July 14, 2016 – Bastille Day in France

What another sad day for the people of France and those who live in that country. Another terrible attack on them and that was the last thing they needed. It will be interesting to find out if the fellow who did this was a French citizen or what his story is.

What goes on in the minds and hearts of people who do these crazy things? What has happened to them they are totally devoid of feelings and are willing to die for some cause? Maybe I am heartless but I just don’t get it. I am passionate about some causes but enough to kill over it? I don’t think so. Would I disown my relatives, I doubt it? But then again what would I get angry enough to take some terrible action of retribution? I would have to think long and hard about that. Anger is so destructive all by itself. The person who sits and is angry with so many people is a person in great pain.
I hope I never become that person. I had a grandmother who I believe was a hurting person. She found little happiness in life and after having studied up on her background I think she had a very hard time growing up and in her married life. My one regret with her is that I had not understood her better. I just saw her as this person you could not feel close to who saw fault in others and spent a great deal of time dividing her children against each other. That was very sad.

Teach your children about forgiveness and social justice for all and they are not likely to hurt others when they grow up. I think these poor souls who do this kind of damage have been hurt over and over again in their lives because of prejudice, poverty, lack of education, job training etc. If we walked a day in their shoes we might begin to understand where they are coming from.

When I worked in Detox they admitted anyone with an addiction to any drug not just alcohol. In the five years in that job I never met a patient who I would have traded childhoods with. They were all victims of trauma who were medicating to forget terrible events in their lives. Deaths, physical abuse, observing abuse, neglect, sexual abuse etc. They were all hurting. There was only fellow who I remember because his childhood had been pretty darn normal but then he went to Viet Nam and after time there someone offered him Heroin to relief the stress and pain of the killing. That was it for him. Twenty years of heroin abuse and then on to Methadone which allowed him to work and be productive until his job starting demanding drug tests and he was afraid to tell them and he relapsed onto heroin while trying to get off methadone. He was caught between a rock and a hard place, had a good job and was going to lose everything. He has stayed with me all these years because of his history. He was different.

Society has done crappy things to people who are hurting for a long time. I think it is time for change but this country is not going in that direction. Fear is taking over and that is sad. If we all banded together to make positive change lives could improve, kids could be more successful and life would be better for everyone.

In the fall people in this country are going to have to make some pretty difficult choices. I hope it is for a better country in terms of our caring about each other and for those who need our help.


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