July 28, 2016 – Back on Track

I am so glad these conventions are over and I can go back to just listening to the news to see what dumb think the Donald has said each day and what conspiracy people have come up with against Hilary. This week was easier on the ears than last week. Michelle Obama was so good. She should be running for office. And there were others I liked. Mostly because they were not just attacks against Trump but they were positive, motivational speeches. So much easier to listen to.

Not being a Republican or Democrat I think I have no choice this year but to plan to vote for Hilary. The other parties, I have checked out their platforms and there is too much I just cannot agree with. Either too left or too libertarian. I am way too much of a centrist to vote for any of them.

I think of myself as a social justice person and I like to hear what the candidates want to do for the poor and mentally ill and providing health insurance to those who cannot get it through job or cannot afford it. Just so many issues that I have not heard any positive information about from the Republicans.

And to be honest I am totally disappointed that the Republican Party did not save themselves. They created a milieu where this could happen. Paul Ryan and other leaders need to stand up when their candidate says really nasty things and call him in and tell him to knock it off or they will pull all support. He is just a terrible person as he is selling himself. And what bothers me more is that there are people out there who are such lovely moral people who totally make up excuses for his behavior. I just don’t get it. Don’t they see that this is making us as a nation look foolish to the rest of the world?

I might actually have to volunteer in the fall to work on the campaign. Will let you know if I do. All I can say is pray for us all if this man gets elected. I can see him taking care of the violence problem by sending the troops to go door to door collecting guns from every community. That would be a total shock to the gun owners.. And if he cancels out health insurance, well that will mean more people dying who could have been helped and kids dying. That would be sad. And when he cuts taxes for himself and all his very rich friends we in the middle class will continue to be hurt.

So on a happier note. I figured I owned you followers of Charles Diary’s a few back months. Will start 1914 tomorrow.

October 1913

Oct 1 – Susie Stevens sends word Tom O’Gorman in a car accident and very badly hurt.
Oct 2 – Rainy
Oct 3 – John Blackner here for dinner.
Oct 4 – 5 – Emily and I went back to see colts. Nice walk. Then in eve Anna Nolan and Miss McHale here for tea.
Oct 6 – Fergus, Frank and children. Very nice. Got word Tom O’Gorman was dead.
Oct 7 – Very warm.
Oct 8 – Another hot day. Frank Thurston here for tea.
Oct 9 – 11 – Digging potatoes.
Oct 12 – Very warm quiet.
Oct 13 – George LaRose very sick. Fergus comes and takes him in his car to Hotel Dieu Kingston. Mary Ellen Judge here for tea.
Oct 14 – Fergus here all night. I go with him to Kingston. He operated on George. I went to Kilpatrick and Rogers to pay balance on mortgage and clear it all up. They wanted discount on my cheque so I refused. Returned to Gan. went to bank, had cheque certified and sent it by mail to them ……..
Oct 15 – WJ Willis comes to paint house.
Oct 16 – 18 Ploughing.
Oct 19 – Took Madeline to Sarah Slacks on way to Mosie Kavenaugh’s.
Oct 20 – Thanksgiving today. Changed ………..
Oct 21 – Cold, snowy day
Oct 22 – Fergus and Frank and children arrive. Margaret stays and we are glad.
Oct 23 – Terrible wind.
Oct 24 – 25. I went to Gan. Ford Townsend went with me. I brought 2 lovely Jersey home. Hard trip but they came right along. Beautiful animals.
Oct 26 – Very wet. Quiet.
Oct 27 – 29 – Ploughed past days. Go to next Madeline at Lees as Mosie rows her across lake. She has a fun time.
Oct 30 – Ploughed.
Oct 31 – Ploughing and Willis finishes painting.

Nov 1913

Nov 1 – Holy Day. Madeline invited to Websters for tea and eve. Harold brings her home.
Nov 2 – Henry Shook, Wilfred Slack, here for tea and eve. James Hawkins and Joe Tye’s child died today.
Nov 3 – Ploughed in morn then to Hawkins funeral.
Nov 4 – Went to Dandon’s sale. Sykes goes with me. Get work Kate O’Connor is dead.
Nov 5 – Went to Gan for Kate’s funeral at 9:30. Took Margaret home.
Nov 6 – Mosie, Bertha and Ben Slack here for tea and eve. They played for big dance in factory. Great success.
Nov 8 – Kavanaughs go home.
Nov 9 – Rain all day.
Nov 10 – Snows 3”. The teacher a Miss Danby stays all night. She boards at D Townsend’s and is not very friendly usually but Emily asks her in out of storm and she stays.
Nov 11 – Kate Bass arrives. We keep Marie Slack all night. Deep snow.
Nov 12 – 13 John McDonald comes for Ellen.
Nov 14 – Ploughed
Nov 15 – Madeline, Kate and I go to Lyndhurst.
Nov 16 – Annie and Wilfred here for tea.
Nov 17 – 18 – snow gone. Plough then it rains.
Nov 20 – Our 37th Anniversary. We have had worries and joys. I thank God for the many ways we have been blest. John McDonald brings Ellen home. She stays here.
Nov 21 – 22 – Ploughing.
Nov 23 – Madeline and I to Mass. Roads awful. Fergus and Tom O’Connor here for afternoon. Tom sad about Kate.
Nov 24 – Take Madeline to Lyndhurst on way to Delta. George Steary here for tea and all night.
Nov 25 – Go to Gan.
Nov 26 – Ferg has Daisy as roads too bad for cars.
Nov 27 – Emily spends day at Chapman’s.
Nov 28 – Ella Gilbert here …stay for the day but Madeline away.
Nov 29 – Madeline comes home.
Nov 30 – Bertha Kavanaugh here. Fergus brings Margaret and little Maurice. Barbara McLeod with them.

Dec 1913

Dec 1 – Had to write Grays re their note.
Dec 2 – Very warm for Dec. BK here.
Dec 3 – no frost. Was able to plough.
Dec 4 – Took B to station. Phone call from Gan. Fergus and Frank have son.
Dec 5 – 6 – Stormy
Dec 7 – Stormy with high winds.
Dec 8 – My birthday 66th . 2” snow. Teacher comes to stay as Mrs T sick. Cold stormy. Lyndhurst Turkey Fair. John and M McD here.
Dec 12 – Quite warm. Madeline sends order to Eatons and out to Cat….. Record paper.
Dec 13 – drew wood to Seeley’s Bay to settle Tel account.
Dec 14 – Dark Gloomy.
Dec 15 – Emily’s day. George Lee home from Hotel Dieu. Great praise for Fergus.
Dec 16 – Maurice sick so we phoned Fergus who came with Miss Root and took children home.
Dec 17 – 18 – Christmas concert. Ernest L here for it.
Dec 20 – Madeline and I go to Gan. Emily baked all day yesterday so is too tired to go. She loves to bake for Frank. Very dark night coming home.
Dec 21 – Nane D and wife and Joe Bevins here for tea and eve.
Dec 22 – Jim, Lenora and kids here. Ellen sick today. Emily and Madeline go up and bring her home with them.
Dec 23 – went to Lyndhurst to shop. Big snow storm.
Dec 24 – Sleighing today. Luckily. Take Ellen to Slacks. She is better but not fit for trip to Gan and we go to Gan at 3. All go to midnight mass but Frank.
Dec 25 – Christmas Day. Up at 8 and have a loud time as the children go wild over presents and fun all day. Lovely dinner.
Dec 26 – cold blustery drive home today.
Dec 27 – go for Ellen. Madeline and I to Lyndhurst. Lots of mail. Tom, Johnny Slack and Ossie Lappan here for tea and eve.
Dec 28 – The boys here yet and Ellen.
Dec 29 – Went to nominations at Lyndhurst.
Dec 30 – Very stormy day. Snow.
Dec 31 – Emily sick all day. Last night of 1913. All in bed but I hear Ellen and Madeline talking in their room. We had family prayer as usual on New Years Eve. We have had a good year financially very good. Good in many ways. Sorry Emily is so sick tonight but it is a kind of flu like Ellen had. Thank God for all His blessings of past year.


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