August 4, 2016 – And Away We Go

Almost all packed and ready to go. Just have to put out the compostables in the morning and put every thing in the car. Part of me just wants to stay here and do what I do every day, but once I get there and see my girls I will be happy I am sure.

I made a commitment today to make a change in my life. Instead of waking up at 7 am and getting up and going into the bathroom and taking my medication and then back to bed I am going to get up. At least I am going to try that and see if at some point my body decides to fall asleep earlier than 1 am.

This morning I was up, did a wash, vacuumed the floor, cleaned up and packed some more, drove to the bakery in Brockville and on the way home stopped at Ballycanoe and Co. and found out the fellow there would be interested in buying the tin from the school house walls. All by 11:30. Not bad eh????

After lunch I went down for a swim and then back and made dinner. Right now I am ready to crash…

Did hear some interesting discussions on NPR this morning as I traveled around. It amazes me that all the discussion is about Trump. Is he going to release his tax returns? Never… Is he ever going to realize that he is turning people off with his comments? No! On and on it goes. My friends are starting to say they don’t want postings pro or con on either candidate and they don’t want to hear another word about the election because they know who they are going to vote for. We could probably have the election tomorrow and get it over with. I mean really, are Trump supporters going to change their minds? After all the things he has done and said if they are not turned off now they never will be. And if you listen to the candidate he is starting to get them worked up to take action if he loses the “fixed” election. I can see a war breaking out and of course his followers tend to be the kind of folks with lots of guns.

I am tired of it as well but too afraid of the outcome not to say anything. I was totally disappointed with Paul Ryan today. He is an honest guy but he just won’t speak up against this guy. If he is not willing to speak out I don’t think he should be speaker of the house. Give it to a real leader. Amen, enough sermon for one day.

Charles O’Connor’s Diary July 1914

July 1 – Dominion Day. Wet
July 2 – Norah Sr. here.
July 3- 4 – Hoed corn.
July 5 – quiet day.
July 6 – Norah Sr makes a dress for Madeline. Her Aunt Susie had sent her material.
July 7 – Started mowing.
July 8 – Fergus called in consultation as Lena Tye seriously hurt. He says he will die. Fergus takes Norah and Margaret home.
July 9 – Mass to Arthur Slacks.
July 10 – went up to Tyes but Lena had just died.
July 11 – After Lena Tyes funeral Emily and I go to Gan. She stays. When I get home Jim Cobey, wife and babe here. Madeline busy and not too pleased to have unexpected visitors especially a baby as it is hot and milk hard to keep etc.
July 12 – First time we have known Mrs C. She is so taken up with baby one does not know what she is really like. They go to tea at Arthur Slacks. Gus and John S. here for eve.
July 13 – Cobey’s go home.
July 14 – I’m quite sick so Ellen and Norah here with Madeline.
July 15 – 16 – Fergus bring Emily home.
July 17 – Drawing in hay.
July 18 – meeting of Agri Assoc at Lyndhurst.
July 19 – Madeline and I go to Mass. A shower cools away that awful heat.
July 20 – Darley comes to take Norah to Delta
July 21 – School closed and goodbye to Jim Bevins. Fine fellow. He goes to Toronto to teach next year. We wish him well.
July 22 – Fergus’ came. All the family on way to Charleston and take Madeline. She is staying for a week.
July 23 – Picked berries.
July 24 – took cheese to stn.
July 25 Rain
July 26 – Lee and Rev O’Connor Fenton here for tea and eve. Interesting men Anglican minister. ( note: I Googled Rev O”Connor Fenton and found such a fellow in Leeds England at that period of time – maybe he was on a trip abroad)
July 27 – 30 – Pat K and I haying.
July 31 Raining. Meet Frank, Lottie and Gerald Stevens.

August 1914

Aug 1 – Go to Lyndhurst and pay stock in Tel Co.
Aug 2 – Visited with Stevens all day.
Aug 3 – All go fishing at our Point. Our happy day spoiled by Sailor (Collie) falling off high rock and killing himself. We are all sick over this. Gerald and Madeline cry all eve. Emily and Lottie just as bad. He was such a lovely dog.
Aug 5 – Fergus bring Jim and Mary Keating for the day. Great visit but children miss Sailor too. All loved that dog. Jim Stevens comes out. Fergus meets him at the station.
Aug 6 – Thursday – Cutting oats.
Aug 7 – 8 Put up grain all day.
Aug 9 – Awful heat. No one on road even.
Aug 10 – Willis painting school Stays here.
Aug 11 – misty morn.
Aug 12 – Wednesday – Wet, did not do much.
Aug 13 – 14 – Jim Bevins ex teacher here and I go to Lake with him. Great to see him.
Aug 15 – Jim Bevins and Frank go fishing all day.
Aug 16 – … K and I go to Mass. Len.. Palmer spends eve here. Music and dancing.
Aug 17 – Stevens leave. Mary Desmond (my sister) and Helen arrive. Mary & Darley Flood, Joe Bevins here.
Aug 19 – Rake barley, Visit with Mary and Helen. At last get some money on Gray’s note.
Aug 20 – Took Madeline and Helen to Olivet to meet Fergus. They are on way to Canton and Mary stays.
Aug 21 – 23 – Go to Ellens for tea with Mary.
Aug 24 – 26 – Harvest work.
Aug 27 – Emily and I go to box social at Arthur Slacks. Sorry Madeline missed it. She writes she called to see Carmel Crawley Parker and Henry is so fine and friendly.
Aug 28 – Rainy. Jim and Patience Dillon for tea.
Aug 29 – Mary goes to Annies. Rainy.
Aug 30 – Went to Gan to meet Madeline at boat. So good to have her back. When we get home Ellen has berry pie and Emily a good meal for us. Margaret comes with us. Fine day.
Aug 31 – Not very well so visit and hear details of Madeline’s trip. Percy brings Norah (cousin) ____???. back.


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