July 15, 2016 – Better late than never

Yes, I wrote this two days ago but the WiFi would not let me send it. For two days it has been slow as molasses. So what will follow is from two days ago.I read it over and don’t believe any differently this evening.

First though – we went to a fabulous one man play tonight. The fellow paints a picture of the audience while he tells the story of the mystery of the death of Tom Thompson the Canadian artist who died in 1917. Some of his painting were for sale in the lobby as well. It was a great fun evening.

Then this weekend the lovely daughter and her male companion – “pretend husband’ came up. It was great seeing them. They brought the two dogs and we all got along well. The dogs adjusted quickly to this place and even stayed with me for a while.

Then we had a group of cousins some to see the school house. It was great fun. There were six young ones I believe and 13 adults I think. The kids went right to work playing school which was great to watch. They had a good visit and hopefully one day we can meet with each little group on their own to really have a good conversation.

So,that is what has been happening right here. And here is what I wrote on the 15th. Today is the 17th by the way.

July 15, 2016

Woke up to a lovely day. Still way to dry out there but if it is going to be dry at least nice days with breezes will be enjoyed. I took my neighbor Hannah for a ride this morning to introduce her to Wendy’s Farm Market, the town park and the Green Gecko. It was a fun adventure. I got more fresh blueberries and some great tasting sheep cheese.

It was also good because it took my mind off the troubles of the day. The world gets crazier every day. We don’t feel the attacks in the Middle East as much as the ones in Europe because they could be family or friends. Then I read that some of our politicians have come up with the idea that every Muslim person in the US should be asked if they follow Sharia law and if they do they need to be thrown out of the country. What does Sharia law have to do with the bombings??? Those people are not religious Muslims, they are angry, hateful people. Just like some of our right wing nut jobs who go in and shoot up movie theaters, churches etc. Are we going to ask all fundamentalist Christians if they follow the Bible to the letter and if they do send them somewhere? Where are you going to send American born and raised people? It is just plain crazy but meant to appeal to the fearful Christians out there. They don’t want anyone imposing their religious beliefs on them as they work hard to impose their version of Christianity on the rest of us.

I had an Irish Catholic gr gr grandfather who came to Canada and settled in a protestant Irish community. He was well educated and had some experience with the law so he knew how to talk to people. He befriended the various ministers who set up churches in the area and invited them to his home. He broke down the prejudices and false beliefs the early settlers had about Catholics. His family was accepted and in reading various diaries it is wonderful to see that they attended each other’s funerals in the various churches and helped each other in any way they could. I am so proud to be a descendant of this wonderful human being. He never lost his faith or left his church as others did but he was open to talking with others and being their friend. Helped to dispel others of their incorrect beliefs without imposing his religion on them.
I don’t know a lot about his other descendants other than my Grandfather and his children and grandchildren but I think if you looked at the roles of those people in the communities they lived in they were all volunteers and offered their assistance to others when they saw an opportunity and they married people of similar beliefs. I hope he would be proud of us.

When you hear about the responses of the family members of the people doing the bombings or shootings it is usually shock and sadness and shame that their child, or sibling, would do such a thing. My response would be the same if one of my children did some terrible act. Self-recrimination would be there and the question “Why” asked over and over again.

When I was in France I heard that there is a great deal of prejudice there against Arabs or other people and the country does not work to integrate them into jobs and other parts of society. The jails are full of minorities who are struggling to get by and the police are like they are here that if you get stopped it is more likely you will be arrested if you are a minority. I don’t know if that it totally true but since we live with that here I imagine it might be the way things are over there.

So how do we change that? I would love to change that thinking in the brains of some of my friends and relatives. I worry for them they are so afraid and worried about “those” people. And they fear the government. If I was afraid of the government I would move somewhere else. There are countries one could go to where someone with a decent retirement would be welcomed. And with the way things are today, you could just live in the other place part of the year and have a PO Box in the US or have your mail delivered to your children. Or take them with you and start life again elsewhere. Why stay in the US if you really believe the Government is out to get you personally? Really now, think about it!

Well it is a lovely day and hubby is returning to me this afternoon so I think it is time to sit out and read for a bit.. Sure wish it would rain all next week… we desperately need it.

Smile and hug a stranger.


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