July 22, 2016 – Convention Over

Well, that could not have ended fast enough for me. Last night was a rough night. I heard the Pastor doing an invocation that sounded like he was trying to get people to commit acts of violence against the other side. I might have just been missing some of his words but once he was done I feared what was to come next.

Then a bright light came along. Ivanka Trump came up there and sounded like a sane candidate for president. Welcoming, inviting people to be inclusive, etc. She was well spoken and did a great job. But I kept wondering how the Republicans allowed her to get up and talk about things that were opposite of what is in their platform? It was unnerving. Or was it a sign of things to come.

Yes it was, she introduced her Dad and he started to read his speech. He went off topic once and a while but for the most part he stayed on his topic. He exaggerated on some of his facts which was not a good thing. It also was a speech which seemed to be proclaiming the end of the world if people don’t elect him because he is the only one who can make things better. I had not thought about it until now but I wonder if any one looked for a 666 anywhere on him or in the building. I cannot imagine how one man can make any changes by himself – after all there is the Supreme Court, the Congress, and the American citizens he has to sell on his ideas which he still has not said a word about how he would accomplish the things he says he can do.

But then there was something else that was driving me nuts until I realized that this was his plan. He kept saying he would do things that are the opposite of what is in the Republican platform. He opened his arms to the LGBTQ community and even had a gay man speaking. In the platform it calls for further restrictions on gays, rescinding the marriage act, and approving of therapy to convince young people they are not gay. So what was that all about? He is anti trade agreements but in their platform they support trade agreements. Again, What the…..?

Then it hit me, let’s go back to my theory that this is all a way to totally destroy the party. He got himself nominated by inciting fear, saying out loud what right wing conservatives have been thinking and occasionally saying but not loudly. They want crime done away with but that means getting rid of black criminals by killing them or by locking them up and throwing away the key. They fell into line behind him like sheep. Now he has their blessing and votes to run as their candidate for president.

His daughter could have said anything last night and she would have received cheers. I wonder if the delegates were even really listening. Ivanka certainly talked about being kind to immigrants no matter how they got here. That should have had people walking out of the building. But no they cheered. That just made the evening so interesting to me.

What will happen next? Once he starts running with a VP candidate who supports everything Trump doesn’t how are they going to handle all of this? I go back to my theory about the drink in the bar and the bet. I think this is going to be an interesting ride for the next few months. I also want to think about my thought as I wrote this about the Anti-Christ who comes and leads his followers down the garden path to total destruction. Just an fascinating picture.. come on how, let me know how you picture it. Great summer entertainment don’t you think?

I also want to let those of you on twitter know that as I listened I was following @AnnieLinskey and @OliverLaughland She is with the Boston Globe and he is with the Guardian. They both did great jobs. He is a 3rd cousin of mine and she is my sister in laws niece. They are both good reporters. I got a good picture of what was going on all week especially me without a TV.

By the way, those of you in the terrible heat out there be safe. It was in the 90’s as I was driving around today but there was also a good breeze. Still quite warm outside. Drink lots of water and stay in the shade.


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