July 21, 2016 – Grateful for the last night of the Convention

July 21, 2016 – Last night of the GOP Convention

Alright, I was able to get through last night without too much of a temper tantrum. I don’t particularly like Ted Cruz but last night he grew in my admiration. He did the right thing. Why would he support a man who attacked his wife and his father? It is obvious that Donald Trump did not care about him at all. Again that is the way a narcissist would react. Cruz is just a bug that annoys him and now he is done with him.

I have been listening to interviews with people at the convention and I am amazed. One preacher was talking about how any of Donald Trump’s indiscretions or actions can be forgiven since as Christians it is not theirs to judge him. Really…. The same fellow in the next breathe was attacking the Clinton’s as having done terrible things and how they were going to be punished by God etc.. Okay… He lost me there.

Then I read on twitter that my cousin – distant but cousin – was asking some woman about her cheese head hat and about her attitudes. Then she told him as far as she was concerned he could be a terrorist. Really? A dark haired, darkish maybe, complexioned Englishman a terrorist. And he added that he had said nice things about her hat. These folks see evil everywhere they look. The fellow is so cute I would have been a good old lady and flirted with him.

Can you imagine living like that? I would love to say that is a minority but from the interviews I have heard I am losing that believe. Some family members who have disowned me did so because they don’t like the fact that I don’t like Donald Trump. I use to be Republican but I have to tell you never again. The party would have to change back to the way they use to be back in the day before I would look at one. I don’t particularly like Ms. Clinton but at least she comes across as sane. It is the religiosity and hate speech that I cannot tolerate. I would have washed their mouths out with soap if they were my children.

I will listen to the speeches this evening with a big glass of Jameson. Someone today was saying that because of the great job he did of raising his children that was why they were sure Trump would be a good president. When you have a very rich father who can send you to the best schools, send you traveling all over the world, including hunting trophy animals in Africa, and set you up in business I guess I would say anything he needed me to. They are all living off of him. Do those delegates think their children will ever have those kinds of opportunities? I will bet their kids are nicer than his for sure but will suffer in the long run if he is elected and does away with environmental protections, sells the national parks to mining companies and does away with health care coverage for 5 million Americans and on and on. You might think about how that will affect you but for sure the ER’s will be filled again with people unable to get primary care docs who know ER’s have to take them whether they can pay or not and medical costs will go back up.

Does it amaze you how divided this country is? No wonder the current President could not accomplish anything. These folks are such a total opposite of almost everyone I know. Maybe it is New York State or the fields I have worked in but I just don’t know the hater types. I do know a few folks who are died in the wool pro-lifers and will only vote for people who are prolife. I was that way once until I realized that most of the rest of what the candidates were for was opposite to my consistent value of life philosophy that I stopped. If I make a list of the things each party supports in any election it gets easy to choose. This time they lost me before they even did their platform. The Wall, anti-Islamists, anti-women, doing away with health care, on and on. I was shocked with the wall, it makes no sense at all. It would have to go down the middle of the Rio Grande River and would interfere with shipping, and all kinds of other things as well as the fact that it won’t stop anyone. I have wonderful friends who are from the Middle East and I would be very upset if they were threatened with any actions. They work, raise their children and are wonderful people and proud to be American’s now.

There is a fellow on the radio just now who spoke on Monday night. Some General, who says all Muslims should be banned. He fears them all. He is pro-water boarding. There are laws against that. It really sounds like they want us to return to war in the Middle East. I am glad my sons are getting older so they can’t be pulled into the war. I worried about them bringing a draft back during the Iraq war. I think if we do go back to war the sons of the politicians who put us there have to go first. Make them join up and make them put their money where their mouths are.

If you listen tonight and have any thoughts let me know. Or if you read about it in the newspaper tomorrow or see it on the TV let me know. I will let you know what I thought about it all.


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