May 23, 2016 – Surprise- Summer has arrived

At least for today… it was up in the 80’s and boy was it nice out. Don’t mind low 80s with no humidity but summer time when it is hot and humid i really object. Have never had a good thermostat for this body so heat really wears me down. But today was nice. Two loads of laundry dried in two hours each. Not bad.

Then I went to see my doctor. They would not give me a refill unless she saw the whites of my eyes. So I paid my copay and the insurance will pay the rest. We had a great chat and she agreed with the other guy that I am doing pretty darn good for an old lady. Love the 110 over 60 BP. No complaints from me. I gave her my latest test results and she said they were all great. Loved my diet. Then we talked about grandkids, moving and stuff. She is a lovely woman and I really like her.

So, all is well… I hope anyway. Never know what could be going on behind the scenes but so far so good.

Will continue with Charles diary moving into 1913. Hard to believe… so happy that some of the descendants of the folks who lived on the road are finding things out about their ancestors.

January 1913

Jan 1- New years Day. Beautiful warm day. No snow. Emily and I go Mass then to Annie and John’s for dinner. Good visit. Dick Townsend dead. Shocked.
Jan 2 – Warm
Jan 3 – Rain
Jan 4 – Wild night. They bring Dicks body home and we go to wake. Telephone meeting in Seeley’s Bay. Sykes here for tea and eve.
Jan 5 – fine day. Arthur and Annie spent day here.
Jan 6 – municipal elections Joe B and Jim Townsend both defeated. Mike and Tom S. here.
Jan 7 – Tuesday – Very stormy. School opens and Ernest Leadbeater is new teacher. He comes here to room and we are glad to have him. Fine chap.
Jan 8 – Stormy – Big dance at W. Plunketts. Ernest and Madeline. Great time. Emily glad Madeline can round dance.
Jan 9 – 10 below zero this morn. Berry here.
Jan 10 – Joe and Sue Kenney, Mark and bride Loretta here for day. Good to see Mark again. Little Mark McArdle no longer little.
Jan 11 – meeting at school to try to get better mail service for this section. Nane Donnelly here. WA Deir, Frank Giffin, A McLeary and Tom Slack all here.
Jan 12 – Percy and Darley. Snow but only buggies on road yet. This may bring sleighing.
Jan 13 – Nane Donnelly bought sheep. Ellen backed his note. One of our older sheep had lambs.
Jan 14 – Tom Slack here and helps me. Two more lambs.
Jan 15 – Rainy, frost out of ground.
Jan 16 – Snowed a bit.
Jan 17 – rain again.
Jan 18 – Franks birthday. Talked to her by phone.
Jan 19 –some snow and much colder.
Jan 20 – Tom hitched colts. So good to Sandy and Elial.. more snow.
Jan 21 – went to agri meeting . Elected again.
Jan 22 – Florence and Clark Townsend and Sykes’ spent eve here also Joe Bevins. A good dance party. Teacher loves to dance. He is great company for Madeline. So pleasant.
Jan 23 – Sykes’ had a small dance tonight. Ernest L in great mood.
Jan 24 – Water floods long bridge – so unusual for January. Tom stays here to play hockey.
Jan 25 – another day like spring. Tom and Orange Warren play hockey at Lyndhurst.
Jan 26 – Tom and Madeline at Arthurs for tea.
Jan 27 – Bill McEvoy and Celia here for tea and eve. She takes a shine to Ernest.
Jan 28 – Cold and blustery. Tom sick.
Jan 29 – Tom better. Frank Slack has bills out for his sale. We hate to see them go.
Jan 30 – Soft again.
Jan 31 – Big dance at Factory. Sykes must stay for it. He has fun with his …. powder. 2 more lambs.


2 thoughts on “May 23, 2016 – Surprise- Summer has arrived”

  1. My middle son Logan (he is 12) has suddenly decided that he wants to play hockey. For the past 12 weeks, hockey has been our life becuase of his new interest. (And I am $2,500 less richer. LOL!) I have family back home in NY that play, but since I grew up in CA, I never got into it. So its neat to see that my ancestors were playing a hundred plus years ago. I have showed a few of these diary entries to Logan to show him that hockey is in his blood.


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