August 21, 2016 – Vacation with the kids

Our computer connection has been misbehaving again and it was too hot for a while to do anything so here I am on August 21st. starting again.

Last week son and his wife and kids were down at the lake so we were going back and forth quite a bit. Now the girls are with us for the week. Love it so much. This weekend daughter was with us as the girls love her to bits and she provides them with auntie love and affection which is just great. All kids need an Aunt with no kids of their own to show them unconditional love which is what they get from her. My kids got it from an aunt and uncle who don’t have kids of their own but are the best loved aunt and uncle ever.

The kids were so cute with their Aunt this weekend. We had a great chat about that in 10 years Sol would be able to drive me around when I am a really old lady and my kids won’t want to have me driving but she can bring me up to Canada with Grandpa and drive us around and won’t that be fun. Then she can go out to the water with the cousins and hang out and they can use the School House as an alternative hang out. We would be in the back and they could take over the school and use the kitchen and bathroom. Sol just giggled not really understanding but knew it had something to do with having a fun time.

This morning my little one “the Bear” decided to act like a puppy so asked to have the Aunt’s dogs leash attached to her and she was going around on all fours confusing the day lights out of the real dog who was already spooked by the wind and rain. She was hysterically funny. We all had a good laugh with her and she would crawl over and “Lick’ my knees or the tops of my feet etc. She was acting out Stella the real dog accurately.

Their Aunt left at noon and they went shopping with Grandpa after lunch and I cleaned up around the place. Used my Bissell electric broom to clean up the floors and the furniture of dog hair and everything else brought in from outside. Place is back to kid normal now. Was able to clean up after dinner and feel happy with the way it looks. The chaos at home does not bother me but up here is my haven and I like some degree of orderliness when I am here.

We played Old Maid before dinner and War after dinner. They both caught on quickly so we were able to play and have fun. Loved watching Little Bear figure out her pairs in Old Maid and being so happy when she had the winning cards in War. Not bad for a 4 year old. It rained most of the day and then we took a walk down to the stream to see if the water level has risen at all. It is higher but still several feet below where it has been every summer before this.

Now all is quiet on the western front. Son and his wife are home and sending pictures from the week. All great. It was such a nice week. We went to a race in Brockville Sunday morning. Even the 6 year old ran. She was so proud of getting her medal. Then the girls stayed over two nights so their parents could go out and have some adult vacation. I don’t remember if my parents did that for us but I figure if I only have these two grandkids and am able to I want to make sure when I visit them or they visit us that they have a chance to go out on a date night. With the hectic life of couples where they are both working and in professional jobs that require all kinds of time that any opportunity I can give them I will do it. If we lived down near them I would do either before or after school care to make it easier as well. I just feel so badly for the parents who have these kinds of schedules. It is not easy for either of them and puts stress on the relationship. I admire people like my friend Susan who moved closer to her grandkids so she can take care of them as she did not want them in day care. I don’t think I could have done that but more time would be good.

So anyway, maybe tomorrow I will write about the election events. I have been very interested in the direction things are taking. But am too tired at the moment to go into that.

March 1915

March 1 – Took Jim’s wife to Gan also cradles. Girls delighted with them.
March 2 – Stayed at Fergus overnight and this morn to Kingston with Fergus. We have dinner with Kate Bass at Mowatt. Les there too then I go to Dr. Bogart for medical check up then called at Allie Donnelly to Les’s room and to Gan. In eve go to Gan town meeting with Mayor Fergus. Men very friendly with me.
March 3 – Went to Mass, called at Mike’s. Father Kehoe and John McArdles then home.
March 4 – went up to Lee’s found him very sick. Phoned Asher Lee about his father. March 5 – went to Sims sale
March 6 – …. Kelly here for day.John M comes and Madeline goes home with him
March 8 – Sawyers here. Got all wood cut.
March 9 – John brings Madeline home. Herb here.
March 10 – Asher Lee phones so he is in Brockville. Comes by car and takes his father across ice to Charleston to St. Vincent De Paul Hospital Brockville. Herb and I help Lee get ready. Tim and wife here.
March 11 – Madeline very sick today. Warm day.
March 12 – Asher Lee here all night. Good visit.
March 13 – Asher here and all night after trip to Brockville. His father better now.
March 14 – Asher returns to Herkimer NY.
March 15 – Warm. Dusty roads
March 16 – sick again.
March 17 – take Ellen to see Sara Ann Bryan and after she returns hear SA is dead.
March 18 – All went to Tom Bryans to SA wake.
March 19 –Madeline, Emily and I go to funeral they stop to see 100 year old Sophia Berry. 100 years old, quite a visit. She tells Madeline about bears at her door and tearing clothes off line. Madeline comes home and writes a story for Star.
March 20 – Take buckets to bush. Jim and I tapped 175 trees. Fine day. Good run of sap.
March 21 – Frank and Lena Mac here.
March 22- Tim and I gathered sap.
March 23 – same.
March 24 – 25 – 26 –Sandy McD here.
March 27 – … arriving.
March 28 – Madeline and I go to Mass. Fine day. Home at 2.
March 31 – gathering sap. Roads dry.


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