July 19, 2016 – Thoughts on the Republican Convention

July 19, 2016 – Thoughts on Republicans

I swore I was not going to write about politics again today but being the mother of a political speech writer I just cannot not keep quiet. I listened to the convention last night and there were some weird speeches but I wanted to hear Melania Trump speak. I was hoping to hear something good from her. At the end I thought she did a pretty good job. There were some interesting parts that impressed me.

Then this morning I woke up to hear about plagiarism. It reminded me of my husband when he is correcting papers and something sounds too good to be true and he just googles a line or two and then it always pops up and that kid is in big trouble. Usually there are other lines to be found and if he finds two then there is no doubt. He has said often if they changed enough words around, used a thesaurus etc. no one would know. It takes a very sloppy speech writer to do what happened last night.

This poor woman, who supposedly does not like public speaking, they give her a speech like that to read. So now she is known as reading a speech with excerpts from the prior first ladies speech. Dumb…

Now I have to think about my original premise that this all started over drinks and a bet made by Trump that he could run for president and behave totally outrageous and still get a large group of Americans to follow him and vote for him. That he is really a Democrat who is playing this game on the Republicans. I mean when you read his history he was a Democrat who all of a sudden switched parties and decided to run for President. It is the only thing that makes sense to me.

Donald Trump is not a stupid man so what is he doing? He is showing how foolish certain American’s can be and that there are still sheep out there who will follow anyone. I have asked friends of mine what they like about him – I can never get a concrete answer from them or to my questions – They hate Hilary – okay, but there were other candidates on their side to support, why Trump? They can never give me a precise answer about programs, and plans that will happen. He will get rid of Affordable Health Care – What will it be like then? What do you mean? What will happen when 6 million people lose their health insurance? What will happen to the insurance companies when they lose all those members? What will you do when you lose preventative health care coverage? I get no response to those questions.

If the immigrants all get deported at once what will happen to farmers in America who hire these workers? “They will hire American’s.” Okay, that is good. So what will happen if they now have to pay fair wages to the workers and you have to pay more for fruits and vegetables? Or meat? Are you willing to pay double for groceries? Or maybe 25% more? What if the Government to punish the companies that produce goods south or north of the border starts increasing tariffs for goods to come into the US? Are you willing to pay more for household items and clothing?

There are no good answers to those questions. Most of the people I have asked those questions of in trying to understand where they are coming from seem confused. They know they hate the Clinton’s and that Trump has engaged them in the hating. It answers some need they have. I have the same problems but when I compare Donald Trump to Hilary Clinton at least I know what I am getting with her. With him I have listened to his speeches and tried to understand where he is coming from and I just cannot get there.

In the name of openness here is me. I am not a Republican or Democrat. My parents were Republican’s but would not be today. I am pro-life, anti-death penalty, anti-war, pro-small business, at a basic level. I do not condemn those who have abortions because I cannot judge where they are in their lives and what they might be facing. Therefore I believe in sex education, birth control and kindness towards those who are dealing with pregnancies that are a challenge to them. Killing people at times is so strong a feeling when I believe someone has done a terrible crime, yet over the years so many people have been proven not to be guilty that if they were just locked up then there is hope they might be cleared. If you have killed them, they cannot be cleared. I studied the Catholic Church writing on the Just War theory back in the 70’s. I realized there are times when War is not wrong but in this day and age where a President can be given false information and go in and destroy a country for no good reason the thought just offends me. We were not threatened by Iraq and yet we started in motion after 911 the mess that now exists in the Middle East. I feel so sorry for my friends who have family over there who are suffering so. WWII just war, Iraq – no justification. I have a son who is a small business person and I know some of the fees that he has to pay just to be in business can be overwhelming especially when starting a business. Yes, we need health standards so those are good but overwhelming taxes can kill a good start up.

Some of my fears have to do with big business controlling politicians over what is good for the people. Their desire to have environmental laws done away with where they cannot be sued if they pollute the water we drink and the land our veggies are grown in. I don’t believe CEO’s should be making the salaries they are making and when they totally mess up those golden parachutes make no sense to me. If the lower guy down the chain screws up, he is out the door with nothing. That offends me since I would always be a little guy. I think that as a nation which is afraid of taxes, we need to take a good look at countries who are doing better on social issues than we do and figure out how much it would cost to improve policing, education, health care, roads etc. and then pay for it. If I knew I was getting something worthwhile for my taxes I would happily pay for it.

That is where I am coming from politically. I am for social justice as taught by the New Testament and my church, for supporting local businesses (buy local), volunteerism (do it), family (hold them close), peace (better than war), working to end prejudice and racism (love one and other), supporting those in need (feed the hungry). My kids could probably describe me better than I could but I think that is what I think I am like. I also cannot keep my mouth shut when I am hot on a topic which explains these last few blogs. I wanted to return to genealogy today.

Thanks to the Roundtable on WAMC today for a great discussion about the convention. Love you guys and miss hearing you when I am up north of the border on limited internet service.


6 thoughts on “July 19, 2016 – Thoughts on the Republican Convention”

  1. Extremely well said, Margie. I cannot imagine what it must be like to be an American right now. It can’t be described any better than ‘totally bizarre’. The rational thinkers must continue to speak out, otherwise it’s beyond comprehension what will happen. Take care.


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