August 3, 2016 – getting ready

Today was another hot day. We seem to keep getting enough breeze to make it bearable but since I was not outside working in the heat what do I really know about it. Hubby was weed wacking and sanding so he was very warm.

To be honest, I woke up by 8 and got up at 10:30. I kept falling back to sleep so must have needed the sleep, right? Anyway, it is what it is. But then I got moving. Used my new little electric sweeper to do all the floors since we bring in a lot from the yard. Sorted through the box of things I am bringing to give to family at the Reunion. Secret so I cannot tell you. Worked upstairs for a bit on sorting genealogy papers and read a whole group of letters my uncle wrote to his aunt. Madeline saved them all and I have decided to transcribe them and share them when I am finished. Some from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. A fun read for sure.

Just before 4 my friend Sue called and wanted to know if I wanted to swim. I don’t like their dock since you go right off into very deep water. i am not a strong swimmer so I can never leave the dock area so she agreed to go down to Kevin’s beach. It was nice that we could stand in the water and chat. Gave her too much about the families at the beach to figure out. I know it is confusing. Main thing they are all cousins from different cities or countries. Met the fellow renting Primus who is from Australia. Very nice fellow and his wife who he met traveling around Europe.

After some water time we went home. I cooked super and we chatted a bit and then some computer time. It was nice to get out for a bit.

Here is Charles Diary for May and June 1914. Turns out they had a British Home child which I looked up the info on. Very interesting.

May 1914

May 1 and 2 – Fixed fences.
May 3 – Sunday – Fergus and family and Mrs LaQue arrive. Enjoy visit so much. (Agnes O’Neill LaQue was my Grandmothers dear friend and I think she was an O’Neill cousin. Have not found the connection yet but have tried)
May 4 – Hire Pat Kelly to help me with spring work.
May 5 – Rented Weeks place.
May 6 – Walter Slack here for tea and eve
May 7 – 8 – John and Annie here for tea and Ellen
May 9 – Splitting and piling wood in shed.
May 10 – Sunday – Madeline and I to Mass.
May 11 – 13 – Busy seeding.
May 14 – went to station to meet a Home Boy from Huntonburg Childrens Home for Boys from British Isles. His name is Cyril Laye. Feel sorry for him as he is a well educated boy. Has been all over Europe as a rich woman had taken him but she died and left no provision for him so he was sent to orphanage then shipped to Canada. (per Canadian Census British Home Children site:
LAY , Cyril
Age: 15
Sex: M
Year of arrival: 1914
Microfilm reel: T-4807
Ship: SS Victorian
Port of departure: Liverpool
Departure Date: 29 Apr 1914
Port of arrival: Quebec
Arrival Date: 9 May 1914
Party: Catholic Immigration Assoc
Destination: Ottawa, Ont
Comments: See also T-5562

May 15 – Pat Kelly cannot understand a word Cyril says. He has a …… accent. More German than English.
May 16 – spent day teaching Cyril farm chores and our customs etc. Fine boy.
May 17 – Jim Bevin’s brother Clarence comes on motor cycle. Noisy. Cyril knows more about them than they do. He really does.
May 18 – Cyril and Pat get along fine.
May 19 – Sew barley
May 20 – 21 Fergus and Children and Loretta come. Nane and Mayme Donnelley come in eve.
May 22 – I go to Gan for buggy as Fergus can drive car now.
May 23 – Emily, Madeline and I to Lyndhurst. Shocked to hear Chris Niblock had shot himself.
May 24 – Emily and I to Mass then Madeline goes to Lees to meet Bertha Kavanaugh.
May 25 – Took Bertha and Madeline to Jones Falls for Victoria Day. Met Fergus and Frank there. Good time. (Slack/McArdle Cousins)
May 26 – Big storm, good rain.
May 27 – Emily, Madeline, Bertha and I spend eve at Arthur Slacks.
May 28 – 30 – Planting.
May 31 – take Bertha this day to met Moses at Lees, Charleston Lake. She is a great visitor and we hate to see her go.

June 1914

June 1 – Corn Planting
June 2 – 3 Went to Jones Falls to meet John R Dargavel there.
June 4 – Chas, Mayme and Helen O’Connor arrive. Went fishing.
June 5 – Went with Chas to visit Lee.
June 6 – Pat and Cyril cut wood
June 7 – Pat, Cyril and I go to Mass.
June 8 – Big storm ground wet.
June 9 – Go to Gan with Suffeld.
June 10 – Home from Gan
June 11 – Not very well today. Got cold yesterday.
June 12 – Fergus and Tom O’Connor take Lee and I to Liberal Convention in Delta. Fergus makes a good speech. Ellen goes home with Fergus and Tom.
June 13 – Pat Kelly very happy here and wants to stay. I can’t keep both so have a problem.
June 14 – Joe and Sue Kenney and 2 children, Florence and Mary here all day and eve. Chas Iven, Orange Warren and Dad go fishing. Got 2 lovely salmon and many pike.
June 15 – I let Pat move into little Weeks house as he wants to stay.
June 16 – Cyril, Madeline and I pick berries. Madeline and the teacher invited to Leadbeaters to tea and eve. She does not like Jim as well as Ernest but she goes with Jim.
June 17 – 19 – Hoeing and weeding all week. Today Fergus brought Ellen, cousin Norah of Rochester. Loretta, Norah and Margaret also and stay with us. (cousin Norah of Rochester was the daughter of Daniel O’Connor’s brother Charles)
June 20 – tinkered around. Big frost.
June 21 – Madeline, Cyril and I to Mass. Ellen and Norah Sr. here for tea. Children happy.
June 22 – Warm, Lennis here with Norah and Margaret.
June 23 – Went to Reform meeting in Westport with Fergus and Somers. They stay for night as it is midnight when we get home.
June 24 – Fergus and Somers leave early then Charles Iven arrives. Visited all day. He took us to Lyndhurst afternoon. He is one of finest.
June 25 – Charles Iven, Orange Warren and I go fishing. Got 2 lovely salmon and many pike.
June 26 – Chas leaves for Rochester again. Then will come back to Battersee to fish and relax.
June 27 – Fine day.
June 28 – Rainy. Tom S. here.
June 29 – Election day. Wet. Had word from Ottawa that Mrs Breen of Westport would like to have Cyril if we no longer needed him so I took him to station. Dr. Sinclair Gan defeated by Dargood 46 to 16 here. Norah’s birthday and it is so wet they have to stay indoors but Emily has Lennes, Ellen and Norah Sr and has nice gifts for her so all is well. (my mother’s 6th birthday celebration)
June 30 – Sarah Slack and Lindsay here for dinner.


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