June 17, 2016 – The Puzzle Mistress

What a lovely day it was today! Too warm to just sit in the sun. After a few moments the skin started to feel like it was going to light up. Just way to warm for the fair skinned lass. So, I found a nice shady spot and did what I like to do most these days… Puzzles…..

What is it about puzzles that is so fascinating? I am totally in love with Sudoku which I have been doing for quite a few years now. I don’t have to worry about repeating the same puzzles since by darn I cannot remember them anyway. I go back and forth from medium to hard ones and my favorite is the super Challenger with 16 squares and a two lines that make an X which have to be completed as well. I truly think I could just sit and do them all day. But I don’t.

The next puzzle of the day was remembering where all the items are put on the Fairy Trees in the yard for the little girls. I painted their initials since all the color had worn off over the winter. Not everything was placed on the trees since I want to save things for them to put on. They do look lovely though. Something special about them. I am going to make sure they have some blankets they can spread out around the trees so they can play under there. If they bring some of their dolls they can play what ever they like.

Then the last project was starting my jigsaw puzzle that I bought for myself. It is a 500 piece since I have not done one in a while and thought it would be best to get back into it slowly. Tons of blue and I am missing or have miss placed some of the edge pieces. This is going to be quite the project for me. I love them even though they are frustrating at times. Doing it makes me really feel like I am on vacation, not just working from another place.

When we were small we were always doing puzzles and my mom was the queen of the crossword puzzle. Even as she was having little strokes which brought on dementia she could do that darn New York Times Crossword on Sunday and finish before dinner. She was a marvel at them. Hard to believe she died sixteen years ago this summer. She was very smart and make sure we were always using our brains for something. Music, puzzles, science etc. I wish she had been clear minded to the end. It would have been fun to sit and chat with her about her life etc but that was not to be.

I am still treating my eye for whatever is the matter with it. It seems to be almost better so I did not start the new antibiotic. Hate those things and for years did not realize what they were doing to me so now I would rather suffer a little longer than take more pills. Might not be the wisest thing but I am trying to break myself of being the daughter of a pharmacist who taught us that you don’t need doctors, you just need pills. After he was no longer around to just give us or get whatever medication he thought would cure us or his MD friends gave him to give us we would just take our pills like we were told and eventually we usually got better. Bad habit to get into I know now. Took me many years to finally accept that his way was not always the best way. I also went to doctors as an adult who just filled me with antibiotics every time I got a cold because of the asthma. Don’t think that was too smart either. If all goes well I will recover from what ever was causing me to swell up.

Lets go to more fun stuff like Charles Diary.

August 1913

August 1 – Take cheese to factory. Jim Stevens in his dotage cuts Emily’s vines down thinking they are weeds. Have to watch him.
August 2 – Emily and Stevens go to Walkers for day.
August 3 – Emily and I to Mass. Stevens goes to Donnally’s and Sadie McArdle come back with them.
August 4 – Take Madeline and Sadie to picnic at Delta to Merchants picnic.
August 5 – Gery Bros came for sheep. Paid $505.
Aug 6 – Frank, Leo and I search for lost sheep then picked berries. They go fishing then with Joe Bevins and dance all eve. I do not know how Emily keeps going up early making pies etc.
Aug 7 – Jim Stevens gets lost. Singletons phone he is there. We thought he was at Ellen’s.
Aug 8 – Went fishing. Got some fine ones. Jim Stevens goes to bed in wrong room. He is bad.
Aug 9 – Madeline and I take Stevens to station. Then Ames girls and Lottie arrive this eve.
Aug 10 – Rod O’Connor here for tea. He is very humorous and we enjoy him.
Aug 11 – Go to Gan with Buffel? To collect prizes for fair.
Aug 12 – Leo and I go to Sweets Corners. Elmer and Lenna spend eve also. Sykes..
Aug 13 – Madeline had a great time. Go to mines to Lake etc. Lovely day.
Aug 14 – 17 – Leo, Ethel, Vera and Madeline go to Mass with me. Father Kehoe told Emily has was exempt from Mass and I’m glad as she is overworked with feeding so many. I’ll be so glad when holidays close for her sake. They all expect Madeline to go with them and entertain them so she can’t help much and it worries her to go and leave work for her mother. I can’t offend the visitors.
Aug 18 – Monday – Chas O”Connor, Mame and baby. Tom Slack and Allan McDonald spend day here.
Aug 19 – Annie here. Leo, Madeline and Ames girls go to Bryans for eve. Nice time.
Aug 20 – Vera, Ethel and Madeline go to Charleston and Leo leaves for home. Emily has rest.
Aug 21 – Madeline and girls back. They are no trouble.
Aug 22 – I take Lottie to Gan on way home.
Aug 23 – Chas O’Connors’ return. Rod O’Connor here. Mr and Mrs Hook, Mrs Dave Townsend, Florence and Clark here in eve.
Aug 24 – Madeline and Ames girls go to Sand Bay. Rod here.
Aug 25 – 26 – Emily and I have idle day.
Aug 27 – Picked berries. Kate B arrives today. Girls back. Visited Slacks.
Aug 28 – Fergus comes with car and takes all of us to Elgin picnic. Emily and I meet many old friends. Ames girls go back to Gan to boat on way home to Canton.
Aug 29 – Kate and Emily have restful visit.
Aug 30 – Madeline’s Day. Blueberry pie as usual. Kate great company. Ellen here.
Aug 31 – Eight girls from Lyndhurst come afternoon to see Madeline for her birthday.


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