August 12, 2016 -Heat Wave

I was thinking this morning about when we were children. Dad decided we could take a long trip if we camped. So he got a couple of tents, camp stove and mom made us all sleeping bags. There were seven of us so picture a car packed to the gills. Mom in the back seat with three of us “younger ”ones and Dad and the two oldest in the front seat. I don’t remember Mom driving at all but that might just be the truth.

Mom kept a bread box in the back seat and would make us sandwiches as we drove along to save time and money. I imagine we went through a lot of peanut butter and loaves of Wonder Bread. And we sang and sang, counted snow fences, cows, buffalo, and license plates. Anything to keep five kids busy during the long days drive.

What stirred these memories today was the heat and the dryness. We have not had a decent rain in seven weeks and everything is dying. Trees, grass, wild flowers, bushes, and finally the weeds are dying too. This week the heat has been oppressive and beyond what I can tolerate. Today was the worst it has been. I remembered driving across the prairies in the heat of that summer years ago. Temps in the 90’s to 100’s, no shade, no air conditioning and just wishing there was someplace cool to go for a swim. Miles and miles of prairies. “100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” “You are my Sunshine” and so many other songs over and over again. No radio either. Today was that kind of day. I had things to do but could not motivate myself to go there.

Then this afternoon the winds kicked up, clouds rolled in and nothing happened. I kept praying that the rain was coming but nothing happened. I sat out in the cooler breezes this evening until about 30 minutes ago and after a bit Hubby said, “Do you hear that sound?” It was rain. For about five minutes there was some rain. Not the rain we need but it was like the sky could no longer keep it in so it just fell down. I looked out and it is still drizzling a bit so maybe there is hope for it to continue more but I also saw the moon peeking through so maybe not.

The adventure of today was surviving. I am reading “Sulu” by Maya Angelou and it is very good. And I worked on survey results for a project I am involved with so I guess somethings got done in the effort not to move too much. My kids arrive tomorrow so I have to get things done. Hopefully the temps will be lower tomorrow.

Charles O’Connor’s Diary 1915
January 1915
January 1 – Friday – New Years Day. Lovely morn. I go early to Gan to vote for Fergus. Take Jim Bevins and wife. Harry McNeil does chores for me. We get home by 12 midnights. Busy day and big nite out. Fergus wins in hot election. He wins by 40 over Rogers. Great rejoicing by all us and his friends.
Jan 2 – Stormy. Arthur Slack and I go to Seeleys Bay to telephone meeting.
Jan 3 – Roads terrible. Herb comes again.
Jan 4 – Town meeting is now called. Municipal meeting. Election, Steacy, Simpson, Love and Fry. Busy crowd.
Jan 5 – Herb helped me logging.
Jan 6 – Holy Day. Quiet.
Jan 7 – Rainy day. Gerty Kelsey spends day with Madeline.
Jan 8 – 9- Madeline and I go to Gan by Griffins. She loves driving on ice. Back by South Lake and roads are awful. She will like ice driving more than ever.
Jan 10 – K. Kalig? here from Phillipsville.
Jan 11 – Get word Kate McDonald dead.
Jan 12 – Madeline went to Gan and on to McArdle & Spratt wedding. Fergus and Frank go but Emily and I do not. Fergus gives bride away. Big wedding.
Jan 13 – Emily. Ellen and I go to Kates funeral. She leaves 7 children. Sad death.
Jan 14 – Cut wood for school. Herb stays.
Jan 15 – Lovely letters from Fergus, Frank and Madeline. We feel we had been there at wedding. Madeline stays on Island.
Jan 16 – Herb big help to me. Get out pine logs. Who can ever say to me that he does not like to work? He is one of best.
Jan 17 – Sunday – Very stormy. Quiet. Herb plays violin most of day. Good for all of us as we miss Madeline so much but she will have lots to tell us on her return home.
Jan 18 – Get contract to furnish school wood.
Jan 19 – Tom and Mike Slack here all night.
Jan 20 – Sleighing gone. Letters from Fergus, Frank and Madeline.
Jan 21 – Ira Bevins very sick. Go down.
Jan 22 – 23 – More snow.
Jan 24 – Went to meet Madeline at Griffins. Fergus brings her there. Nane, Mayme D,, Darley and Lena here on our return. Madeline had a wonderful time and spent two days with Kate B and had event Friday.
Jan 25 – Snow and logging
Jan 26 – took wood to Gan
Jan 27 – Herb and I cut logs.
Jan 28 – 29 – Herb went home. Tom S. and Madeline go to Jones Falls to a ball. Have wonderful time. Jen Rogers and Mr Hart wonderful to them. Cold night. Madeline meets a college mate and friend of Somers O’Connor. A seminarian Mr. Garrin. She says she danced most with him. He graduated from St. Michaels with Somers. They get home at 5.
Jan 30 – 28’ below zero. Sue and Joe had put hot bricks in the cutter last night.
Jan 31 – Sunday Turned warmer in night. So Madeline and I go to Mass – use Kenneys bricks. Snowed heavy on the way home. Bad trip.


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