June 11, 2016 -No humor today

The last few days I have been experiencing an eye problem which might be allergy related or something else. Just in one eye but at times the swelling makes the lid hang over the eye and seeing gets a little weird. Strangest thing is no itching although it is red as could be. No discharge so no infection. But every morning is way swollen until I am standing up for awhile.

So my mood has not been great the last few days. And I think the antibiotic makes me tired. But have been busy sorting things. Did you know Staples takes back and recycles electronics. Including old phones etc. Took a trunk load over on Friday.

Grant season is over which is good. Just have to wait for my checks to come in. I really like reviewing the grants. Keeps me up to date on current strategies which I like. Next year I guess I will be doing more grants..

Soon I will be up in my little house which will be wonderful. I love the peace and quiet up there. NO TV allowed. Should be a fine time.

Charles O’Connor’s Diary

July 1913

July 1 –Dominion Day. Madeline, Lennis Bryan and I got to Gan. Big celebration. Fergus gives great speech at the evening affair. Home at 11:30.
July 4 – Gray brothers here to buy sheep. 15 for old, 10 for young.
July 5 – All got to Arthur Slacks for mass then home and Mame comes for tea. Father K calls here.
July 6 – Madeline, Emily and I go to Mass. Dust and wind terrible. We are choked with it. B Harrison here for tea.
July 7 – Buy raspberries from Van Dusen. Frank, Lottie and Gerald (Stevens) here. Palmers at Ellens means Leo here.
July 8 – Young Berry died. Go to his funeral then all to Lansdowne picnic. Bad storm by eve but we have good drive home.
July 9 – Very tired so rest.
July 10 – Went with Emily to Lyndhurst.
July 11 – Picked berries, Madeline and I then heavy rain.
July 12 – heavy rain.
July 13 – Rain all day. Nane and Mame (Donnelly) here.
July 14 – Started haying.
July 15-19 – Busy mowing, raking etc.
July 20 – Sunday = Madeline and I to mass. Rained all way home.
July 21 – 25 – Haying when not raining.
July 26 Friday – Emily and I go to Gan.
July 27 – Haying
July 28 – John and Chas McDonald. Annie, Fergus and family, Loretta and Somers (O’Connor). Leo here of course and Miss Daley of Toronto, daughter of Home Bank Manager.
July 29 – Drew rails for fence. Leo helped then he and Madeline go to Stevens meet Frank, Lottie and Gerald Stevens. Jim came too.
July 30 – Frank S. Leo, Madeline and I went up to Donnelly’s to a party. Frank danced every dance. Leo and Madeline have great time.
July 31 – Fergus and family here. Frank and Leo helped me put up hay so had chance to visit.


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