June 13, 2016 – Union College Graduation

Sunday was a blowy, rain threatening day but during the hours of the Union College graduation ceremony the sky was blue although there were a few caps blowing off heads as the students crossed the stage to receive their diplomas. It was a wonderful experience. I don’t normally attend but this year was very special. Hubby was introducing the student speaker Alex Speak who was with us in Ireland. He did a fabulous job in his 2.5 minutes tying in the Union experience with Alex’s goals and her dreams for the future. Then she spoke and did a great job talking to her classmates about the future.

Then as the students crossed the stage ten of them were the students who were in Ireland with us. I was so proud when I heard them all called out as being either Summa, Magna or Cum Laude. What a bunch of smarties! And several of them won the prizes from their departments. All ten are woman with great goals for the future. Several are taking gap years to work or travel. Others are starting to teach or work with social service agencies. Some future doctors, dentists, lawyers etc.

Afterwards because of the threatening weather the reception and picking up their real diplomas from their departments took place inside. I went up and waiting for hubby to get back and to see if I could speak to any of the women. I was able to see about six of them and it was wonderful.. Also the one young man who went with us from Union was there also so we got to chat. It was a bit sad since I am not sure I will see them again but will keep up with them on facebook. It was kind of the end of the Irish experience. Them moving on with their lives and me facing that fact that that is not going to happen again. Hard to say goodbye to the best experience of your life.

So to Michael, Cara, Aileen, Abby, Alex, Emily, Katelyn, Maeve, Jeanine, Ariella, and last but not least Hayley best of luck in your futures. I know you will make a difference in the lives of those you live and work with.


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