May 26, 2016 – me and my gps

Don’t you just love GPS systems? I find it so entertaining. I started out today and put that I wanted to go the shortest way. It was going to take more than five hours for a four hour drive. All off main roads. So I put the kibosh on that one.

The Thruway and I did well and then I got off at Little Falls and started with the shortest directions again. What a hoot! Let’s try some dirt roads…. might be the short way but really, Dirt Roads! So I just started doing it my way and she kept readjusting the directions…. So even going the modified short way I got across the border in four hours. Did stop at Duty Free for an Irish treat for myself.

Got unpacked and did not get lost in my house so the GPS can rest for a few days. Had supper at the neighbors and caught up on their news. I thought my dandelions would be cut but i am going to figure out how to get rid of them tomorrow. My morning is pretty well set. Eat, walk or drive up and get lilacs to decorate with, then figure out how to cut the lawn, then go and get two pots of flowers for the school porch and a few other items then score one more grant. Guess it will be a busy day… Just happy to be here. And this house is so well insulated it is cool in here. Warm outside but not inside. Makes for a comfortable place.

Charles Diary 1913

March 1913

March 1 – Madeline and I take Tom to Lets go to Delta with hockey team. Turns out very stormy.
March 2 – Madeline and I go to Mass but turns into a blizzardy day. We had bad time to get home safely but the good Lord warmed us and we made it.
March 3 – Still storming. L Russell came to try little mare but as he had no cash we could not let her go. J Warren took colt.
March 4 – Stormy. Madeline took Tom part way home.
March 5 – Madeline and teacher start music lessons from Ada White Somerville. They drive up. He is mad at young Larose girl.
March 6 – Mass at Arthur Slacks so we go.
March 7 – Got up wood. Cold
March 8 – sat – Emily and I go to Gan and she stays. Go by Marble Rock for change.
Madeline and I alone until eve Joe Bevins comes in.
March 9 – warm
March 10 – Alex Argne is dead.
March 11 – Fergus brings Emily home. Nane D, Percy Flood and John McDonald here for dinner.
March 13 – Sleighing gone. Sykes helps me today. Madeline invited to Dave Townsend for tea and eve. Teacher goes in eve after her.
March 14 – Warm and wet.
March 15 – not very well.
March 16 – Ellen here also Joe B and E Kenney.
March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day. Emily wakes us by her Irish music. Sykes here a small party this eve. Ernest delighted. It is great to see someone so enthused.
March 18 – Hear May Townsend and Whittaker married in Syracuse. Madeline and Ernest go to music lesson and are invited to come in time for tea and they do and they have a nice time with the Somervilles.
March 19 – Mrs Dillon comes to help Emily with some sewing. Madeline and Ernest invited to Townsends to meet honeymooners.
March 20 – We entertained the Townsends. May and husband this eve Sykes here and Ellen.
March 21 – Good Friday. Ernest goes home. Windy day. Fergus came with Norah and Madeline went home with him.
March 22 – Mrs Gray and A Free stopped to tell us Andrea Dillon was dead. Terrible wind.
March 23 – Easter Sunday – Emily and I alone first time had breakfast alone on Easter ever. At Ellen’s for dinner then Joe B and I go to Dillon Funeral.
March 24 – Wet. Sykes gathered sap buckets and finished.
March 25 – Not very well but busy with sheep.
March 26 – Ice over everything today.
March 27 – trees breaking with ice and telephone out. Worst ice storm I ever knew.
March 28 – Ice still everywhere.
March 29 – Turns warmer ice thaws. Herb McArdle came and stayed all night.
March 30 – Herb goes to Gan for Madeline.
March 31 – Web and high wind. Teacher at school but no pupils. Cheese factory opens I am not very well.


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