May 25, 2016 – All up and ready to go.

Well it is not morning yet but I am all set to get up and get going. Suitcase packed, genealogy stuff packed, computers almost ready to go… so everyone who might be coming to Doors Open at the School House Saturday or Sunday, I will be there.

Today was an interesting day as was yesterday actually. I spent the morning spending a lot of money in the grocery store and if I have accomplished what I set out to I should not have to buy any more dry goods for the summer. Even for here I think I have all we will need. Hubby was shocked at the amount I spent but it will all be used. Then we can just purchase veggies and fruit and ice cream of course. Slickers from Prince Edward County for my treat..

Had lunch with my friend Jeanne since we had not caught up in a while. Some fun chat and some yucky coalition business. Just me having my say. I told her I know I am a bull in a china shop so we had some honest conversation about personalities. She is a grand person and very direct and would be a good boss. We both spend too much time alone at home thinking. I need the social interaction and she has such a gift of organizational skills and calmness that organizations need.

Anyway, then I came home and started entering my data into my grant reviews. The first one took me almost three hours. So at about 6-8 hours each I am not making that much money on this deal. And they called to ask if I would do another grant starting tomorrow – 6 more grants – I said no, sorry but I have to finish these others so just cannot do it. I would have loved to do that one since I know all about it. darn…. But one grant is entered and tomorrow I will do one or two more. Then finish the last one and enter the last two. yeah…

also started making plans for next week. My very bestest, longest friend in the entire world is coming east and will be in the home town so I am thinking of driving down there, staying over night, then having lunch with my darling baby son and then driving home. I can do that, sure I can…..

Here is more of Charles Diary.

February 1913

Feb 1 – Cold and freezes up. I take Mr Dillon home.
Feb 2 – Sunday – 2 more lambs. 1 black …. Quiet.
Feb 3 – I go to Kelseys to meet Bertha Kavanaugh and then to the station to meet Stanley and Leo Ames from Canton. Glad they fail to come.
Feb 4 – Lovely day and more lambs. Ames boys and Gus Desmond arrive at noon. We had a party for them in eve. Ernest very friendly with them and good to have to help to entertain. Quite a house full now.
Feb 5 = Ash Weds – so we just visit. No dancing or music today.
Feb 6 – Tom S here, he the visitor boys, Madeline, Bertha and teacher at Arthurs for tea.Emily and I go in eve. Had oysters at 9 o’clock.
Feb 7 – The boys go to Frank Slacks. Just Leo stays all night. Stanley returns here.
Feb 8 – Tom goes to Elgin to play hockey and took Stanley. Ed Foster and son Herb here so B goes home with them. Get word that Chas Heffernan is dead. Clara finds him dead on the bed beside her. Leave 2 sons. They think it was scarlet fever so young.
Feb 9 – Gus S and Leo Ames back. Arthur, Annie and the Leeders 4 here. Fergus comes and stays day.
Feb 10 – frank Slacks sale. All go there, all the friends here for eve and say goodbye to … even tho it is late they dance.
Feb 11 – Cold stormy day. Tom takes boys to station. Its been a great week and Emily and Madeline tired out.
Feb 12 – Tom has a tooth ache. Cold day.
Feb 13 – take wood to Edith Greens
Feb 14 – St. Valentines Day. Get cards for Fergus’ children. I go to races at Seeley’s Bay and Emily and Madeline meet Susan and Lucy Jane.
Feb 15 – Hockey game in Lyndhurst but it is not same since Del died and….
Feb 16 – Snow storm.
Feb 17 – Mrs Dillon and the Sykes here for eve. Songs and music.
Feb 18 – Chas Mcdonald here. Tom goes to Lyndhurst to play. He helps me enough to pay for his board. Emily so good to him..
Feb 19 – C Sly here for eve.
Feb 20 – No ice for hockey
Feb 21 – snow gone again.
Feb 22 – stormy
Feb 23 – Tom and Joe Bevins here.
Feb 24 – Gus Slack come for Tom.
Feb 25 – Oak logs to Lyndhurst.
Feb 26 – Took red elm logs to mill. Cow died last night.
Feb 27 – Herb McArdle and Elgin Chase here and Tom Slack returned.
Feb 28 – I took wood to Fergus and found young ones ill.


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