August 2, 2016 – Wonderful Day

Today was a lovely day. Started out by taking a drive to Loughborough Lake to drop off some pictures and books to Kerry Sagar who I know will make good use of them. Two of the books turned out to be from her fathers mother so they should be with her and they are teachers training books which since she does that it is very appropriate. Got to see four of the kids in that family group and they have all grown up so much in a year but were as nice as ever.

From there I went to the Creamery and got scones… the best ever.. and went and bought cutlery for our family reunion this weekend and a apple for myself. Then back to the school house in a great mood.

The next pleasant surprise was a visit from some of the Doherty line. Got to meet Kevin Taylor’s family and I wished Sol and Asta had been there. They would have had fun with the girls. Got to see Meg and her son, what a cutie he is. So I was again a happy camper.

At 5 pm we headed to Gan for dinner and the theater. Had a good meal at Stonewalls? I think that is the name or maybe it is Stonewaters. Anyway, I was again happy and content with my meal. They have the best gluten free bread – It actually taste like real bread. From there we walked up to the 1000 Islands Playhouse to see “Into the Woods” It was very good. A long play and not really for younger kids.

All in all a good day. And figured out where the mice are getting into the house – they are coming down the school house wall from the area where the ceiling meets the stone wall. So I guess we have to figure out how to seal that up a little bit better. Have caught three so far and could not figure out where they were coming from since there are no droppings anywhere. They either have a way in from the roof or somehow a connection from the old chimney? who knows? Loving puzzles we will figure it out.

On to two more months of Charles Diary

March 1914

March 1 – Percy brings Ellen home. Never …. Blizzardy storm.
March 2 – no school. No mail Percy here.
March 3 – Percy still stormed in. NO school.
March 4 – Percy gets away and I go to Lyndhurst for food.
March 5 – Get word from Chas Iven that his mother Julia Hughes was dead and we are sorry. ……………………………work ….. storm,………………
March 7 – Chas McDonald and Marcella here for tea.
March 8 – Mike Slack here. Letter from Mary saying cousin Mike O’Connor was dead. (I believe this is the O’Connor’s from St. Lawrence County and was the son of Daniel O’Connors brother Michael)
March 9 – Took girls home. Roads bad.
March 10 – Stormy again.
March 11-13
March 14 – Busy all week re wood
March 15 – Madeline and I to mass. Mike and Joe here.
March 16 – Henry Donaldson came along and helped me with cutting wood.
March 17 – Nane and Mayme to here for tea.
March 18 – Warm sleighing gone. Took Ellen to Chapman.
March 19 – Emily sick in bed. Chas McD here.
March 20 – Stayed at house as Emily sick.
March 21 – Emily not much better. Cold day.
March 22 – Sunday – Mike Slack here all night.
March 23 – Stormy looked for cedar for posts.
March 24 – cut wood. Madeline goes to see Kate Bass in Lyndhurst. Emily better.
March 25 – Teacher drives Daisy to Seeleys Bay to see Dr. Kate here again.
March 26 – Warmer
March 27 – wet morn.
March 28 – 2 calves arrive. Kate is called by Dr. Belfie to go to Leadbeaters. Ernest has pneumonia. …sorry.
March 29 – Rain and snow.
March 30 – fine day.
March 31 – tapped and sap running good.

April 1914

April 1 – Call Fergus by phone re his birthday. All well there. Ernest Leadbeater very bad.
April 2 – cold and snowy.
April 3 – very cold and snow storm. Get word Aunt Ellen O’Connor is dead. Julia’s death hard on her. (Ellen O’Connor was the wife of Daniel O’Connors brother Charles who lived in Delta and after he died this family moved to Auburn NY)
April 4 – Boil sap.
April 5 – Sugared off today. The teacher enjoys it. Ernest a bit better.
April 6 – 10 – bad weather all week. This is Good Friday. Teachers father Jim comes for Jim Jr.
April 11 – Walter Slack comes from Brockville.
April 12 – Walter, Mike and Gus Slack here today.
April 13 – 16 – fish running. And we get some. Boiling sap etc. Not good season for sap.
April 17 – Fine morn more like spring. Jim Judd and lawyer visits us here for tea.
April 18 – -19 – Thunder storm. Teacher back.
April 20 – cold bad day.
April 21- Put colts out to pasture.
April 22 – 23 – Larose saws wood with his machine.
April 24 – Ellen back from Annies and stays here.
April 25 – Rainy
April 26 – wet day. Bad weather all month
April 27 – colt corn today.
April 29 – ground really flooded today.
April 30 – Get some fish today. Joe Kenney, Sue and Babies here.


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