August 1, 2016 – only a few weeks left

August 1, 2016

I am thankful that the conventions are over and the news is not dominated by the next stupid thing Donald Trump has said. It will be interesting to see what the pollsters get this week in surveys. I imagine Hillary Clinton will get a boost as well as the Libertarians. They seem to be doing quite well.

The weather is still hot and the drought continues. It rained a little bit this morning but we need a really good rain to make some progress here. Got some landscaping tips from my son this weekend which should help me get started on that up here.

Up and down about going south next weekend. I have discovered that I am perfectly content to sit in this house or on the porch for three months and go no where. There is always something to do here and I get some social life when I see the neighbors or family so it is just fine. I did find the blueberry farm and have gone nuts over eating fresh picked gorgeous blue berries and gave my strict diet a break and ate fresh blueberry pie and bread this weekend. It was wonderful as well as making blueberry pancakes and eating fresh blueberries every chance I get. Life is good.

Also took my cousins advice and bought some fresh corn on Friday down in Gan. It is so sweet and good. NO complaints from anyone especially me. It was even good the next day.

Have been thinking about a lot of things lately while I have been painting or sitting outside watching life go by but that is for another day. Just getting back into the swing of things since having listened to those two conventions for two weeks and the after discussions. I am just sick of it all. So have decided to paint doors as long as my hands let me do it. Will need lots of pain meds but that is okay. Part of the aging process.

So, Charles in 1914 was still living on the farm and life was going on Let me give you a couple of months today to start August.

Charles Diary 1914

Jan 1 – New Years Day – Cold. Emily better. Quiet day. Just 4 of us for dinner. But it was a good one. Joe Bevins for tea. Spend part of day reading. Carol O’Donnohue – good book. I am not making any resolutions so I won’t break any. Good day, good way to start New Year.
Jan 2 – 3 – Telephone Co meeting. Maggie, Mike, and Maud Slack here.
Jan 4 – Sunday –Spend day visiting with Slacks.
Jan 5 – Election Day. I voted here then to Gan to vote there. Fergus was badly beaten. McCarney’s worked hard against him. A shame. Harvey defeated W Bracken here.
Jan 6 – up early to Mass. Breakfast at Mikes then visit at Fergus and home. Cold day.
Jan 7 – Jim Bevins and his father of Gan come here and he is to teach here and is going to board here. Nice chap.
Jan 8 – School opened Snow. Crom and Kelsey … stay all night.
Jan 9 – Snowy.
Jan 10 – Teachers goes to Delta to play hockey without boys.
Jan 11 – Emily had bad accident. Her hand. Madeline and I went to Arthurs to meet Mr and Mrs McDermott. Ellen goes to ………
Jan 12 – 10” snow this morn. No school
Jan 13 – 30 below zero. No school, no drive.
Jan 14 – 41 below zero. No school. Everyone cold.
Jan 15 – Snowed and warmer. Relief.
Jan 16 – Stormed but I had to go to Lyndhurst for food.
Jan 17 – Road bad. I hitched up big cold and Bevins helped me.
Jan 18 – Dull day and Joe Kenny’s baby boy dead.
Jan 19 – Snowy day. Madeline and I go to funeral Get nearly ditches us on way to Elgin.
Jan 20 – Agricultural meeting in Lyndhurst. Very stormy. George Steary here for tea.
Jan 21 – No mail, no school, bad month.
Jan 22 – Fine day. Get up wood…. Lot
Jan 23 – Much warmer.
Jan 24 – very wet.
Jan 25 – Quiet day but J Bevins good company.
Jan 26 – Fine day.
Jan 27 – Blustry.
Jan 29 – Emily and I go to Jones Falls to see Sue and Joe.
Jan 30 – icy and windy
Jan 31 – The teacher, Jim Bevins, helped me cut wood. He follows me around.

Feb 1914 (I have pictures of Elva Warren in my school house collection)

Feb 1 – Lots of snow. The skating on creek good so young people are all there.
Feb 2-3 – Go to Brockville and get mortgage discharged. I met many an old friend and had good chat. Emily and I say sincere prayer of thanksgiving for mortgage. Such a relief to us. …. And Percy here then John Dargard. MB and Helen here for tea and eve.
Feb 5-6 – Go to Lyndhurst then drew up wood. Madeline goes over to see Elva Warren and found her very sick. Madeline thinks Elva is dying. Feel so bad about her.
Feb 8 – Dykes and Joe Bevin’s here.
Feb 9 – Logs to Lyndhurst. In eve we went to Dick Singletons to Anglican Church social nice time. Elva Warren dies tonight.
Feb 10 – Madeline and Emily sad about Elva.
Feb 11 – 38’ below zero. Went to funeral. All of us. No school got warm mitts. Kate Bass here from Warrens as she was on case.
Feb 12 – 30’ below zero. Kate is here and in state of collapse. She tried so hard to save Elva who was such a lovely young girl. This is home to Kate.
Feb 13 – Kate left for Lyndhurst. She says our place is a haven for her. We are glad to have her she is so cheery.
Feb 14 – Dr Belfie come and closed the school for a week and ordered it disinfected because of Elva’s strange death. Ellen and Emily worried over Madeline having been there and Kate here.
Feb 15 – Madeline and I go to Mass. Very cold drive. All the kids are wearing fetta bags in this section. Everyone scared.
Feb 16 – – 18 – Logging and drawing hay in from barn. Teacher helps me.
Feb 19 – Fergus brings Margaret and Norah out here. Dr Alba Chapman visits us.
Feb 20 – 21 – Teacher goes with hockey team to Westport.
Feb 22 – Frank Giffins little girls dead but we can’t go to funeral on account of roads. Teacher banged up after rough game in Westport.
Feb 23 – Cut wood.
Feb 24 – Many offers to buy Daisy but Emily and Madeline won’t hear of that. They are in tears every time any horse is sold and I am nearly as bad as them.
Feb 25 – Milk meeting. A lot of wrangling not much done.
Feb 26 – Much warmer.
Feb 27 – Sykes here.
Feb 28 – Big Sykes’ men, John his wife and Lennis who has great time with our girls. Sykes has new offer re cheese factory. John anxious to sell now.


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