June 4, 2016 – Friendship

I have been thinking about friendship a lot this week. I was so fortunate that my oldest friend in the world came east this week so we got to spend time together. It is such a good feeling to be with someone who knows so many of the issues I faced as a kid since she was there through some of it. Every time we get together it is like the last time was just yesterday. Who knows when we will see each other again but I know it will always be with such a good feeling to see Ginny again.

When I worked way back when, I thought of some of the people I worked with as friends but then I realized as I got older that they were “work” friends. Not destined to be friends for life but just people I worked with and liked a lot. If there was a terrible thing that happened to me or a member of my family I would not think to call those people. As I changed jobs over time I met wonderful people who I had work friendships with but not lifetime friends. When I run into those people from jobs long ago their is that feeling of excitement seeing them again. And when we part I accept that I probably won’t see them again for awhile.

Then one day I was thinking about who would I call if I needed help in a hurry. The list is pretty short and first and foremost made up of family.

There are a few folks that have traveled through my life with me who will always be friends and who are amazing caring people. Locally I have a short list of people I think of as “Friends”. It took a lot of growing up to realize that friendship is not what my dreams of it were. It is acceptance, caring, and someone you enjoy spending time with. I love those people who fill that role in my life. Am so grateful they are part of my life.

I don’t know how other people think about friendship or what it means to them. Never have really discussed this with anyone. Growing up and moving a bit from coast to coast I learned that friendships for the most part do not last. The ones that do last are special and need to be treasured.

Charles O’Connor’s Diary 1913

June 1913

June 1 – John and Annie (McDonald) here then we all have tea at Ellen’s. Very fine day.
June 2 – Planted green peas. Lena McNamee here. John Ferguson give me pair of merscovey ducks.
June 3 – Ploughed
June 4 – I go to Lyndhurst.
June 5 – Lena here again.
June 6 – very wet.
June 7 – Frost.
June 8 – Fergus, Frank, children and Madeline come by auto. He took us all for run to Arthur Slacks. Ellen, Bridget went also. Fergus returns but Frank and children remain for the week.
June 9 – W Bryan helped shear sheep.
June 10 – Not very well today. Kids sorry for me.
June 11 – Frank and Madeline go to Rickie Singletons for tea. Have a lovely time.
June 12 – Frank and Madeline go to Jacob Bryans. I took Norah and Margaret fishing.
June 13 – Worked potato ground. Fine day.
June 14 – Madeline, Frank and I go to Lyndhurst. Then Fergus came and took a load of us to Lyndhurst in car. Joe Bevins, Mrs Sykes, Lennis?, Madeline and children.
June 15 – All of us go in car to church at Phillipsville. They leave for Gan.
June 16 – Potato planting.
June 17 – Madeline and I go to Brewers Mills. Lennis knew she wanted to go and he went into stable to get their horse to go. Mad at his dad. He might have been killed as John’s horse is not a quiet one and seemed horse knew it was a child.
June 18 – 20 – planting potatoes. Emily and I pack wool and took to Lyndhurst. Got 22 cents lb had 113 lbs.
June 21 – Beautiful day. Planted buckwheat.
June 22 – Madeline and I go to Mass. Big camp meeting at Lake. Road full of people. A shame that so many go just to scoff at the majority of Hormerites are sincere.
June 23 – Very hot. Picnic meeting tonight.
June 24 – Nane Donnelly and Mame Ronan wedding day. We are glad as she is not only a beautiful girl but good in every way.
June 25 – Emily and I go to Lyndhurst. Buy picnic supplies. We go back with Madeline for the Strawberry Festival. Home at midnight. Had a fine time, chanting with people etc.
June 26 – Very hot.
June 27 – Busy re picnic.
June 28 – big crowd and good time at picnic. Bertha Kavanaugh, Herb McArdle here all night after.
June 29 – Bertha, Tom, Joe Bevins and the Donnelly newly weds call in route home.
June 30 – Cleaned up picnic grounds and went to Lyndhurst to pay up all bills re picnic.


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