July 18, 2016 – Adventuresome week

Today is the beginning of a long week. I have to make some plans to see some folks and to keep myself busy. I have a plan to print up some family trees for a couple of people who expressed interest in family history. Will just give them their two lines which are not identical to mine. We only share one line.

Have to figure out what I am going to bring to our family reunion. With traveling it makes cooking something impossible. And as far as sharing I doubt most of my family wants anything gluten free. Last time we had one of these events I brought a wonderful gluten free cake. Might just order another one of those and then bring some individual thing I can eat for lunch and dinner.

But the other thing this week is the convention. I want to hear what is said but also have a lot of fear of all that is in their agenda. But listen I will since it is important to know what people are proposing.

This fellow who did the shooting in Baton Rouge. Do you think in his mind he was taking up his second amendment rights to fight against an oppressive government? The Militia folks worry about that and say that is why they need their guns. They want the government to give up federal lands and to do away with regulations. This fellow wanted police to stop this angry killing of black men and teenagers. The government had trained him to be an expert shot and then allowed him to purchase and open carry dangerous weapons.

Recently we had a discussion about the second amendment. What if this attitude promoted by the NRA backfires? Everyone who is afraid of minorities is angry that vets who happen to be Black and who are angry about the government allowing the shooting of minority folks will step up and make violent statements with guns. The NRA for years has been saying that is why these guys need their guns and have no restrictions on gun ownership. They can’t change their agenda now can they?

The RNC is promoting themselves as the law and order party. Is that going to mean they want to take away guns, do more background checks etc? That would be great. Or is it just going to be time to arrest more minorities? Lock them up and throw away the keys? I fear what they start talking about is going to promote more violence. Nothing about bringing the country together and looking at what has been going on and how do things get changed for the better for all. I hope that is the direction they take.

Just heard an interview with one of the “Never Trump” people. Wonder what will happen to them? Will they get thrown out of the convention? Going to be an interesting week for sure. I would be most happy if I heard that the party was supporting more community policing – have watched that work- and training for all police on working in communities especially ones that have more poverty or more minorities – not necessarily poverty there.

I listened to a US Senator talking the other day about his experience being stopped by law enforcement over the years. He had been stopped one time and the officer wanted to know what he was doing driving such an expensive car… “I am a lawyer and a US Senator”. The officer had not even bothered to check the license plate. It would have all been there. Example after example. It happens in my town, cities I have worked in to people I know and I even observed it happen one night to a friend of mine. There needs to be additional training, accurate reporting of crime data and stop racial profiling.

Was thinking about all this at 6 am so thought I should write it! Life is never, ever dull.

Remember ‘Life is an Adventure’ and live each day in the spirit of it being an adventure and you will enjoy life so much more. !


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