May 30, 2016 -so tired….

What a fun weekend – two days of Doors Open Ontario where we had more people pass through on Saturday than Sunday… Met lots of nice folks and enjoyed sharing our school house with them. One couple on Sunday was a cousin – third – from the Slack side of the family. The last couple who came were from Troy NY. Go figure. They were delightful and fun and turns out they know a lot of folks that I know. In fact they live on the same park my daughter lived on in Troy. Small world for sure.

Today was get the grants done day. All done except one that I will finish in the morning. Might have to call the feds to make sure I have done it all okay. I have to find the email with the info on the four hour phone conference.. not sure this one is worth the money it pays. Maybe next year I will do it again if offered the chance since I now know what to look for etc.

Weird day today. Worked, read, internet, Miss Fishers Mysteries, but then in addition I was starving all day. No matter what I ate to try and calm down my appetite it just kept coming. I tried veggies, hummus, fruit and yogurt and finally Cheetos. Still want more to eat. Got figure…. wonder what my thyroid levels are today. Also ready to climb into bed but waiting for my sweetie to call me. He did send me an email earlier with a picture attached. One of his students and female hockey players brought him too copies of the pictures taken on senior night for the team with us. She wanted to thank us for coming to their games and supporting them during a difficult time. So sweet of her. She told him that five of the women on the team are leaving because of the old coach. I imagine they had their plans in place before she was replaced. Going to be a tough year but we will be there cheering for them. We know a few of them to talk to already so will be fun seeing how much better they do with a supportive coach.

Now back to Charles…

April 1913

April 1 – Cold again. School opens today.
April 2 – Beautiful day.
April 3 – Snowing to beat all.
April 4 – very stormy.
April 5 – Had to write Postmaster General re my salary.
April 6 – Went to Arthur Slacks for dinner and good day.
April 7 – Quiet day.
April 8 – 11 – usual spring work fixing fences etc etc.
April 12 – Rainy day.
April 13 – quiet day at home.
April 14 – Fine Day.
April 15 – 16 – spring work, went fishing tonight.
April 17 – A fine week. Did jobs.
April 18 – Had sawing machine today.
April 19 – Bad thunder storm. Go to Lena M. cold.
April 20 – Madeline very sick. Fergus and 3 young ones here. He stays over as Madeline is so sick.
April 21 – Madeline no better.
April 22 – Madeline so bad we send for Dr. Chapman who does not come and Fergus comes back and calls Dr. Young and he came at once. Fergus leaves Madeline is Dr. Young’s care.
April 23 – Dr. Young comes early to see Madeline who is some better. He says it is gall stones and heart weakness.
April 24 – Started spring work. Dr finds Madeline to be much better.
April 25 – Worked on ground today.
April 26 – Madeline some better. Sowed oats. An earthquake shakes us up a bit.
April 27 – Arthur and Annie here. Madeline better.
April 28 – Fine day. Fergus, Frank and family here all day.
April 29 – Madeline feels better but she is missing Madeline Judges’ wedding to Chas McNamee. She had promised to go to Toledo to it.
April 30 – Cultivate oats today.


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