June 24, 2016 – Books and the return of Charles

Oh how we love our books. My husband has a room full of books, I have plenty of books and my darling daughter has enough to open a store I believe. This week I have discovered that my son and his wife not only have a ton of books but because they went to the same college and took the same courses they have the master list of writing by white European scholars, philosopher etc. Not a bad thing to inherit!

They actually have some pretty interesting books. I have three more book shelves to pack up on my list of things to pack to help them get ready to move. Once they have moved in I may just come back in the fall and pick my 10 books to start reading over the fall and winter.

My mom and dad had a house full of books but mom was the real reader. She consumed books. I always had a library card and we would go together to the library and walk back with armloads of books for the week or two weeks we could check them out for. I did not have the volume of books my granddaughters have but also they were just not a thing you went and bought so easily. My mom was frugal so other than holiday and birthdays my access to books was either the book orders at school or the library. She saw that I got copies of my favorites so I could read them over and over again. Anne of Green Gables, Little House on the Prairie, Sleeping Beauty, Heidi, and others.

My four children always had books and over the years we collected more and more of them. The big reader though of the four of them is my daughter. She consumes books like you would not believe. She is a speed reader naturally so she can read a book ten times and still enjoy it and learn more each time. Each room in her house has book cases. She totally loves her book and I would never discourage her.

I am a slow reader unless it is a dime store novel that you open and cannot put down. But if they get boring I am also a reader from the back of the book person. If I get tired of a book half way through I will go and read the last chapter, then the one before, and the one before that one. I know it sounds crazy but that is what I do. I love to find out what happens, who gets killed off etc. Waiting does not work for me when reading certain books.

Currently I have been reading a book which is good called China Dolls by Lisa See. It is about the time before WWII in San Francisco and the how lives of young people changed when the war began and follows them through that period of time. I am finding it very fascinating. The food, the nightlife, the cultural pressures to behave in the ways of the old country. And what happens when you don’t do things the way the parents expect you to. Then I am going to try and read the book hubby just finished called “Paris”. Don’t know the author. But he really enjoyed it. It is another one about WWII.

So treasure your books and read to your children. It will develop their imaginations and bring them to places they may never be able to visit.

Charles O’Connor’s Diary 1913

Sept 1913

Sept 1 – Picked long blackberries. Fergus brought Carmel Crowley, Sykes here for tea. Carmel here for rest before her wedding.
Sept 2 -3 – Joe Bevens takes Carmel, Madeline and Emily for boat trip. Everyone loves Carmel.
Sept 4 – All of us went back to Lake then picked some berries. Carmel very happy here.
Sept 5 – Emily and I went to Nane D for tea and ……..
Sept 6 – Kate Bass back to say goodbye.
Sept 7 – Bridget and Nellie Flood here.
Sept 8 – had tea at Ellens with Floods
Sept 9 – 13 – Quiet but busy week.
Sept 14 – Madeline and I to mass. Ellen here all day and in eve. Carmel rested.
Sept 15 – cut buckwheat.
Sept 16 – Lyndhurst Fair Day. Madeline and I take Walter R and got 2 prizes on him. Guy Curtis there untidier than ever but just as cheery and friendly.
Sept 17 – Back to fair but it rains heavily.
Sept 18 – Lansdowne Fair.
Sept 19 – Nane and Mayme Donnelly take Madeline to fair.
Sept 20 – Rain all day.
Sept 21 – Ellen goes to Delta with Lena McNamee. Rainy day.
Sept 22 – 23 – Threshing
Sept 24 – Emily, Madeline and I go to Delta Fair.
Sept 25 – Fergus and Family. Lena and Ellen back here. Ellen goes home with Fergus tonight.
Sept 26 – Helped Philip K thresh.
Sept 27 – Threshing
Sept 28 – Emily and I go to Mass. Very warm.
Sept 29 – Digging potatoes. WJ Willis here in eve.
Sept 30 – Emily and I go to Sweet’s Corners.


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