snowy day.
April 4 – Easter Sunday. – Ellen and Joe B. here. Sugar off for children.
April 5 – In sugar bush most of day. Good sap day.
April 6 – Helped Geo Wight get factory ready.
April 7 – Cheese factory opens today. Ellen has the children with her for dinner.
April 8 – Madeline takes children looking for May flowers and I go fishing. Some good ones.
April 9 – Fergus comes for kiddies and we miss them so much. We three go to dance at Frank Tyes and have a great time. Phil Dillon has wakened people in that section.
April 10 – very tired today as I helped out with violin music last night.
April 11 – Florence and Hazel Townsend here all day. Nane and Mayme here for tea also. Geo Stevens and wife who say all night Good visit.
April 12 – Rainy. Write D Ludyard re mines.
April 13 – I am not very well and Emily and Madeline worry about me. They think …. Fishing Inspector is enough for me for a while. Surprised this eve when Leo Ames arrived, walked from Station. Glad to see him.
April 14 – Leo and Madeline went to play in Lyndhurst.
April 15 – Tim Bevin’s and Townsends here for eve.
April 16 – Cheesemaker Wight comes to board here. Terribly deaf. Gerald Bradley comes in eve with his violin to play it with Madeline’s piano music but he finds we are playing cards. Leo, V, Emily, Madeline and I. He is shy and I scare him when I yell at him like I have to with Wight. Rest laugh rest of eve.
April 17 – Sykes sale then to Richie Singleton’s for eve. Helena and her mother Mary like the Ames boys. Madeline is so particular to guests.
April 18 – Joe Bevins here for tea and eve.
April 19 – I take Leo to station. Stop at Ziba Jacksons and get Plymouth Rock eggs to set. More calves.
April 20 – feel … so decide to make a bargain with Jim Bevins Jr. For a year. He is to take over Thurs. Furnish half seeds have half proceeds. Milk money to be divided same way each month hay and straw left on place. Milk starts to factory today.
April 21 – Percy here.
April 22- Tim takes things in his hands today.
April 23 – Fine and hot day. I got to Gan. Get medicine.
April 24 – Saturday – Hot day.
April 25 – Madeline and I to Mass.
April 26 – Very warm. Start taking in stock to pasture. John Slack puts in colt. Put our own over to pasture across creek. Go to Agri meeting in eve.
April 27 – Fixing fences
April 28 – hear that Mikes wife Margaret very sick. Has gall bladder operation then out 119 stones.
April 29 – cleaned yards.
April 30 – Emily, Madeline and I paper dining room.

May 1915 –

May 1 – Colt born this morn. Painted in dining room when not with colt and mother. Always big day when baby colts arrive.
May 2 – rainy. Tom Slack here.
May 3 – Benon Danby here for dinner. Brings 2 colts to pasture.
May 4 Tuesday – Fine day. Emily, Madeline and I spend eve at J Dillons.
May 5 – Piling wood in shed. Relief to have time to do those things. Feel better.
May 6 – word from Mike that Margaret is worse.
May 7 – -8 – Take Madeline to Delta and went out to see Arthur and Annie in their new home. They bought Dan McDonald’s farm. Lovely big place. Find Emily sick when I get home. Bad storm tonight.
May 9 – Cold blustery day. Emily very sick.
May 10 – Went to see sick Ira Bevins.
May 11 – Painted kitchen. Hear of the sinking of Lusitania and everyone talks of war. Arthur??? alarming. Emily bit better.
May 12 – -13 Ascension Day Percy brings Madeline home in time for her to pick violets for Aunt Susie and Percy takes them to mail to Nebraska. She gets the job of milk factory books and is pleased. Hope her eyes do not play out. My rheumatism worse.
May 14 – Madeline starts to do Factory books. I am out of sorts as I wonder if it was wise to let Tim have the place to work. Emily tries to cure me of blues but I worry.
May 15 – Highest milk cheque ever. $28.02. Our share 14.01.
May 16 – Rainy and quiet we miss the Sykes very much. Wish them luck.
May 17 – Margaret worse so I take Ellen to Gan to be with Mike. Roads bad.
May 18 – Percy, Darley and Norma Venny here.
May 19 – Dan McDonalds son Harold here.
May 20 – John Fodey here and I paid him for medicine for colt and I paid Percy who painted buggy today.
May 21 – Larose took Lily to Kingston for Fergus to operate for appendicitis.
May 22 – Wet day of Thunder storms. To LI….
May 23 – George Wight and I go to see Philip Kelsey who is sick.
May 24 – Fergus and family out. Bring Ellen home.
May 25 – Fergus phones that Margaret died tonight. Emily quite sick today.
May 26 – Went to Gan alone as no one able to go. Madeline could not leave Ellen or Emily. Both sick. Turns cold and I nearly freeze. Such a change in temp.
May 27 – Stayed at Fergus all night. Funeral at 11. Then Percy, Fergus and I go to Kingston with Fergus. Left for home as soon as we got back.
May 28 – Percy and mother come home this way.
May 29 – 30 – went to see Ira Bevins very sick.
May 31 – Fixing fences. Ford T… for tea and eve.


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