August 11, 2016 – Random thoughts

August 11, 2016 – Clouds but no rain

We are in our 7th or 8th week of no rain up here. It is a sad statement to walk out on the crunchy grass. Today it was too hot to even go into the water. I was down at the beach but just knowing that the water in the river is warm and getting warmer, and knowing that kids are getting swimmers ear because of the bacteria in the water was also not so appealing. Hubby went for a long training run this morning and when he got back around 8 he was totally soaked. Good thing he is good about hydrating etc.

I am still trying to get up when I wake up and start my day. I get tired later in the day but I think this is a good thing to try and do. I get some things done and then start on the non-essential items. I have been reviewing a youth survey and trying to pick out the important items that need to be presented to the community. Also tried writing on the book in the morning. I really don’t think the morning is my good writing time. I think a lot in the mornings, but to sit and actually open up the keyboard and get to work is hard. Maybe it will come in time.

Things are going to get busy on Saturday. Kids coming, race Sunday morning, hubby heading for home for a few days, spending lots of time with my girls, babysitting so their parents can get some adult vacation etc. Then a week of just us and the girls. So excited.

Had planned to sit out and watch shooting stars tonight but it appear clouds have arrived. What? Clouds? If there are going to be clouds at least we could get some rain from them, don’t you think? Will see what it is like at 11 pm and then either sit out or go to bed. Even took a rest before dinner in case it was nice out.

Are you missing my discussions about politics? I want to thank those who liked the previous ones. This week has been another week of shame for candidates. Well, one of them anyway. Has everyone forgotten who started the war with Iraq? I don’t think it was the current President or else he has been in office way over the limit. ISIS came into being four years before the other candidate was even in any role to have an influence. Doesn’t anyone check facts?

I heard a fellow who called the Diane Rehm Show this morning. He said he was an avid follower of Rush Limbaugh and listened to NPR to hear what lies they were spreading. I could only shake my head. Here they had on the show today a Trump supporter/advisor, and some other think tank types talking about the role of the press in elections today. He was trying to insult them but of course they had more class than that. My terrible thought was that this fellow totally met the demographic of the Trump supporter. The panelists then got into a discussion about the disconnect between reporters and the real middle American people. It was all very interesting. If you want to hear it check out the site that has the shows archived. It was a good discussion. They have both sides almost always.

I just wish we could all vote this week and get it over with. I am bored with it all. The Olympics which I had no intention of watching or following caught me by surprise. The swimming has been so exciting. I love how well and accomplished the women swimmers are and comments I have read about them from people who live near them etc. All very stand up people. And then the gymnasts, wow, nothing else to say, they are great.

Let’s just skip to the last two months of 1914 of Charles O’Connor’s Diaries

November 1914 – Anthony is Anthony Flood, brother in law of Charles – married to Bridget O’Connor

Nov 1 – Herb McArdle here all day. He is pretty lonesome. Darley and Percy here.
Nov 2 – All Souls Day. Herb here.
Nov 3 – Ploughed in morn then to Niblock’s sale.
Nov 4 – Four nuns arrived on begging trip.
Nov 5 – Spent day at Jones Falls. Emily, Madeline and I.
Nov 6 – Madeline, Emily and I go up to Tim Bevins as Carrie is sick.
Nov 7 – Tim B. Jr. here.
Nov 8 – Quiet. Ellen and Kelly here.
Nov 9 – 11 – Ploughing. Starts to snow.
Nov 12 – Take Madeline to Gan in route to Kingston to see Dr. CE.
Nov 13 – wet
Nov 14 – cold and freezing. J Sykes here. He is leaving factory and we are feeling blue about it.
Nov 15 – Rained all day.
Nov 16 – Factory closes.
Nov 17 – Freezes hard
Nov 18 – banked house. – still cold
Nov 19 – snows.
Nov 20 – Our wedding anniversary. We are alone but happy evening together. Thankful for our blessings.
Nov 21 – Madeline went out to Mowatt Hospital to visit Kate Bass for day and she insists she will stay a few days. Kate sends us a beautiful box of red roses. We tell Madeline to stay as long as she wishes.
Nov 22 – snowing and blowing Cutters out.
Nov 23 – Zero this morn.
Nov 24 – Cold night.
Nov 25 – Warmer. John and Annie here.
Nov 26 – Good letter from Madeline and she is having wonderful time. John Fitzsimmons, Leo Crawley all inviting her. She is so glad to see John F. He is in Medicine at Queens.
Nov 27 – WE phone Madeline to go to Wolfe Island and see her Aunt Mary McArdle.
Nov 28 – Warmer.
Nov 29 – Geo Stevens and bride here for night.
Nov 30 – Fergus brings Madeline home. She went to Island and stayed over night. Sadie home and is marrying Tom Spratt. Madeline and John Fitzsimmons had great time all week. Kate has lovely rooms and entertained at dinner every night. Dr. Bogart and wife etc. Mrs Hunter.

December 1914

Dec 1 – Wet day. Visited with Madeline all day. We are so glad she had such a good time.
Dec 2 – Dark rainy day. Invitations for Sadie and Tom’s wedding in January.
Dec 4 – Got Clifford Weeks to plow.
Dec 5 – George K Wight cheesemaker comes to see factory. Deaf nephew of Eds.
Dec 6 – Herb McArdle here for day.
Dec 7 – Monday – Cold day. Herb helps me get in wood. He is to be pitied. The white haired boy who had best of everything now is up against it. His wife dead. Florence died alone in that big place. He seems to like it with us than in Gan with his parents. Emily always fond of him. She thinks little Maurice so likes Herb.
Dec 8 – Holy Day and my birthday. Fergus phones.
Dec 9 – Madeline and I go to Allie D’s sale. Herb does all my chores so I relax when we return.
Dec 10 – Turkey Fair – Emily, Madeline and I go. 14 – 16 cents for turkeys and for geese 12 ½ for ducks 8-10 for chickens.
Dec 11 – Worked around house
Dec 12 – make up the sausage today.
Dec 13 – Emily, Ellen, Madeline and I all go to Delta to see Anthony Flood who has hardening of arteries. Ellen stayed.
Dec 14 – A foot of snow.
Dec 15 – Emily’s day.
Dec 16 – Herb returned again to us.
Dec 17 – Hitched up and drove big colt for first.
Dec 18 – Madeline and I go to Gan. Herb does chores.
Dec 19 –
Dec 20 – Herb and I to Mass. Roads bad.
Dec 21 – Wild storm. They call to tell us Anthony very low and cannot live long.
Dec 22 – weather bad.
Dec 23 – Get word that Anthony is dead. Emily and I go at once. John and Annie come in eve. We come home and Madeline goes to Delta with them. Cold night.
Dec 24 – Christmas eve – All of us go to funeral at Phillipsville. Came home and packed up gifts and food. Left for Gan. we got there 9:30 and went to midnight Mass.
Dec 25 – Christmas. Fergus out all night to call at Mike Dundons. We get up at 7 for children’s stocking opening and tree gifts. Everyone generous to us. After dinner called at Mike and John McArdle’s. We are so tired.
Dec 26 – Leave for home at 10:30. We are exhausted and it gets colder goes down to 30 below but Herb had arrived and had house warm and everything in order. Bless him.
Dec 27 – Invited to Arthurs for tea. Annie has lovely meal. Walter Simes dead.
Dec 28 – Nomination Day. Marcella McDonald here for day.
Dec 29 – Jim Bevins, ex-teacher, comes to visit us a few days. Guess he must have liked us.
Dec 30 – Jim Bevins helps Herb and I with logs.
Dec 31 – Emily and I go to Lyndhurst. Jim Bevins goes home. G K Wight here for factory meeting. New Years Eve. Midnight. We just finished Rosary. Ellen, Herb, Madeline, Emily and I, and all went to bed but me. I stayed to watch fire awhile and below zero. I finish this page in my book with a most thankful heart for all the blessings God has granted us this the year 1914.


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