May 31, 2016 – Good bye to May, Hello June

Sitting here this evening with no running water wondering if the well went dry or the water heater blew out. Whatever I have no running water. If I were staying here tomorrow I would be having a date with a plumber but since I leave in the morning guess it will just have to wait.

Got a lot completed today. Grants all in and had a nice chat with the Feds about the grant. Might have to have a phone call about one of the applications but that is okay. Seems my score did not match theirs. Makes for a fun time. I liked a few of them but the rest I thought were too much about academics and not enough about helping people. Just my thoughts though.

Also chatted with a woman writing a book about one room School Houses. That was interesting. I was able to give her a phone number of someone who has some involvement with a one room school that she is writing about. She is not interested in ours.

The house is cleaned, beds made, floors cleaned to start the summer. So when I return I can focus on going to the archives to get things copies either for me or for them. Going to have a meeting with one of the Archivists when I get back to see about which way they want to go with all these records. I would like them to be some place where anyone can access them. If someone in the family just wants to see the old stuff or what ever. Better there in a very safe and well preserved state than with me or in an attic somewhere.

So that was my day. I should be upset about the water going off but to tell you the truth – stuff happens and it will get fixed. I have no doubt about it.

Charles O’Connor’s Diary 1913 – I have always wondered what condition the violets were in by the time they reached Nebraska. Maybe they pressed them like four leaf clovers.

May 1913

May 1 – Ascension Thursday. I help Emily pick violets and send them to Susie in Nebraska. She and Madeline always do this on Ascension but Madeline not able. Ellen and I went to Mass. Emily not well.
May 2 – 3 – Spring work.
May 4 – Hot day.
May 5 – Fergus and Uncle John McArdle here today.
May 6 – Sad to learn Etta Willis had died Arbor Day eve. J Walker and H Smith here. Latter bought colt 140.
May 7 Weds – Not very well. Dr. Young here to check on Madeline and prescribed for Emily and I.
May 8 – Went to Etta Willis funeral. I feel badly as she was a fine girl. Madeline had had a letter from her at Hobart just last week. Diabetes coma.
May 9 – Ploughed .
May 10 – Cold. Mrs Sykes and Madeline drove to Lyndhurst.
May 11 – Joe Bevins, Ford Townsend and Sykes here.
May 12 – Fergus spends day here.
May 13 – Rainy, cleared and I started gardens.
May 14 – Planted garden.
May 15 – went to Gan
May 16 – Mrs Kelsey’s mother Mrs. Taylor died at Kelseys and we went to wake this eve.
May 17 – Emily, Ellen, Madeline and I went to Mrs Taylors funeral.
May 18 – Sunday – Quiet Day.
May 19 – Madeline and I went to Donnelly’s for heifers.
May 20 – Fergus, Frank and family arrived in his car, big grey one.
May 21 – ….
May 22 – Rainy went fishing.
May 23 – 24 – Madeline and I went to Elgin to meet Dr. Ackland and on to Jones Falls. I broke new buggy but got it fixed all right. Good visit with Kenny’s.
May 25 – Emily, Madeline and I to Mass. Dinner at Mrs Patience. Albert Tye’s wife dies.
May 26 – 27 – went to Mrs Tye’s funeral. Wet.
May 28 – big rain
May 29 – Meet Fergus at Dump Bridge with Madeline who goes home with him as she has to go to Kingston to see Dr. O’Connor as her eyes are “doubling”
May 30 – Tried to plough. Too wet.


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